Grab Food App - #MarketFriday - Grab Food - Online market of food delivery😎

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Grab Food App

#MarketFriday - Grab Food - Online market of food delivery😎



Hunter's comment

The food delivery business competition is hot in Singapore。
There are a few apps you can used to order food and have it delivered to you.
One of these is Grab Food which is part of Grab.

Grab Food was running different promotions and I decided to tried their $1 deal.
Unfortunately, I can only order from 2pm to 5pm. When I was at AWS Summit one day, I ordered one at about 2:15pm to have it delivered to my in-laws place.
Good thing is I can specify later delivery time of 4:45pm

I made sure my wife took a picture for me even though I won't be there to enjoy the $1 porride from the online food market.

Looking forward for more deals when the food delivery competition is still hot.


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I searched for Grab Food before i posted this.
Only found Grab app had been covered before.
Grab app and Grab Food app are different app though they are from same company.
You cannot order food with Grab app.
You need to install Grab Food app.
If you checked the links in the post you mentioned and my link in this post, it goes to different app in the play store.

hi @ace108 ... i am a Grab user as well .. they have already updated their app .. please refer the image below

If what you are saying is true, then was of a previous version.
However, I checked the Grab app I have and there is no update.

and when I clicked on [Food]

it brings me to the Grab Food app installation page.

It's not what I say but it's what the announcement of the app says. I've been using it and it does not seem to bring out of the grab app and its fully functional within the same app.
I'm just modding based on guidelines and u are able to make appeal to community manager thru steemhunt discord if u would like to pursue this. I'm fine with whatever decisions made by cm.

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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

It's OK. I'm just stating what I'm seeing.
I did search and I think you've been make a beta-tester in case you are not aware.
I'm not doing anything further on this.

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Excellent service, very good business, renatble in the countries that require it. Very good example of sustainable start up. Great Hunt @ace108

The food delivery business is getting quite competitive but it's good options for the consumers.

Almost every time cross traffic light will see grabfood! Too hot

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They have good funding. I hope the competition continue so at least we can enjoy more promotion while they are at it.

I haven’t try. But wechat group see they keep sharing promo code for durian sometime ago

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I tried a 2nd time today. More expensive choice without promo but didn't want to go out.


It's quite competitive now. There are at least a few in Singapore competing in the space.
I heard there is a big one in China but I cannot remember the name.
It kind of make sense for the business owner to sell more from the same kitchen but I'm not sure if the employees churning out more food gets paid more. :-)

i have been seeing a lot of those different apps now, do these have a lot of delivery fees on top? is that the $1 deal?

The delivery fees vary from this I saw and it's average around a few bucks but when they run promotion, they can come with free delivery.
The $1 deal was a even more worth promotion where they sometimes run cheap deal with no delivery fees but you are allowed to ordered one of the cheap deal item only. I think they hope you have to buy more than one item to fee more people.

look good that porridge

It's actually quite good. I have them at their different restaurant a few times but it tends to be pricey than others.