Reaching 2500 Followers, SteemFest fundraiser, and what may I help with @ Steemfest

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Looking to raise funds to help get myself & possibly others to SteemFest 2 2017 in Portugal! Also wondering what I may help with at SteemFest if I may be of assistance.

Thank you to all my followers and opportunities with steem and crypto! Looking to get myself and possibly help some others get to SteemFest in my quest to keep helping people and projects. Overall cost looks to be about 1500 SBD / STEEM for myself and a little more to potentially chip in with some others.

Mostly going for the experience like everyone else. Also going to meet many more users in the community. Some of which I have met in person. Many that I have met with and worked with online over more than the past year. Working on doing for more for the community having attempted to contribute my fair share.

To read about what I have done please check out many of my blog posts in particular my 1st anniversary post which included mention of some of the stuff I have done over the past year: First Year Anniversary / Birthday on Steemit for @virtualgrowth

Getting closer and thinking about entering contests to help me along the way I recently posted: My Steemfest 2 Ticket Giveaway Nomination & Entry like others have in this contest and many others. One of the reasons I haven't entered contests is that I am not really a contest kind of person. Also the idea that other people could use that kind of help more than me. Although I could use the help from the community so that I may help the community. My new idea is to make a series of posts for getting more Steem for me to get into the community more. This is partially motivated by the great appreciation some people in the community had recently shown (in reply to @blueorgy's post: ♨︎ blueorgy's ☞ STEEMFEST 2 ◇ Ticket Giveaway ✯ Call For Entries 3!.

Thank You For the Community Support!

@bitcoinparadise, "I would love to nominate @virtualgrowth. This guy has done so much for the community and done so much more behind the scenes.
He has helped so many Steemians such as myself and others and has been a true Steemian for over a year.
This guy is one of the main reasons why many Steemians find success on Steem and in part of making this platform such a great place."

"That's all you listed? You done waaaaay more for the community than that :P
You got my nomination ;)" ... and responses ...
giftedgaia, "^^ THIS ^^"
scaredycatguide, "I second - ^^THIS^^"

@jznsamuel, "definitely full support for @virtualgrowth's nomination, he's helpful, always willing to share valuable information and is very involved with the growth and development of the community."

@intelliguy, "I third that and fourth that.
@virtualgrowth for sure. He's an asset to this community and he can't keep funding his trips... We need him to in as many places as possible."

@steempowerpics, "I second the vote for @virtualgrowth - for his continued involvement in so many different aspects of the steemit community."

@buzzbeergeek, "I second that, @virtualgrowth is one of the more active Steemians. He helped countless already! I'd love to thank him in person there!"

@jasonrussell, "I nominate @virtualgrowth!! He has been such a huge help to me and @jessamynorchard and probably countless other steemians that have looked to him for advice in all things steem."

@cybercodetwins, "Nominate @virtualgrowth. He helps build up our awesome community and helping out in the ecosystem of graphene as well."

@scaredycatguide, "I do hope someone has nominated @virtualgrowth. He is exactly everything this is. Between the work he does with the different tokens and the travel to meetup other steemians and collaborate on projects. Making things happen in the world of steem."

@richardcrill, "I nominate @virtualgrowth for all his hard work and dedication to platform. He has been a constant helpful and friendly voice on SteemSpeak. He definitely provides quality content and is extremely active in the community."

@solarsherpa55, "Of course I will be very glad to nominate the kind and generous @virtualgrowth."

@gloglo, "Am very impressed as for how far you have gone for the community. You are indispensable. One of my desire is to meet you very soon and learn from you. For all this I nominate you @virtualgrowth. Keep shining."

@everlove, 'You've done a lot for this community @virtualgrowth with a very positive and upbeat vibe. I certainly hope you win a ticket (me too) so that we can meet in Lisbon if not before. Thanks for all you do and for sharing the Steemit goodwill around. Blessed opportunity!"

@rondonson, 'dude! you are a cornerstone of this community. If anyone deserve to go YOU DO! You definitely have my vote, and I hope to see you there!"

@rideofpassion, "I and @voiceshares nominate @virtualgrowth for all amazing work he has been doing for building this amazing community."

@giftedgaia, "Yeah.. My vote goes to @virtualgrowth.
As far as 'A cool Steemian traveling to meet other cool Steemians' , this is kinda his schtick!
He's also been a model pillar of integrity and positivity on this platform since joining in July of 2016.
I'm fanboying #TeamVG on this one. :)"

Ideas for Steemfest / My Assistance

Have some ideas in mind that I am not going to share, but rather offer as some form of surprise as I figure some more things out. Nothing planned exactly from what I am going to do. Will be looking forward to what many other people will be bringing, doing, and offering! Please feel free to let me know if I may possibly be of assistance. Mostly bringing myself for the experience of Steemfest along with everyone else.


Thinking to raise funds to help me (better) afford this trip. And in part because we can utilize STEEM for exactly just things! So will spend some time on what I have done and may do in the future. This will include setting up witnesses at some point in the future as well, possibly by Steemfest depending how things fall together. This will help me take care of Steemfest costs including airfare, hotel stay, and Steemfest ticket.

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Vg straightup need to head to steemfest. you need vg there as he did help build up the love, knowledge and tech for this community 💕✈

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Congrats on reaching 2.5k followers! You're an established member posting regularly since July 2016, and deserve to be there. 100% upvote from me, although it's tiny, I request others to do the same.


Upvoted to support you !
I wish you a lot of succes at Steemfest ! I will probably be there too, I am managing to raise some more funds too :-)

Well done on this. You Are doing great.


upvoted to help a little towards raising those funds, enjoy!

Thank you!

Let's start with a 100% upvote and a Resteem.

It's a drop in the bucket from me but a lot of drops can fill your bucket.

Thank you very much, every little bit helps.

Have a good trip and enjoy the fest😎

Here's some of mine ;)

Upvote and Resteem from me. You can do it, @virtualgrowth

@virtualgrowth A milestone :) Great Achievement

@virtualgrowth add me to the list of needing funds. Hopefully by november we will be better off to attend and contribute! Cheers!!

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Hi @virtualgrowth, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

upvoted :)

gratz :) hope u get better and better :)

Congrats on all your 2500 followers. You are doing great, ask and you shall receive all that you need. Sending good energy to help accomplish your goals. UPvoted!