you can only cast your vote once dear

Oh i have over a month ago, i'm just saying that i will do it over and over again if possible cos he deserves it.

oohh phew! I got a little shaky haha! I don't want one vote to go to waste, every vote counts ;)

thank you so much, dear!

Just got done voting @purepinay. I do appreciate every help of sir @surpassinggoogle so much.

Thank KABAYAN for the great advice as well as upvoting my posts. I am grateful that you also have helped me like @surpassinggoogle and fellow Steemians and team mates who encouraged and pushed me to keep on writing. Just like you I was groping in the dark for my first six months until I learned it the hard way and through the help of friends whom I met here on Steemit. In my on little way I am able to share what I have learned to newbies. I now enjoy and found my niche in Steemit. Thanks to evreryone! Let's keep on steeming!

Hi @diosarich, It's really great to see na nagtutulungan tayong mga Pinoy dito sa steemit. We can do a lot of things basta magtulungan tayo lahat. God Bless Everyone!

and then those newbies (like me) will learn and share with others as well! Thanks for sharing what you learned with people! Salamat po

@surpassinggoole is my personal whale,my mentor on steemit!!!!
He is definately getting my post.
@purepinay,please how do i vote ?

good morning, @jummieecutie!

Read the steps on how to vote:
1.) - Go to

2.)- Scroll down to bottom

Look for the box and type in steemgigs and the click VOTE
see the photo below:

Note: (You can only vote once per witness if yoyou try to vote again the original vote will get deleted.)

Thanks, after all this time on steemit I never knew the steps.

Better than a vote is to set @steemgigs as your proxy then he can vote for all your witnesses! Surely he knows better than most of us who can help steemit be better.

You made a little spelling mistake (missed last 'g'). Account is @surpassinggoogle

that's awesome that @surpassinggoogle is helping you and so many other people out!

Resteemed your post
Well done

hi how are u?? i am new here in steemit..but i want to how can i have vote and give vove?? you post its genial!! :-))

Yes very we'll said friend @purepinay .A Big THANK you to sir @surpassinggoogle . Done voting steemgigs.Godbless

nice post my steemit friend good

Or (fyi) 3 times [good to know, if you make a genuine error]: "Approved", "Unapproved", "Approved" !!

When Account Weight
23 minutes ago Approved planetweaver 1.024 kV
32 minutes ago Unapproved planetweaver 1.024 kV
32 minutes ago Approved planetweaver 1.024 kV

thank you for your support!

@surpassinggoogle is such a great person. Of course I'll do whatever I can just to help and support him. By the way @purepinay, I think i saw you with a girl at Opon, Lapu-Lapu last week or maybe last last week around 9pm. You just rode a ferry boat 😊. I really think it was you. Anyway, continue on inspiring us with your blogs. More power kabayan.

Done @purepinay. More power 😊

Voting him also!

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