Introducing - Donate some steem to a life sized (18 meter / 60 feet) fake whale and get her spouting just for you!

in #steemwhale5 years ago

I've been working on this for quite a while. A fun project for a good cause.

What it is?

A life-sized (60 feet) sperm whale on the Steem blockchain. The whale sprays at random intervals, but through you can donate some Steem (virtual currency from the Steem blockchain) and get an instant spray as a reward. It is fascinating to donate crypto and only seconds later see a 350 liter water burst shoot up to 8 meters in the sky, all visible on the livestream (20 seconds delay!).

Donate minimum 1 steem or 1 sbd to @whalefountain to get the #SteemWhale spouting for you!

Note that the SteemWhale operates in CE(S)T Central European Timezone and switches off after 9:30 PM. Don't worry, should you not get a spout, you will get your donation returned.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 19.35.48.png


When the other day my father in law asked me if I could code the natural randomness interface of a whalefountain to be deployed in the harbour of Harlingen, a city in the North of the Netherlands, I was instantly very enthusiastic!

The nice thing about this "side-project" is that it connects the digital life with the real world life. That, and then the Steem blockchain on top! Also I thought it would be funny to hookup "a Whale" to the "blockchain", as many of you know a "whale" in cryptoterms is a bagholder / rich coin person.

The SteemWhale runs on our very Steem blockchain... As you know the Steem blockchain has a very fast block production (3 seconds) so when you donate some Steem or SBD you will see near instant fountain spray burst! The livestream on has about 20 seconds of delay though... so keep that in mind.

The whale is planned to be at least for 10 years swimming in the harbour :) It is operational every day (unless spring / storm tide) in daytime in Central European Timezone.

SteemWhale Demo Video

Help get the word out if you like!

The SteemWhale has been featured on major tech blog The Next Web

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 19.29.36.png

  • Feel free to checkout the introduction on Silicon Valley's favorite product launch site ProductHunt (you need a twitter account there to upvote :P - no Steem login yet :P)

Read more about the SteemWhale in the FAQ on and see some "making of" pictures scattered on my Steepshot account!


AHAHAHAHA! Just came across an article in my Apple News App! The publicity begins!


everywhere publicity/

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Just tried it out when those three guys approached:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-03 um 19.59.52.png

And gave them a little spray :)
Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-03 um 20.00.31.png

Cool idea, great implementation and definitely a nice marketing opportunity!


hahaha :) always note that the livestream has a 20 second delay! So you need to time perfectly :P

When I payed they just were approaching on the left 😅 Is there a sign describing the whale so the people walking there get to know when it sprays or what is behind the sprays?

In the future it would be cool if it had a QR code for where to donate once we get an app to pay with through QR codes people would just have to scan it there and make it spray. :)

Would be a nice includement to a little station showing the current sponsors of the spray :)

nervously waiting for the steemit mobile wallet app

That’d be great. It would be awesome if there was some kind of digital sign that showed the username of the spray initiators!

Yeah, true - Or at least a sign popping up in the livestream with the Username of the Steem account! Could that be done @roelandp?

ha thats a nice suggestion. I've however outsourced the livestream but will talk with the guy to see if that is possible. He mentioned something about *.srt live subtitle files which can be injected into the player.

I could also start adding blockchain responses from @whalefountain to the donor. Please see the site for most recent donations.

Hah, people love tts for donations.

at SeaWorld they call it -the splash zone and if you don't want to smell like fish the rest of the day you sit beyond its reach:) @angrytwin

hahaha this is epic!

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Brilliant idea master, the project is the very helpful steemian beginner, I am very grateful, I have donated 1 Steem, :) sorry my English is not good. :) @roelandp.

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Cool Idea @roelandp!

Here is my fountain:

P.S: I think there is something wrong in the timestamps of your confirmation transfer.

Thank you for your donation @tufkat! On Tuesday 03 July 2018 at 18:06:10 UTC I have fulfilled your spray request!

I'd sent my transfer 4 minutes after 18:06:10 UTC

really hmmm let me check.... thx.

Yes I had overwritten a later version of my backend script. Whoops. It had the wrong 'strftime' parameter: H:I:S instead of H:M:S, thanks!

You are welcome, @roelandp. Some minutes ago I've spotted some Whale Watchers :-)

Thanks for the spray! Much needed on this hot day in Florida!

Finally! a worthy use of crypto!

I'd say this is the best use case right behind 10000 btc for a pizza.

Arguably...The best 1 STEEM I have ever spent in my life LOL


SteemWhale   pay for a spray .png

i`ve just tested it.. CRAZY!

it was so fun :) i did it today , i had a delay about 36 Sec because she was busy .someone was doing to spray at the same time :D
it's a nice project and very interesting how it works ! what human being want? achieve his/her goal so fast and see the result , and that 20 sec is a perfect time



Hey @roelandp I've send to @whalefountain 1 Steem yesterday and didn't notice anything, neither a comment..

yes. thanks for notifying me. its weird it hang on urs. u are the first it hangs on. will reimburse now. sorry for the inconvenience. hope u will try again.

u can see that after ur donation it had way more sprays after - - maybe it skipped a block :p

Thanks! :) I will try again

Awesome idea!

Wow! I can't believe it! It is REAL! The whale really splash water. Awesome project. Steemitian might get addicted to it and keep sending the donation. 😆

Good idea...:)...

Haha, I can't get enough of this!

You'll be challenging the bid bot owners with this one, everybody's gonna spend their liquid Steem on the squirting whale now :-D

Well done in demonstrating the efficiency of the Steem blockchain in a funny and engaging way.
Let's make it go viral!!!

Lol. The squirting whale....

nice post ..

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I just tried this out - works perfectly. This is soooo cool!


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Looks like a fun little project that isn't so little haha. This could have great marketing implications and help raise awareness for Steem as we don't really have a marketing team.

As for the proceeds, have you thought of burning a small percentage of Steem earned by the whale? That could help control Steem's inflation and help all of us Steemians by reducing the supply!

hey Cryptoeater. I have not giving this a thought. But I received this suggestion before I think elsewhere in these comments. So maybe we should do that on New Years Day or something. Instead of shooting up fireworks in the sky you can have SteemWhale spray for you and then the donations will be sent to @null :)

Something like that could work! I was thinking something like 5% of all donations automatically sent to @null. Another cool feature could be a leaderboard, name it something like "The Whale Whales"! It could be a list of all contributors, ranked in descending order for "total contributions"!

Personally I think that burn helps a lot less than directing it towards those in need...

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
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Creative mind.highly appreciated to your impressive thinking hard and find your dream.Do this by include your goal.Life is not a bed of roses.Success can changed your future.


Happy Steemit

Nice,keep up the good work looks great.This makes one proud to be with the Steem family.

Mmm so you pay to spray but you don't recieve any upvote or credits.... Bit of a money making scheme if Ya ask me. Unless you get your jollies from squirting randoms lol 😂 pass

Awesome project!
I also tried it and saw awesome spray!

and I'm introducing the awesome whale in Korean through my article!

This is a good idea n all but just one issue. I've been here fir a while now and i haven't even made up to 1 steem or SBD. HOW am i supposed to benefit from this...

This is really funny. Congrats!

You say "donation" and "to a good cause" but the FAQ is kind of vague on what that means:

What will you do with the donations?
The donations will be used to partly cover the maintenance costs of the whale and partly go to an ocean preservation cause.

Might be helpful to clarify where the money goes in terms of ocean preservation. Some people who hear the word "donation" expect tax receipts and such. Keep being your awesome, unique self @roelandp!

Thx luke. good one. So why I haven't stated an actual 'cause' yet is because internally we are dabbling which one to donate to. But no there is no tax receipts etc :P it's more like tipping and all proceeds go to a good cause.

It's my dunglish again :P

You could donate to uh this foundation called My Wallet.
Yeah I'll get out now. plis no flags for this poor joke of an excuse for me being poor you've now reached hell lol.

I just drenched someone in Holland 🤣

Can't believe you have the power to make someone wet even from so far away.. hahahha

hehehehehe :)

This has to be one of the COOLEST projects out there. Would you consider lowering the donation? 1 Steem is around $1, but it will be much higher in the future.

Maybe consider lowering the donation to $0.10 SBD? Or maybe you'll do a special promotion some time soon.

Anyways, this is incredible and I'll be sharing this project with all my friends.

Thx Matthew! I will consider lowering the amount but currently we might even raise it :) because of the popularity. So I am currently 100 KM's away from the fountain, but the guys who are still in the harbour and didn't know about me launching this said: "Wow the whale has gone mad, it has been spraying about 20 times per hour" :P

So will not raise the amount, but for now definitely not lower it.

You see, after every spray it needs to refill the tank and build up new airpressure. This takes about 2,5 minutes...

Ahhh. Yes. Then it should not be lowered ;p

this is the biggest I have ever seen on this platfrom. I will study it and will try

Very good idea for the small investor to make there growth through big whales of steemit .Give some steem/S B D to these Big whales ,they will take you, in to the Bathing TUB of STEEMIT, where U will fell happy & healty

Ha ha Blockchain tech at its peak

Yes blockchain tech pick

Blockchain has a lot of applications. Its something like internet

steemwhale demo video is infomative....
thankful to your information

Roelandp hello dear, your post so helpful. thank you so much for share my friend.. dear i m new in this site, pls can u help me of luch..take care...

Excellent idea, it is an incredible project ... the most, congratulations and many successes. regards

very good.gif

the steem whale in spanish is dictadure... tha account Cervantes is dictadure

I'm not sure i understand what you are dictating atm :P

Nice picture boss :)

hi @roelandp,
I will only talk about the funny part of this project even if I also appreciate the idea and the technical part.
I dont have any screenshot since I laught so hard when it happened but I made some try and managed to get some people wet, which was really fun...but I noticed that they was mad and threw some stones on our whales!! So you may have to take care with that :)

@roelandp Great job with the implementation, I think it will give a lot of much needed publicity to Steemit Platform, If we have more things like this across the globe it will be a conversation starter and help spread a word about SteemIT.

OMG! Just Blow my mind.. Almost night Now! Will try tommorrow! you are the man.... RLOL!

Think I read about that already earlier - nice one - The Next Web covering is awesome - I know some guys there. Well done @roelandp - when the Dutch are not playing world Cup they become crazy creative :-).

hahaha :P yeah i pitched the project this afternoon in their office actually :P

Good job and almost real time results!

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What an insanely unique project. And such a great way to get Steem in front of new people. This is awesome. Can I ask that you be a bit more clear with how the funds will be used? Maintenance costs are there but which ocean preservation cause will you support?

I was a bit vague out there as we have currently not decided which one to go with (we have been working with several people on this project and all have a say :D - there are several ideas of foundations to support - both local and global).

What we have agreed upon 10% of the proceeds (with a cap of 50 USD / month max - no minimum) going to the livestream (it is outsourced).

Internally we are still discussing which one to give donations to. Rest assured you will be notified through @whalefountain once we make the donation.

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@roelandp FYI, The whale looked like it charged me twice in my wallet but apparently didn't. I have no idea whats going on, but it is fixed now

no the whale cannot charge... You proactively send. So it must have been a glitch in the Steemit UI maybe... :) can happen.

My wallet is showing just the one transaction now, all good. Very strange though haha. Awesome whale!

lol the outlandishness of this is something that could only happen in the world of crypto. I am surprised and envious at the same time ( I want my own steem sperm whale)

Such a cool idea. It's also kind of addicting to wait and watch for the whale to spray. It's nice that you have the option to speed things up if you'd like. :)

just take into consideration the 20 second livestream delay!

Sounds like a really cool idea !

While you did indeed a cool job and as it seems as it gets popular it sure will be a great place to have a look at it in near future ;)

All the best !

How about popping up steemit username(the sender) on the screen everytime a transfer gets thru.

Yes will look into this. Did not want to put much overhead onto blockchain apis however but lets see. It is definitely possible that way.

This is epic! Well done fine sir!!

This gives me so much hope!!

thanks 4 visiting my blog & upvoting :)

have a great happy day !

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

what an interesting project, to see how the steam can be related to our real life, it is no longer a virtual world, I am very happy about this type of initiatives.

i like how you connect the offline and online world using a life size whale

I was going to be rich from crypto but i spent it all to watch a fake whale in Europe spray over and over

which enriched your life in so many ways, you would have never thought possible... YES! Make it rain!

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I was watching it pretty attentively in the middle of the night to stay awake and I can tell you when those people with the dogs walked by and it squirted and they didn't even stop I was very disappointed. It's a great affront when someone doesn't stop for the squirt.

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This is the coolest project I have seen on steemit. Very creative, I will try it out now!

and did it work? Whale operates from 09:30 to 21:30 - you would get your donation back if outside operating hours or an other error occurs. - See for local time in Harlingen Harbour and whether the whale is sleeping (it would be obvious from the livestream and also would have some ZZZ in the screen).

Yes it worked! I made a DTube video about it this morning. It took 47 seconds from the time the transmission was broadcasted. Really cool project.

My dream is to become whale on day

Wow! What an idea! You're great!
What would happen if the water appeared from a special deep well in places where there is drought? Then people from all over the world could really help others in need!

When the other day my father in law asked me if I could code the natural randomness interface of a whalefountain to be deployed in the harbour of Harlingen, a city in the North of the Netherlands, I was instantly very enthusiastic!

You're batshit crazy, so's your daddy in law.

I like it. 😂😂🙌💯

OMG !!!!! I had the chance to offer this couple a jet of whale water, just as they were taking a selfie! My day and theirs is successful I think :-D

hahaha supercool amek :)

this is good information and would be great if i can get benefit for the same.Kindly guide on the same .

pls do upvote , follow and response, thank u

Pretty neat!

awesome bro :)

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

It's like visiting club toilets and paying for a spray, quality! :D

why donate for a fake whale when i can create a real whale?

That is super cool! Nice work.

nice plan bro steem whale
i want to know in detail plz contact or comment below

a very good project @roelandp hopefully the future continues to triumph

That was just a whole lot of fun for the family! Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your donation @argalf! On Wednesday 04 July 2018 at 10:28:45 UTC I have fulfilled your spray request!

Wonderful project thanks

It's crazy...!! I like this news. Thanks for this [email protected]!

I re-steemed this post..


Hell yeah !

nice spray dido!

Post with crucial information.
wow, what a good idea, buy here and sell there with a good profit margin just in seconds. That's cool if you ask me. It may be a nice arbitrage opportunity, but it’s also risky and if doesn't pan out you might lose money on taxes. Nevertheless, investment in Steem is always a good investment.

not sure this comment is related to my post?

Nice project!

Very cool project @roelandp. Just saw that a lot of visitors were waiting for a shower ...

so I tried it out :-)