Steemgar match is starting in 6 minutes and 30 seconds, be ready to compete with others in Agar like game for Steem prizes! New match every 12 hours

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Play, have fun and win Steem. It can't get any better than that! Give it a shot here:


* Two matches per day, 12 hours between the matches
* Eat food and other players to grow larger
* Five biggest players at the end gets rewarded by upvotes. The winner also wins Steem dollars! The fee to join the daily match is 0.1 SBD, the price reward for winner is minimum of 0.15 SBD, this increases along the player number in match.
* Read the rules and tips on the site before you play, not following the rules will cause you to be banned.
More info available about Steemgar in the introduction post here:

Latest news

* Fee system is finally implemented together with SBD rewards for the winner!
* Steemgar has a discord channel you can join using this link:
* Need tips on how to do better in Steemgar? Check this tutorial created by Crispycoinboys:
* Do you want to support Steemgar and reward the winners automatically? Follow @steemgartrail account on

See you on the battlefield!

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