Thank you so much for your support! These means a lot to me. I will keep an eye on your future blogs!



finish upvoting kabayan @purepinay

Thanks a lot!

I'll visit your page soon! See you around ^_-

thankyou maam..bdw i just want to ask if have you been here in lapu2?? this past few weeks?? did you ride ferry boat??

not recently, I haven't, why you asked? ipapasyal mo ko sa ferry boat? hehe

vote me yes

hahaha wala lng poh..i thought you've been here kasi may nakita akong kamukha mo..kasama ang isang babae then after those days nagpost ka na sa steemit that you were with your girl friend in nabasa ko lang don na sumakay ka ng taxi and you were on lapu2

aahhh haha, I see.. madami ata ko kamukha haha

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