RLY - Life On Loop - An app that allows your share your life on loop

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RLY - Life On Loop

An app that allows your share your life on loop



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Hunter's comment

RLY is an app that allows you tell your story in such a way that all it will require is:

bite-size loops called Reels.

Talking about Reels, well they are HD quality clips with no sound. It is a sort of an evolving collection of Reels that tends to represent you.


Talking about RLY, in other to use it,

*You can select and upload from existing Photos or short videos from your iPhone.

  • You can also use the unique in-app camera to create short looping HD clips.


  • It allows you to upload Live Photos and or short videos while you convert them into Reels (looping HD clips).

  • Different filters that allows you choose from.

  • Interesting people to follow.

  • Allows you to send emoji like reactions.

  • Suggests songs alongside your post.


  • No android App

IOS download Link


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Hunter: @adexola


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Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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Hello @joannewong thanks boss

Your welcome and Happy Hunting :)

Pros :

  • This is a great application where you can easily share them to anyone you want.
  • It has very great user interface where you can easily make your own story the way you want it . Making your collection of photos to be more a story-like than just an ordinary pictures that does not tell something.
  • It has a great user interface which is really attractive to many users.

Cons :

  • It is limited to iOS devices.

@mindblast, thanks for your comment, yes it is only limited to IOS decides which seems to me unfair really.

Holla @adexola

This is my opinion about your hunt


  • With this app all the moments and stories we share will be more interesting, because with this RLY we can upload Live Photos and or short video when converting it to Reels. This is easy to do and simple.


  • I will not be able to feel this app, because I am an Android user

Hey @johntor.

I pray they have an android app soon..

Thanks for stopping by

Nice Hunt!


  • great tool to pep up your posts
  • nice modern easy to read interface
  • offers a huge variety of different features
  • the quality of your photo or video will not suffer like they often do with similar apps
  • free to use


  • none for this app

@elleok, wow, that's true. Thanks for your comment.

Looping our lives into pictures, Im digging it!

Great hunt ! ALL THE BEST !

This is a great hunt! Below are my opinions on your hunt.

  • A good way to share your everyday moments
  • Only iphone users will be able to enjoy this app.

Hey @aboutart

Exactly, I hope there's an android version soon enough. Thanks for review.

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