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Witnesses. Who are they?

Witnesses are our peers. They are other members of Steemit who; Using their own money, pay to rent or maintain their own Steemit servers which process all of our upvotes, blogs, comments, and transfers on this platform. Essentially, this helps secure the network, since every witness maintains a server with a constantly updating version of Steemit. Unlike Facebook, which has a main server room- That stores all of our information, and can change it at any time without our authorization.

Why is this important?

Do you remember when Facebook used to be awesome? No ads, no autoplay videos- No spam? Every 5th post is now a sponsored ad. Facebook isn't the product. We are.

Steem witnesses prevent this corruption, by voting on all changes to the platform through their witnesses. If ever a majority of the witnesses do not like the proposed changes to the platform, they would only have to refuse the latest upgrade, and Steemit would force-fork.

There appear to be two different witnesses here on Steemit. There are technical witnesses, that create apps on top of the Steemit blockchain-AKA developers. And there are social Witnesses who help the community stay motivated and answer questions about the platform.

Most of my followers are familiar with @surpassinggoogle. And this is where I will go on a bit of a rant-


Many of us have been on the receiving end of votes from @surpassinggoogle. Especially Filipinos, since he has committed himself to helping our community grow- And it is thriving because of his help. If you have gotten an upvote from him, and haven't voted for him to be a witness, do it now. It doesn't cost you anything but 10 seconds of your time to cast a quick vote. After all, you can vote for 30 witnesses in total, so make @steemgigs one of them.

When I first joined Steemit I was totally lost. I had no friends on here and didn't know where to start or how to navigate the platform. My first few blogs weren't good, barely made a dollar lol ;D

I found a couple of Steemians online, made friends with them, and joined a few discord channels to learn more. About 2 weeks later, I was super discouraged and figured Steemit wasn't for me. I didn't feel like I fit in anywhere, and felt like I was failing. Then, I met @surpassinggoogle who gave me some great advice, and motivation to keep steeming and to help me climb my ladder-Reinvest in myself.

He told me that if I stuck with it, he would help when he could, and got me to invite many of my close friends to join as well. He didn't know me or owe me anything. What could I offer him in return? And true to his word, he kept an eye on me and my blogs and helped me find my groove here.

Because of his help, I dedicated myself to also helping as many people here as I can find time for. I owe him a lot, and can honestly say that if he just decided to pass me by, I would have missed a whole lot these past 6 months.

So my sincerest thank you to Terry for everything that you do for the whole Steemit Community.

Please, do the community a favor and support @steemgigs, Terry who blogs using @surpassinggoogle, as a witness.

How to vote:

1.) - Go to

2.)- Scroll down to bottom, and type in steemgigs and click vote. (You can only vote once per witness if you try to vote again the original vote will get deleted.)
3.)- Come back here and tell me you voted for him ;)





@surpassinggoogle has done alot of good work here. And i will vote him over again..

you can only cast your vote once dear

Oh i have over a month ago, i'm just saying that i will do it over and over again if possible cos he deserves it.

oohh phew! I got a little shaky haha! I don't want one vote to go to waste, every vote counts ;)

thank you so much, dear!

Just got done voting @purepinay. I do appreciate every help of sir @surpassinggoogle so much.

Thank KABAYAN for the great advice as well as upvoting my posts. I am grateful that you also have helped me like @surpassinggoogle and fellow Steemians and team mates who encouraged and pushed me to keep on writing. Just like you I was groping in the dark for my first six months until I learned it the hard way and through the help of friends whom I met here on Steemit. In my on little way I am able to share what I have learned to newbies. I now enjoy and found my niche in Steemit. Thanks to evreryone! Let's keep on steeming!

Hi @diosarich, It's really great to see na nagtutulungan tayong mga Pinoy dito sa steemit. We can do a lot of things basta magtulungan tayo lahat. God Bless Everyone!

and then those newbies (like me) will learn and share with others as well! Thanks for sharing what you learned with people! Salamat po

@surpassinggoole is my personal whale,my mentor on steemit!!!!
He is definately getting my post.
@purepinay,please how do i vote ?

good morning, @jummieecutie!

Read the steps on how to vote:
1.) - Go to

2.)- Scroll down to bottom

Look for the box and type in steemgigs and the click VOTE
see the photo below:

Note: (You can only vote once per witness if yoyou try to vote again the original vote will get deleted.)

Thanks, after all this time on steemit I never knew the steps.

Better than a vote is to set @steemgigs as your proxy then he can vote for all your witnesses! Surely he knows better than most of us who can help steemit be better.

You made a little spelling mistake (missed last 'g'). Account is @surpassinggoogle

that's awesome that @surpassinggoogle is helping you and so many other people out!

Resteemed your post
Well done

hi how are u?? i am new here in steemit..but i want to how can i have vote and give vove?? you post its genial!! :-))

Yes very we'll said friend @purepinay .A Big THANK you to sir @surpassinggoogle . Done voting steemgigs.Godbless

nice post my steemit friend good

Or (fyi) 3 times [good to know, if you make a genuine error]: "Approved", "Unapproved", "Approved" !!

When Account Weight
23 minutes ago Approved planetweaver 1.024 kV
32 minutes ago Unapproved planetweaver 1.024 kV
32 minutes ago Approved planetweaver 1.024 kV

thank you for your support!

@surpassinggoogle is such a great person. Of course I'll do whatever I can just to help and support him. By the way @purepinay, I think i saw you with a girl at Opon, Lapu-Lapu last week or maybe last last week around 9pm. You just rode a ferry boat 😊. I really think it was you. Anyway, continue on inspiring us with your blogs. More power kabayan.

Done @purepinay. More power 😊

Voting him also!

Thanks for the introduction. I will definitely be on the lookout for you!

@steemgigs is a witness for the people and by the people , @surpassinggoogle is one of the few guys one here that genuinely cares about the betterment of minnows. Please vote

you are just sacrificing your privacy on facebook.

Steem the blockchain can be accessed by anyone. It is completely transparent. You can rest assured that when it grows large enough, it will be datamined to exhaustion.

Great post to help people understand the role of the witnesses, I use FB less and less now that they have tried and monetize almost everything.

thank you for dropping by, @bigguyandrusty!

I barely go on facebook now, if not only for my other friends and family who are still on facebook ;)

I hope you were able to cast your vote

Done po mam beautiful.

I get a little help on my posts from @surpassinggoogle myself! Vote casted for him and @steemgigs.

I didn't really get this before but now I do have a little idea how this witness stuff works. Thank you for the info @purepinay!

your welcome dear and thank you for casting your vote! XOXO

Damn it. When a hot asian girl tells me to do something, I have to do it. It is how I ended up married with 2 kids. I'm just powerless against it. Oh, well...

You are very nice ... Photos are good

I give my vote of witness support to @steemgigs.

Thank you so much for your support! These means a lot to me. I will keep an eye on your future blogs!



finish upvoting kabayan @purepinay

Thanks a lot!

I'll visit your page soon! See you around ^_-

thankyou maam..bdw i just want to ask if have you been here in lapu2?? this past few weeks?? did you ride ferry boat??

not recently, I haven't, why you asked? ipapasyal mo ko sa ferry boat? hehe

vote me yes

hahaha wala lng poh..i thought you've been here kasi may nakita akong kamukha mo..kasama ang isang babae then after those days nagpost ka na sa steemit that you were with your girl friend in nabasa ko lang don na sumakay ka ng taxi and you were on lapu2

aahhh haha, I see.. madami ata ko kamukha haha

These pictures are sooo convincing... I am sure anyone who sees them will vote for steemgigs :)

Nigeria is tagged, am assuming that steemgigs and you are huge supporters of the Nigerian Community, super kewl, you have any awesome super cool pictures of the Nigerian initiatives you've helped with for the tag, because .....ecoysystem :) <3

So many Nigerians dm a team of people wondering what you guys did for Nigeria?

Don't be a douchebag/. If you check both @purepinay and @surpassinggoogle vote history, you can clearly see they both upvote many members from the Nigerian community.

I can testify to @surpassinggoogle upvote to Nigerians. Me and my friends do benefit from his upvotes and comment. He is a neutral person that upvote for all irrespective of your tribe, color or country.

He upvotes you .. you vote for him
He upvotes you even more .. you mention him
He delegates some SP to you .. you join his campaing for witness ?! 🤔
Seems like a very decent community you have here 🙄 😏

That's kinda how its supposed to work, no?

For instance, if I helped you and your account value grew 10x... Your upvote would be worth more.

With that, you could turn around and help countless others... Who could help even more community members...

Why is this an issue?

Check below. It is an evidence of the tag been used by a Nigerian and @surpassinggoogle and @stemgig upvote. Aside that @surpassinggoogle have always been helpful to everyones especially minnow irrespective of the person color or country. @surpassinggoogle is a good person.

some simply had questions, thank you for answering and not stalking and harassing like some chose.... the rest of the opinion stands, I see it and think your type of communication is much better than some who want to do stuff to many in dm's.....the original opinions on presentation are free to have/ her fiance going apeshit on blogs is kind of sad but is also odd someone would call their fiance a 'little girl" but ce la vie, water under the bridge....@surpassingoogle maybe did not give an official nod for her to be HIS spokesperson.

some simply had questions, thank you for answering and not stalking and harassing like some chose....
Well spoken, i love the level of interactions between of you and the level of maturity in understanding each others perspectives. @surpassinggoogle is indeed a kind man that loves the minnows very much.

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