There Will Be Dragons

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There Will Be Dragons

What Is This?
This is our entry for the Steem Monsters Game Jam,
a competition in which we try to finish a game in a short amount of time.
In this case, based on the theme of Steem Monsters.
Our game was a collaborative effort by:


Arrow Keys, WASD, or gamepad to move around.

Spacebar or A/X on a controller to attack.



Enemies will spawn randomly from both sides of the screen.

Once no enemies are left, you can progress to the right.

Get to the end and beat the boss!

Game is open source, written in C# on the Unity Game Engine.


Posted on steemgg - The World's 1st Blockchain HTML5 Game Platform

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Approved! Thanks for joining our game Jam!


Hey sweet dude can I play it or what?


Of course you can...please do!
You should try all the games that were submitted for the game jam.
Then vote for your favorites at this link....

really cool Johhny :D

Wow! This is pretty cool! I hope you're interested in making a game or AR experience for the dlux AR contest.