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RE: Help Steemgigs Help The Community!

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Nigeria is tagged, am assuming that steemgigs and you are huge supporters of the Nigerian Community, super kewl, you have any awesome super cool pictures of the Nigerian initiatives you've helped with for the tag, because .....ecoysystem :) <3


So many Nigerians dm a team of people wondering what you guys did for Nigeria?

Don't be a douchebag/. If you check both @purepinay and @surpassinggoogle vote history, you can clearly see they both upvote many members from the Nigerian community.

I can testify to @surpassinggoogle upvote to Nigerians. Me and my friends do benefit from his upvotes and comment. He is a neutral person that upvote for all irrespective of your tribe, color or country.

He upvotes you .. you vote for him
He upvotes you even more .. you mention him
He delegates some SP to you .. you join his campaing for witness ?! 🤔
Seems like a very decent community you have here 🙄 😏

That's kinda how its supposed to work, no?

For instance, if I helped you and your account value grew 10x... Your upvote would be worth more.

With that, you could turn around and help countless others... Who could help even more community members...

Why is this an issue?

Check below. It is an evidence of the tag been used by a Nigerian and @surpassinggoogle and @stemgig upvote. Aside that @surpassinggoogle have always been helpful to everyones especially minnow irrespective of the person color or country. @surpassinggoogle is a good person.

some simply had questions, thank you for answering and not stalking and harassing like some chose.... the rest of the opinion stands, I see it and think your type of communication is much better than some who want to do stuff to many in dm's.....the original opinions on presentation are free to have/ her fiance going apeshit on blogs is kind of sad but is also odd someone would call their fiance a 'little girl" but ce la vie, water under the bridge....@surpassingoogle maybe did not give an official nod for her to be HIS spokesperson.

some simply had questions, thank you for answering and not stalking and harassing like some chose....
Well spoken, i love the level of interactions between of you and the level of maturity in understanding each others perspectives. @surpassinggoogle is indeed a kind man that loves the minnows very much.

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