Introducing the official Travel Reimbursement Fund for SteemFest

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About two weeks ago we introduced the questionnaire about the Travel Reimbursement Fund idea. Since then about 35 people filled out the questionnaire.

The results gave the impression that indeed there is a want for this fund. Next to this, multiple people asked me about the fund's opportunity and I have been telling people that they should not count on the fund reimbursing their FULL travel expenses, but rather a nice gift towards lowering their travel costs....

The questionnaire results made clear that if we would match all desired reimbursement fees we would need about 20,000 USD (about 1/5th of the total SteemFest budget) for supporting 35 people. Imho I don't think this fund will reach that amount, plus, there will be people using the fund who didn't fill out the questionnaire.

Since then, @bhuz and @liondani have pledged their rewards towards the fund for the coming weeks.

How the Steemfest' Official* Travel Reimbursement Fund will work

  • In Amsterdam on Day 1 of the conference you can apply for the 'Travel Reimbursement Fund' in Amsterdam during coffee breaks by registering the trip details on a terminal and by showing proof (a boarding card for example) and your ticket (can be on your phone).

  • Reimbursement will be based on miles travelled (as generally the further, the more expensive). Starting point will be the distance from the airport of departure to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. The distance is based on line-of-sight straight point distance, not via via / stop-over distance.

  • The 'SBD per Mile'-rate will be the same for all.

At the end of day 1 (19:00 / 9 PM) the application entry closes and by doing a simple calculation the total amount of Miles travelled by all applicants is available. Also the total funds available right here on @t-r-f is available so the SBD/Mile rate can be established and the payouts will be automatically executed.

@t-r-f is now open for funding!

If you want to support fellow Steem users to lower their travel expenses, please supply any amount of SBD you want to donate. Simply transfer any amount of SBD to @t-r-f (note the dashes between the letters)

* @t-r-f is the official Travel Reimbursement Fund for SteemFest: In comments below by @roelandp and @steemfest this will be verified.

On behalf of all SteemFest attendees, thank you for your support!
The rewards for this post will naturally be added to the fund


In case you missed it, I am happily donating 50 % of my witness rewards each day to the Travel Reimbursement Fund @t-r-f ;)

I will donate 100% of all the money made on this comment to the SOTRF! It's important to donate money so that those who have free time can make this party a MONSTERBASH!

My name is @roelandp and I endorse this message. [VERIFIED!]

Wow this is a very noble cause~
I am impressed and inspired by the community coming together to support this whole experience. Makes me even more happy to be a part of it.
Steem On!

I need to get a bicycle, thermals and rain gear for my trip, I think? idk, it's the plan anyway:

This is a fantastic opportunity. Good work.

Amazing idea, and thank you to all involved in making this happen. I would be really keen to make use of this and have completed the survey. I would just like to know, how will we know if it is on or not? ie. If when we get there, there is assurance that the fund will operate and reimburse some travel expenses? Or, does everyone who applies once there, qualify?

We are thinking of setting the bar in regards to steempower but not really feel that is needed. Basically everyone can apply. As you can see there is aleeady some funding on this account so yes there will be a reimbursement available.

Do you have alternative suggestions?

Thank you. Nope, sounds amazing as it is!!! Well done again.

This is amazing, whatever the amount any help given is a boon. Definitely an example of community! Redeemed!

Great idea. I know several of us would jump on it if we could afford to.

This is so great! I'm so grateful for your support of this community. It's so inspiring to see generosity!

My name is @steemfest and I endorse this message. [VERIFIED!]

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