Stellabelle's Steemfest2 Entry: My Ideas To Transform Society- Raw And Uncensored

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This is my entry for Stellabelle's Steemfest2 Contest. I started to redo the video, because of the three-minute rule. Then I noticed three minutes was just a guideline to go by. Thank goodness, because I don't know if I could speak any faster than I did in the video!

Nothing fancy here. Just speaking from the heart.

Hopefully that makes it 4KHQ:-)

I always speak of be the change you want to see and every small thing we do to change society when added together equals big change. I would love to be able to get to Steemfest and meet like minded individuals face to face to get ideas on how to implement the changes I speak of in the video. Additionally, there may be solutions I have never thought of to get these ideas off the ground and in front of the community.

Thanks for your consideration.


Article explaining inspiration

I mostly story post about my sobriety, family, effects of war, and the crazier parts of my life. However, if it interests me I may just Steem about it! Steem on Steemians!

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Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you @joanaltres!

THANK YOU. Thanks also for your concern.


heyy love ya profile. can ya follow back?

I admit I don't really understand any of this Steemit stuff, but I like the idea of upvoting, and I certainly hope, although I know nothing of this currency, while simultaneously hoping some of it magically appears in my account, that all of you do as well as possible, however that might look in the Steemit realm.

I like the spirit of ppl helping each other. Not all are good at the time thing.

Please more "Steem" less "Steemit"

Your video is awesome! And good luck with the challenge!

I really look forward to help you bring more veteran to Steemit! We'd all greatly benefit!

Thanks @teemsteem! Yes, I agree we would all benefit. I know one person, @jdawg, who is more than willing to help. We just need to hook up and have a discussion.

Basically, your dance has inspired some viral ideas....and if you keep up this level of energy and compassion, you could be funding your own trip with your posts alone!

Those ideas would be interesting to see. I try to keep the energy going. It comes and goes for sure. I try to maintain a positive center every day. Some days are better than others, but I never give up and eventually, it will always be there.

Thats what I said!
You are right of course.
And also it is because of YOUR contest and your ReSteem that this post went viral so basically you sent him to SteemFest already!

yes! I thought the same thing, especially for two reasons: his actions regarding helping others plus THE DANCE.

The best part is that this entry is so good, that is helping him achieve visibility, and sharing the story of sobriety! Also, helping to create a fund right here in the entry stage, so I would bet some entrants get their monetary needs met just by entering my contest....

Nice beard

Thank you.

Thanks for this exceptional entry! Your dance definitely had me LOL'ing.

Find out how to enter Steemfest2 contest

upvoted for visibility since I found this post quite late......

YOu are very welcome @stellabelle! THANK YOU for giving the community the opportunity to try and get a way to Steemfest. It's contests like these that set our community apart and make it #steemnation! It brings a smile to my face knowing I could help bring a laugh to your day!

good luck!

Thank you @its4thekids!

One big Veteran Upvote! (Well $.02 worth anyhow)

Hey that $.02 means a lot to me! I remember before the change when I hit two pennies I was practically doing backflips!

I even made a picture to celebrate!

So, thank you for your two cents!

great... upvote my post

I've always believed in Steemit, I think it has the potential to transform the social media industry. And strongly for the protection of free speech.

Let our voice be heard~!

From one of the 99%er

Yes, freedom of speech is super important. I am very thankful this platform is a beacon for freedom of speech. We are toeing the line to tyranny with the way the government, media, and platforms like Facebook defecate on this freedom.

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.
-George Washington

Great to see that someone is trying to increase crypto-awareness among veterans.

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good short and to the point - upV from me as well

Thank you @xgrosz.

you got my vote. stay sober buddy . all the power to u. change the world get to steemfest !

Thank you @shifty0g. That means a lot. I will stay sober. I've got too much invested in this to turn back now. It would be awesome to get to Steemfest and only time will tell.

Upvoted Raw And Uncensored


You've got my vote. Go VOLS!

Thanks for that! I agree go VOLS! I actually own tennesseevols.eth, lol. I don't have it set to my wallet yet so definitely don't use it!

Thank you for your awesome suggestions to improve peoples lives @lexikon082 I am new to Steemit and the topics you mentioned are close to my heart too. I live in the Philippines and I want to help locals in need to build better lives for their families and children and I strongly feel that Steemit and the Steemians out there can be a major success factor for that. I would love to connect with you @lexikon082 in order to exchange more ideas and support each other on our path. Cheers brother and I hope to hear back from you soon. Steem on!

I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions of how Steemit can directly help your community. Hopefully, we can put some of these thoughts and ideas into action. Are you on Steemit.Chat? Or Discord?

Thank you for your feedback @lexikon082 my idea is to get people through their taste buds teaching them how they can produce food on small areas and cook deliciously tasty meals without harming other earthlings and destroying our planet. Urban or let's call it Guerilla Gardening to grow health organic food everywhere so people in need can use the fruits and veggies to eat healthy nutritious food again. With my blog here on Steemit I want to raise the means to cook plant based foods for kids here in the Philippines and distribute it for FREE. Also I want to rent spaces to grow veggies and fruits with the local communities and teach kids how it is done - to be able to share the stories with the fellow Steemit community and hopefully inspire other people to take a similar path and take action. That's also the reason why I share stories of heroes who work on ideas to change the world just like Steemit can change lives all over the world - we live in interesting times and we need to help each other find the right path of compassion and freedom for all Earthlings. I hope we can work together to change lives for the better all around the world. I send you vegan hugs your way brother and thank you for all you do - keep up the great work.

What if you offered free food from a garden in exchange for working in a garden? This way you can start to teach people how to garden in a sustainable way? If the plot was large enough, you could produce enough to give away AND sell at stands for space rental income. Or you could market the classes as "Free Gardening Classes That PAY YOU TO COME TO THEM". Then you could teach people how to garden and they would look forward to coming back because they would have to complete the class to be able to make it to the selling stage(if you wanted to do produce stand selling, this could help you gather funds to cook).

For the Space Renting. Would people lease you space if you agreed to give them a portion of the food produced on that space?

Trying to think of ways to produce money and get gardening space for possibly "free".

Thank you very much for your valuable input @lexikon082 but the people I had in mind don't have money to spend on anything else than their own family. So no way they would rent space. Of course they would get free food (veggies and fruits) in exchange for work, but I want also to teach kids that they don't need meat to have a nice meal. I want to reduce cruelty against animals in the same time I want to teach them how to plant and cultivate fresh organic fruits and veggies for themselves but also to sell to people who have the means. To raise money I wanted to use Steemit to raise funds from the community to allow me to rent areas where we can plant food for that cause. The people I am talking about they usually eat some rice with soysauce and they live in squatters. They are economic and social refugees in their own country but also people fleeing the war in the Southern Philippines leaving all their belongings behind to save their lives. It is a real crisis and they need help and support. I already go around and plant trees (Banana Trees) in local and urban areas where I find some soil that isn't in private hands so people can take the fruits for FREE but we need more. So I hope for upvotes here to get the funds necessary to rent and lease free lots and spaces. Thank you for your support you are an amazing Earthling

You must have misunderstood me. You mentioned needing money to rent space in your initial response. I was wondering if you could rent space to have a garden for "free" by agreeing to give a portion of the food produced on the leased space in exchange for "free" rent of the space used. This would allow you to acquire space for your gardens without the need for funds.

Then for the food produced (that is not used to pay your rent), you could use a portion to teach how to cook and a portion of it, you could sell to those who can afford it to have the ability to pay those who come to your classes as an incentive to get them to show up.

Good idea @lexikon082 I will try that approach as I believe it will take some time to make enough money here to finance those causes from funds coming out of the Steemit community. Thank you for your input and suggestions I will give it a try and see if this is something that could work. In the meantime I go out and plant fruits and veggies everywhere I find fertile soil in the city so people can find food to feed themselves. I still have a long way ahead and I am excited to get this done with your help and the help of the Steemit community. Thank you

You are welcome for the idea. It never hurts to ask anyone. The worst they can do is say "no". I look forward to seeing your project get off the ground.

Bro you have an awesome beard

Thank you @vulturestkn. Don't forget the Second Annual Steemit Beard Competition starts on April 1st, 2018. I know of at least one other Steemian that is vying for the title. Breaks out binoculars to look towards @mathworksheets

Thanks for the info I'll probably be entering that, well depends on how hot it is here in California lol.
I'll go check out @mathworksheets right now

giphy-downsized-large.gif Powerful info here

I hope so @aleross. These are tasks I would love the community be involved with to implement the change in the world I know we can! #SteemNation!

Awesome GIF too!

steem on steemians... thas so uplifting.... thanks for sharing....

steem giving us a bigger platform... where we can improve ourselves and share knowledge....

You are very welcome for the share. Yes, it does give us all a bigger platform. I do hope it continues to grow. Self-improvement and knowledge sharing are two great tools to transform society.

your words are so powerful.... i hope you continue to share your knowledge.... its from you that new steemians like me learn and receive and best knowledge...

Wow, thank you @appledeguzman. It's still foreign to me that people actually listen to my words. I've always been this way and this platform is opening up new avenues where others truly respect my thoughts when I voice them out loud. I don't take that responsibility lightly and will always treat it with massive respect.

thanks as always... thats the best attitude... taking responsibility in everything you post... its like think before you click....

yes, those are my exact thoughts as well. As a former alcoholic myself, I have to agree that Steemit has all the tools necessary to help both ourselves as well as others. Thanks for being real.

You are inspiration for me and my friends who see this.
Thanks @lexikon082

Wow, thanks @mahyailyas.

very good

Thank you @mohammedfila. I appreciate the compliment.

Upvoted! I hope you win.

Thanks @thedonfreeman! We will find out at the end of August.

good luck

Thank you @mrtrieu

Frank my dear, you are an absolutely brilliant person and I truly enjoyed this video. I hope that you get to show your moves on the stage at steemfest2!

I appreciate that @giantbear. It's always so strange hearing great compliments like that. I am glad you enjoyed the video. If I get picked to go, I will be doing a lot of visualization to get on that stage and it sounds like one of the scariest propositions ever. I would do it for this community though.

Think globally, act locally. Great job my friend.

I agree with this statement 100%. Thank you for the "great job".

really interesting and awesome posting

Thanks @slowwalker.

Exitos amigo, sigue asi y cuenta con mi apoyo siempre

Gracias, aprecio tu apoyo!

Great post

Thank you @hendh. Glad you enjoyed it.

The beard, charisma, fluidity, dance moves, and the positive change oriented mindset. What not to Love about this brother of ours?
It's nice to come across your awesomeness @lexikon082!

I look forward to see more of you and your posts here on Steemit. Followed.

But most of all. Show us some more of those seductive dance moves. Those are great!

Thanks for all your compliments. Lol, there are more dance moves where those came from. I have a friend that I served with who asks me all the time to do a video of a move I use to do to a song a long time ago. Maybe I can bust out some more moves for the #SteemitCampfire one day. That's usually when we cut loose with the craziness.

Let your friend friend know that there are more people joining his cause.

And yes, I can totally see the #SteemitCampfire being the perfect place where to release some primordial dance moves, combined with some 21st century craziness.
It if comes to that, don't leave the young Steemians on the verge of it. We would Love a detailed post about the physics, the Mindset, and the physical athleticism required for those type of dance moves.

I've written this idea down on my white board and will have to ponder this. It does sound exciting to do. Now I just have to figure out the execution.

Hahahah that sounds amazing! I'll check out your profile every so often to look out of that very video. And anything else you might post.

Wonderful to see you've benefited from Steemit. I'm now addicted to steemit. I like your project on mosquito in Africa. Using blockchain to achieve sobriety is awesome too. I like real. Real recognizes real. Great vlog. I just gotta say this before I go nice beard :)

I'm rooting for you for steemfest2

Thanks @bitfairy for all the compliments! Yes, Steemit has literally changed my life. Celebrating 97 days sober today! It's like a dream come true and there is nothing I want to change about it. My family is happier, I am happier, and I am using my sobriety to do my part to change the world a little at a time.

The mosquito project is an interesting one for sure. I have been studying plants that naturally repel mosquitos, but they must also be non-invasive to the continent. Additionally, I have looked at mosquito foggers, but they require propane. Currently, waiting to hear if our fellow Steemian has access to propane because this cannot be shipped internationally. It is quite possible a Steemian may be needed from a landlocked country to send this item via ground. It's become a larger project than I expected, but just like I tell my children "If it ain't easy, it's probably not worth it!".

Thanks for your reply!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

There's this mosquito treated net that this NGO is currently distributing to Africa and Asia. Maybe you should think along that line too. The nets are, I think, impregnated with some chemicals that repel mosquitoes or something of that nature. It's just more than just a net. It repels mosquito too.

Congratulations in your 97 days sober. Fighting to stay that clear headed takes more than just physical strength. You've got to have strong will too and support from family.



Wow, thanks for the idea. I am hoping to send a package out around the first of August. I am sure it will take a few weeks to get to its destination! I wouldn't be surprised if this makes it in there!

That's super. I'll be following you for update.

I hope to have one when I send out the package. Communication has been slow the last few days and I hope to find out the information I need soon.

Ok. That'll be great

Neem trees?

I'm not sure I understand this comment. But if you are asking if those are neem trees in the background. They are not.

Was in reference to the mosquito problem. Possible solution if applicable.

Oh! Thank you. I will write that on the whiteboard.

Happy to see your video and I'm also happy to hear the concept of community transformation is almost the same as the community empowerment. The question is, what kind of society should we transform, low, middle or high, in which countries and continents we must transform our society? I hope we follow each other

The Anarchist in me wants to see all classes, countries, and continents transformed. If we plant seeds in each of these areas with people who believe in the non-agression principle and then they, in turn, spread the message; we will see a society in which true voluntary relationships exist. These voluntary relationships would lead to radical equality. IF people chose to become a part of a tribe then we may see true local participatory democracies scattered throughout the world.


I hope you win!

Thank you @steveitt!

Upvoted for two mice having sex in a wool sock. Oh yeah, and the good message.

Lol. You hear some of the craziest sayings living in the South. I love to get around the old timers because they teach me a lot of them I have never heard before.

Best of luck to you on your quest!

When is the ICO for your Looney Coin? ;)

I've been asked that before and it's something I have truly contemplated. Just need to find time to actually hammer some of the details out. Thanks for sending some luck my way.

Congrats in advance break a leg!😊

Thank you! I would take a broken leg to go to Steemfest.

Hehehe lol😊

Steemit has the power to change the World, for the BETTER!

Let's DO THIS!

Yes, I agree. We will be able to do this. I do have a feeling this platform may leave a mark in the history books for the positive change it will bring to the world.

great post..wish you all the best..up & rs my dear friend ...@lexikon082

Thanks @bibek. Been a few days since I've stopped over to see you. I am sure there are some great pictures waiting for me!

its okay...You brother..@lexikon082..

You are the ideal person to go to SteemFest 2!

Thank @steemitqa. That really means a lot coming from you.

awesome video you beard look like gandalf @lexikon082 hahaha :D

We'll see what it looks like in April for the Steemit Beard Competition. I am so pumped. Think about it every day.

hahaha i will buy one awesome beard hahaha

29.95 Amazon

That one makes me cry tears of joy.

hahaha like dwarf @lexikon082 ahahahah

I'm trying so hard to grow a beard like yours and great post by the way!!! Thank you

Take your vitamins! There are also beard nutrients you can buy as Beard competitions have become quite huge. I have been contemplating buying some myself.


i like that quote ! Its not the soldier thats starts the war
its the politicians ! utterly true !!!

SteemOn Bro

Thanks for this reply. Yes, that statement is very true. We need a third party in this country that believes in peaceful resolutions. Too much war and killing in the name of Freedom.

Peaceful resolutions i agree with that !
but there will be no Peace, because of to
many greedy maniacs in power and this will lead to the biggest war we have
ever seen, many prophets have prophesied that!
The bankster-gangsters
Rothschield and Rockefeller / Obama
have financed the biggest war group and there is no point
of return the stage is already set up for the final countdown.

God have mercy on us !

what's the benefit of esteemed anyone. @yash0108

Cool video :) Upvoted and resteemed!

Really enjoyed this - good luck for the contest

Glad you enjoyed it! Now it needs to be put into action!

Thank you @lexikon082 Thanks for sharing vital.

You are very welcome @arifulsms!

i like you. you seem like a boss ;)

First time I've ever been called a boss! I need to print this out and frame it! Lol. Thanks for the great comment.

welcome! :)

Congrats on your sobriety. Keep doing your thing.

Thank you for that. I will! Just taking it one day at a time.

Thanks for sharing

You are very welcome! Thank you for watching and leaving a reply.

Very long beard, cool spirit

Thank you @sujana!

Great love it!

Thank you @storytime.

You got my upvote and resteem! Get it brotha!

Thank you very much @krewshul.

Awesome beard! Upvoted! I hope you win.

Thank you!

No problem!