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I was glad when I saw this contest to day, and I learnt one thing from the topic of the contest which is, I should try to write down whatever thing I learn each day. But for the contest, I will write on the thing I learn while watching a nollyhood movie today,.

My family have the culture of watching a nolly movie program every day by 8:pm, it is during this time that we have time to sit as a family and share the experiences we had for that day. 

The movie we watch today captures the story of father who was trying to teach his son how to be successful in life, in that movie, the father told his son, that he should not eat in his regular restaurant today, but rather he should save 10 times the money he uses in eating in that restaurant and eat in a different restaurant where the cost will be ten time of the the former place, by doing so, he will meet the caliber of person that are above him and has the capacity to help him financially and mentally.

I was able to learn that in life, we need to create an avenue for ourselves, where we can meet the person that has the capacity to develop us.

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