Introducing - Donate some steem to a life sized (18 meter / 60 feet) fake whale and get her spouting just for you!

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I've been working on this for quite a while. A fun project for a good cause.

What it is?

A life-sized (60 feet) sperm whale on the Steem blockchain. The whale sprays at random intervals, but through you can donate some Steem (virtual currency from the Steem blockchain) and get an instant spray as a reward. It is fascinating to donate crypto and only seconds later see a 350 liter water burst shoot up to 8 meters in the sky, all visible on the livestream (20 seconds delay!).

Donate minimum 1 steem or 1 sbd to @whalefountain to get the #SteemWhale spouting for you!

Note that the SteemWhale operates in CE(S)T Central European Timezone and switches off after 9:30 PM. Don't worry, should you not get a spout, you will get your donation returned.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 19.35.48.png


When the other day my father in law asked me if I could code the natural randomness interface of a whalefountain to be deployed in the harbour of Harlingen, a city in the North of the Netherlands, I was instantly very enthusiastic!

The nice thing about this "side-project" is that it connects the digital life with the real world life. That, and then the Steem blockchain on top! Also I thought it would be funny to hookup "a Whale" to the "blockchain", as many of you know a "whale" in cryptoterms is a bagholder / rich coin person.

The SteemWhale runs on our very Steem blockchain... As you know the Steem blockchain has a very fast block production (3 seconds) so when you donate some Steem or SBD you will see near instant fountain spray burst! The livestream on has about 20 seconds of delay though... so keep that in mind.

The whale is planned to be at least for 10 years swimming in the harbour :) It is operational every day (unless spring / storm tide) in daytime in Central European Timezone.

SteemWhale Demo Video

Help get the word out if you like!

The SteemWhale has been featured on major tech blog The Next Web

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 19.29.36.png

  • Feel free to checkout the introduction on Silicon Valley's favorite product launch site ProductHunt (you need a twitter account there to upvote :P - no Steem login yet :P)

Read more about the SteemWhale in the FAQ on and see some "making of" pictures scattered on my Steepshot account!


AHAHAHAHA! Just came across an article in my Apple News App! The publicity begins!


everywhere publicity/

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Just tried it out when those three guys approached:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-03 um 19.59.52.png

And gave them a little spray :)
Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-03 um 20.00.31.png

Cool idea, great implementation and definitely a nice marketing opportunity!


hahaha :) always note that the livestream has a 20 second delay! So you need to time perfectly :P

When I payed they just were approaching on the left 😅 Is there a sign describing the whale so the people walking there get to know when it sprays or what is behind the sprays?

In the future it would be cool if it had a QR code for where to donate once we get an app to pay with through QR codes people would just have to scan it there and make it spray. :)

Would be a nice includement to a little station showing the current sponsors of the spray :)

nervously waiting for the steemit mobile wallet app

That’d be great. It would be awesome if there was some kind of digital sign that showed the username of the spray initiators!

Yeah, true - Or at least a sign popping up in the livestream with the Username of the Steem account! Could that be done @roelandp?

ha thats a nice suggestion. I've however outsourced the livestream but will talk with the guy to see if that is possible. He mentioned something about *.srt live subtitle files which can be injected into the player.

I could also start adding blockchain responses from @whalefountain to the donor. Please see the site for most recent donations.

Hah, people love tts for donations.

at SeaWorld they call it -the splash zone and if you don't want to smell like fish the rest of the day you sit beyond its reach:) @angrytwin

hahaha this is epic!

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Brilliant idea master, the project is the very helpful steemian beginner, I am very grateful, I have donated 1 Steem, :) sorry my English is not good. :) @roelandp.

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its "cryptocurrency update"
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Cool Idea @roelandp!

Here is my fountain:

P.S: I think there is something wrong in the timestamps of your confirmation transfer.

Thank you for your donation @tufkat! On Tuesday 03 July 2018 at 18:06:10 UTC I have fulfilled your spray request!

I'd sent my transfer 4 minutes after 18:06:10 UTC

really hmmm let me check.... thx.

Yes I had overwritten a later version of my backend script. Whoops. It had the wrong 'strftime' parameter: H:I:S instead of H:M:S, thanks!

You are welcome, @roelandp. Some minutes ago I've spotted some Whale Watchers :-)

Thanks for the spray! Much needed on this hot day in Florida!

Finally! a worthy use of crypto!

I'd say this is the best use case right behind 10000 btc for a pizza.

Arguably...The best 1 STEEM I have ever spent in my life LOL


SteemWhale   pay for a spray .png

i`ve just tested it.. CRAZY!

it was so fun :) i did it today , i had a delay about 36 Sec because she was busy .someone was doing to spray at the same time :D
it's a nice project and very interesting how it works ! what human being want? achieve his/her goal so fast and see the result , and that 20 sec is a perfect time



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