STEEM Food Tours #12: Nasi Kandar Wonderlite - Penang, Malaysia

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Today I bring you to eat Nasi Kandar Wonderlite! Get ready and spice up your life!



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Nasi Kandar Wonderlite is formerly known as Wonderlite Asian Delicious Restaurant and in the Malay language, it is referred to as Nasi Kandar Nur Nikmat.

Nasi Kandar's is a popular food of Indian-Muslim and they identify themselves as "Mamak". The name of Nasi Kandar has been widespread in Northern Region, Malaysia since the year 1900's based on TheStar ONLINE newspaper (Malaysia) dated Friday, 16 Sep 2016.

Nasi is a Malay word and known as rice in the English language. Meanwhile, Kandar is an ancient method of delivering food to people by using a yoke rely on their shoulder and carry two huge containers of food to sell to people from one destination to another.


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It is a served with multiple flavored curries and side dishes together with steamed rice.

A selection of side dishes or can be poured into single plate depending on a customer choice. The ingredient of add-ons including curry fish head, prawns, fried squid, lamb, cubed beef, fried chicken, variety choice of eggs (fried egg, onions egg and spicy hard-boiled egg) and much more.

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Nasi Kandar - Fried Chicken, Fried Tofu, and Fried Onion egg - RM6.50

legendchew_steemfoodtours_12 (2).jpg
Biryani Rice - Fried Chicken and Stir-Fried Cabbage - RM9.50


The main reason I love to come here is for a Biryani Rice. Biryani rice is a spicy rice with multiple colors grains of rice together with cashew nut. It is available on every Friday morning only. Briyani rice is more expensive compared to normal steamed rice but the taste is splendid. I usually buy for taking away and enjoy it at home since it is more satisfying to eat without noise. In addition, nowadays the drinks are more expensive and it cost around RM1.70 for a cup of hot coffee.

The services are average due to lack of manpower as they are open for 24 hours daily. It is recommended to avoid during peak hours to buy the food as the queue may be long and may take more than half an hours just to buy it.

  • Morning Peak Hours: 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Afternoon Peak Hours: 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Evening Peak Hours: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

The food is not expensive but sometimes they do overcharge more than the usual price. As a customer, we have the consumer rights to question or know why the price is higher.

Please file a complaint if you notice any Nasi Kandar restaurant overcharge the food. Remember to get and keep your receipts before lodging a complaint at KPDNKK.

Location & Map

Name: Wonderlife Asian Delicious Restaurant

Address: 2, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 1, 11600 Jelutong, Pulau Pinang

Hours: Every day 24 hours

Price: RM 5 - RM 30

Remark: Halal food. Cash payment only.

Map Link:

Remark: All photo originally were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note5 by Legend Chew. Animated GIF slide show designed by Legend Chew.


Thanks for your entry to #STEEMFoodTours #12!

Thank you @steemfoodtours for continuous support for the contest.

I should never look at food posts before I have eaten my breakfast. Everything looks delicious. I have never been big on tofu, yet when served with the other food items it too looks good.

I Googled Briyani rice and it looks like there is a lot to making it. Okay enough now I go find me some food!

Haha! Be prepared to have some meal before seeing my Steem Food Tours review. The chef just lazy to cut the big fried tofu into pieces. 😆 The combination of this ingredient of side dishes makes the meal taste fantastic.

Briyani rice required a lot of ingredients and times to make it. This long rice somehow tastes good with their Nasi Kandar curries. I'm sorry that I make you hungry... better hurry to get some food. 😝

LOL! Thanks for the heads up on eating before reviewing your Steem Food Tours review. Now I ate too much. I had a large salad with many kinds of greens, cucumbers, radishes, onions, and a couple slices of cheese...I planned to take a photo, but my stomach made me forget. I remembered about the time I was almost done.

I love curry in some of my cooking. I have three kinds with different amount of strength (heat)

That is a healthy meal. I would love to see some of these food photos. You may create a fabulous blog for it too. Please don't let the stomach control your mind next time. 😁

If you get used to currying before, then this shouldn't be a problem. It isn't that spicy and it tastes well.

Thank you for Your detailed review. I was not familiar with this dish, but I liked the fact that i can add different components to choose from. It looks quite varied. Thank you for interesting photos :)

Glad you like it. Nasi Kandar is like a buffet style where you can choose any side dishes you like to add to your plate. The differences here is you have to pay every time if you choose again. Thank you for dropping.

nasi kandar sangat enak, apalagi dimakan dengan memakai kari dari india...pasti woww, saya sudah merasaknnya saat saya berkunjung ke negeri malaysia

Pandai komen ini. Teruskan usaha. Bila-bila pun boleh mengunjungi di sini. Banyak makanan yang enak menanti anda.

haha, ya rencana lebran haji saya nak pergi juga ke malaysia mengunjungi kuburan ibu saya di daerah klang, selain nasi kandar makanan yang paling saya sukai adalah soup eko dan tomyam

Nasi Kandar ada di merata-rata tempat di Malaysia. Bagus kerana anda menyukainya. Terima kasih kerana mengunjungi ke Malaysia.

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Why it is great stuff? Have you eat try it yet?

no never i think i should try it

So that's ain't great stuff. Remember to read before comment it. Thank you.

You are a true culinary lover @legendchew, how not in two weeks and have exposed more than 2 posts about good food, this is the most delicious that I can taste as muslim, this food contains a lot of oil like curry, steamed rice, a bit heavy if consumed by the breaking fast, but for the taste there is no comparison, I've tried it, but if I have to queue for half an hour, I'm late to break the fast, what if you're a message for me a packet @legendchew?😂, Anyway Biryani is delicious too, tapi saya kurang menikmatinya, kerana hanya gambarnya sahaja😁, awesome food entertaint legend

Haha! You should skip my Steem Food Tours review during the fasting month. If I deliver it from here to you, it will become rotten. It always good to eat fresh at the restaurant. Biryani rice alone is very tasty to eat. The curries make a supreme combination of spiciness food.

😁😀, l always skip it @legendchew, just make sure how many good food do you have during fasting month😎, thanks for shared this awesome food from malaysia.

I will share food-related blog post once a week. Faster look someone else blog post. If not, later I get "dosa" too.

Hahaha, you talked about "dosa", its ok as long as you not paksa kami untuk memakannya.😁😂, However so thank you for respected our fasting day, l will waiting for your next post my friend

Alright, I try to minimize my blog post to one Steem Food Tours per week only. You will have my respect. Try to avoid my food blog post. 😆

Already done my legend, just waiting for ...I will avoid to continue to hide looking at your post, you will not know if I was following the posting of Malay food from neighboring countries

You can skip and after "puasa" only visit here. 😝

Kalau yang satu ini, dia sudah terkenal sampai ke Aceh, bisakah anda mengirimnya ke Aceh :) just kidding. Saya selalu mendengarnya dari perantau yang pulang dari Malaysia. Nyammmiiii...

Bungkusan makanan jika dikirim akan menjadi rosak. Bila-bila masa ada senang boleh mengunjungi ke Malaysia untuk menikmati cita-rasa makanan yang berbeza di sini. Terima kasih mengunjungi di sini.

Saya sudah pernah ke Pulau Penang, dan kotanya sangat bersih.
I love Malaysia. Salam dari Aceh untuk anda disana.

Bagus! Salam dari Malaysia. Terima kasih kerana mengunjungi.

Sama-sama, terima kasih kembali. Selamat tinggal.

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