Don't be a douchebag/. If you check both @purepinay and @surpassinggoogle vote history, you can clearly see they both upvote many members from the Nigerian community.

I can testify to @surpassinggoogle upvote to Nigerians. Me and my friends do benefit from his upvotes and comment. He is a neutral person that upvote for all irrespective of your tribe, color or country.

He upvotes you .. you vote for him
He upvotes you even more .. you mention him
He delegates some SP to you .. you join his campaing for witness ?! 🤔
Seems like a very decent community you have here 🙄 😏

That's kinda how its supposed to work, no?

For instance, if I helped you and your account value grew 10x... Your upvote would be worth more.

With that, you could turn around and help countless others... Who could help even more community members...

Why is this an issue?

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