It has been some time now since the amazing @jeffjagoe launched this very nice initiative!
Steem Food Tours is a weekly contest where you simply have to submit a restaurant review which will be forever stored on the STEEM Blockchain and you have a chance to Win STEEM too thanks to @jeffjagoe!

I wanted to participate earlier, but I just could not find enough time, sorry my friend...but anyway here I am today with my contribution...

I will reviewing the PROGRESSIVE MAURITIAN CUISINE Grill And Resto which is actually located on the paradise island of Mauritius!

I am the chef of this small bistro which I run together with the help of my family members!

NAME : Progressive Mauritian Cuisine Grill and Resto or simply PMC Grill
Location : Mauritius
Cuisine : Progressive/Mauritian/International
Payment Method : Mauritian Rupee/Steem/SBD/Bitcoin/EOS/Dash/Ethereum

PMC Grill is only four months old, I opened it on the 1st of December 2017! With my +15 years of experience in world most famous hotels and restaurants, I finally decided to open my own 'bistro' where I can share my knowledge to the local people and friends visiting my country directly!

PMC grill is an open kitchen where I have only 3 seats made available for my guests to sit and eat on place...Yes 3 seats only!
Most of my clients have their orders packed as take away food!


It was my dream to have a restaurant with the minimum of seating place available...with 3 are guaranteed to have the experience of your life at PMC Grill!
My guests have the opportunity to watch me and my family in action cooking/serving other people while I prepare personalized dishes for those seated!
These 3 seats act like a chef's table in fact!


My cuisine that you will discover at PMC Grill is a progressive one! From grills to sandwiches and inspiration of the day to got it all here!

One of the most important aspect of the menu of PMC Grill is that it reflects the season...products that we are serving these days may not be there next week and replaced by another product we feel would be best for that moment! You can read more here, an open letter to all my future guests!

I have made several posts on the food offerings of my bistro, you can check my blog for these yummy dishes...for now enjoy the below food shots taken there!


Oh yes...PMC Grill is one of the first if not the first to accept cryptos as method of payment!
As I am an active steemian for more than 9 months now...acccepting Steem and SBD on top of Bitcoin/Ethereum/Dash/EOS was a logical thing to do!

So all steemians out there planning to visit can have your daily food from PMC Grill with your blogging earnings here on steemit!!!
Simply transfer Steem or SBD to my wallet and your food will be served!


PMC Grill is located on the paradise island of Mauritius! Simply click on the link below to get directly to the location!


So voila my friends, my contribution to @jeffjagoe amazing project! I hope to see many of you steemians very soon...especially if you are visiting Mauritius!

If you want to read more on PMC Grill, check out the links i've provided below!

Thank you!



First of all, I have to say that your bistro is very beautiful.
The quality of the photos is very high and your contribution is very noticeable.
I would like to add that the payment application you have done is excellent.
Believe me, if you are close to me, I will definitely go to your bistron for payment option.
Thank you for sharing.

Öncelikle söylemem gerekir ki bistonuz çok çok güzel.
Fotografların kalitesi bir hayli yüksek ve katkınız çok dikkat çekiyor.
Eklemek isterim ki yapmış olduğunuz ödeme uygulaması mükemmel.
İnanın size yakın olsam mutlaka ödeme seçeneği için bistronuza uğrarım.
Paylaşımınız için teşekkürler.

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Good luck in business. I will in your country obligatorily come to you in a cafe.




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Good post, the food looks delicious and the place looks great, greetings and many successes!!!

waw i love that

very for your food, thanks

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Looks delicious @progressivechef. I can't wait to try it someday! Thank you for entering the #STEEMFoodTours contest

Tebrikler chef Türkiyeden selamlar

Goooood job

Congratulations on your bistro! The folks who eat there are fortunate, indeed! Your pickles look so good - and the dish right underneath them, too. I wonder which cryptocurrency people pay with most. That would be a new financial indicator. ; )