SteemFest Q&A: What Do You Want to Ask Ned?

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SteemFest 3 is fast approaching and Steemit CEO, Ned Scott, will be kicking things off with a Q&A moderated by Steemit’s Content Director, Andrew Levine (@andrarchy).

Share Your Questions

In the interest of having Ned answer the questions that are most important to Steemians, we’d like to invite you to post your questions in the comment section below and upvote those questions you believe to be the most valuable. You can also e-mail your questions to us at [email protected].

The Steemit Team


Question @ned:

Will you remove Author and Curator Rewards in SBD/STEEM/SP after the introduction of SMTs and the implementation of Oracles? And replace these rewards with an "Steemit SMT". This is in my opinion the next logical step. Long term I only see Witnesses rewarded with new SteemPower, authors/curators only with SMTs. That would kill all the bidbots, votesellers, selfvoters.

Curious questions from a noob @ned:

  1. If replaced by SMT's, what will that do to the value of STEEM itself?
  2. Won't this crash the price?
  3. What will happen to our current SP staked?
  4. Will anyone have weighted votes?

The current stake-based voting system is broken and unsustainable, because Curators invest time and get back around 15-20% of their vote value, while vote sellers invest no time and get back around 70%-90% of their vote value.

I see SteemPower as the base resource everybody needs to be active on the Blockchain. There will be a SP Delegation market for all these resource-hungry DAPPs like SteemMonsters, so the more SP you hold, the higher the income from SP leasing.

@Ned, Should we be powering down and getting rid of our STEEM?

It would :)

Edit to clarify: Oracles on SMTs would have the ability to reduce possibilities for bid bots etc in their rewards ecosystems. Not saying “it would” in relation to STEEM’s rewards mechanisms

Will SMT's have Steem collateral behind them? How will we ensure that SMT's actually have value given that unlike Steem (or BTC or other crypto base tokens) they are not the means by which we access network resources?

SMTs backed by Market Maker Pools can be up to 100% pegged to STEEM.

I think that answers my question perfectly, thanks!

I wonder if you can % weight the peg, or adjust it when live?

I imagine that most SMTs backed my MMPs are likely to start out wanting to be pegged, but if the shit-show continues here, perhaps in time they'd like to break free?

I'm thinking collateral could be used to provide a floor in the price. There doesn't necessarily need to be a downward peg mechanism. What also hope is that witnesses could redirect Steem from the reward pool to back certain SMT's as a matter of policy. SMT's by their nature are inherently inflationary, locking up Steem as collateral would counter this, especially if it's directly from new issuance. Eventually it could completely encompass the Steem reward pool. If SMT's and Oracles succeed then the reward pool eventually becomes redundant, but it needs to be done in a way that doesn't create de facto inflation, but also ensures the tokens (both Steem and SMT's) have real value.

We are going to need a new office floor at this rate :)

Your understanding is far ahead of mine, I have nothing to add. Did you see steemit inc are looking for technical writers with sound knowledge of the 'protocol'.

Not sure if this would interest you or not?


Was @sneak working/contracting for Steemit Inc when he wished a Steemian to kindly die in a fire (twice)?

Did Steemit Inc do anything to distance themselves from those statements made by @sneak? If so what did you do? If not why?



I get it now, you are mad at Ned and looking for validation. Why? You have never seemed to be someone who would get snowflakey and worry about "mean words".

What do you mean? If someone working for or in close cooperation with a company that you do business with, wished for the death of someone who didn't posed any treat you be totally okay with this?

Neither of us actually think sneak wanted anyone to die. Why are you mad at Ned? What happened to your Stake? Why are you suddenly making a ranting post a day, should have used your influence while you had it.

Neither of us actually think sneak wanted anyone to die.

Words have meaning and these were very poorly chosen words. I'm not mad at Ned. Asking if anything was done seems pretty normal.

I had planned to post those posts before losing my delegation.

The words he used were... d.i.a.f. which is common Internet slang.

I thought it was dumb and rude, but to suddenly be upset about it, seems disingenuous. You had plenty of time to make these posts.

Anyway, I wish you well.

I've personally complained to @andrarchy back then and I was never satisfied with his answers and actions for that particular event. No apology of any type have been made since then and they would stil be very much welcomed and warranted.

This year, the French president offered his apology to the family of someone they have treated unjustly. The incident had happened more than 50 years ago. The family said the apology was very much welcomed.

Do you even know if the person he was speaking to is still around? lol what was the date of that post? When did you lose your delegation?

Do wou agree that "the price of STEEM" and "the evolution of the price of STEEM" (perhaps expressed in BTC) are the best indicators, the ultimate KPIs for the quality of the job you do at the helm ?

If no, what other indicator(s) you use in order to figure out if you do a good job or not?.

If yes, do you have some targets perhaps ? When do you want to see STEEM reaching 0.2 mBTC again? 0.35 mBTC ? 0.5 mBTC ?

Hi Ned. Do you believe the largest stakeholders have a moral responsibility in the Steem system? What would those responsibilities be?

Wow! I would love an answer to this one.

Very good question +1

Have low stakeholders also a moral responsibility in the Steem system? What would those be?

See how bid-bot works..
Check what it's all about..

Hope someone could create a statistics about Gini's coefficient on Steemit reward system. That would be easier to measure & look from above.

Just sayin ;)

Yes, when do you plan on finishing that letter that has been on your desk for over a year now to Elon Musk informing him that it doesn't matter how many shuttles he sends to space his hair is still awful and he will never be as beautiful as us.


Leave Elon~Chan alone you... BAAAAAKAAAA!!! He will bring us Genetically Engineered Catgirls..

whoa whoa whoa. Slow your roll. I got no part of this.

Still waiting on this. Seriously.

Since I can't talk to @ned directly, I will consort his hair. What are you doing about @ned's early balding?

First and foremost I must say that is fake news. We are in no way balding or even thinning for that matter. We may go on the occasional crash diet but that is about the extent of out thinning out. To answer your question though I will say it is much like my haircut, layers. First and foremost we use a special shampoo shipped in from somewhere in southeast Asia. I can not divulge anymore on the location as it is a highly guarded secret. Next, we get a daily scalp massage using baby penguin feathers that have been soaked in lavender. The final layer is directly after showering my hair is blown dry by the top 20 witnesses. It takes years for them to perfect this and to get the lung capacity to finish the job in 1 sitting so that is why you rarely see any of the top 20 move out of their spots. If they do drop out they probably got Emphezima. I hope this was helpful. Please feel free to shoot me any other questions you have.

I knew that somehow that the witnesses were doing way more than just creating blocks. Unfortunately I don't think I could ever be a witness. I have allergies that send me into sneezing fits and breathing problems. Given the description of lavender soaked baby penguin feathers and other exotic shampoo ingredients, I am most likely allergic to you :(

Glad you put the balding rumors to bed.

What are you doing to correct the issue that exchanges have operating a steem node? This prevents STEEM or SBD going in or out of exchanges for weeks or months at a time. Each time there is a disruption of the blockchain, the recovery time gets worse. Other currencies don't have this issue.

When do you expect to remove the beta tag and make a push towards mass adoption?

  1. Are you considering increasing curation rewards to achieve the purpose of content discovery? Because content discovery feels pretty irrelevant right now. The highest paid posts are not the best posts, but random posts upvoted by 6 or more bidbots...
  2. Are you at some point planning to have a fixed marketing budget for steem? What is steemit doing for promoting steemit?
  3. Are you considering a seperate downvoting pool of e.g. 10% VP, limited to 10 downvotes per day? Because downvoting right now is very costly, which is why nobody downvotes/flags anymore...
  4. Are you planning to introduce new filters for the categories. For example to be able to filter posts for reputation or number of upvotes would be nice.
  5. Are you planning any change of the reputation system?
  6. Why are there so few big money investors in steem and what are you doing to change this in the future?
  7. Are you planning to watch out for possible collaborations with other companies? Particularly a collaboration with comes to mind (Quora is a magnificently brilliant and simple site, where people post questions, and provide answers to others’ questions - for free. It would be soooooooo easy to incentivise this by rewarding their answers with steem...) They have 190 million users...

What does Steemit Inc. intends to do with its stake of Steem?
-Using for salary of staff?
-Investing / paying for Commercials / big marketing campaign?
-holding until moon (and beyond)?

Have fun in Krakow!

What do you think are the main things currently keeping STEEM from being a top 10 cryptocurrency? What can we do to address them?

Very good question.

STEEM was number 3 (number three !!!) back in august 2016 (I wasn't around back then, sadly). Since then, it seems to be mostly downward - after a number of months in the top 30 we have now slipped out of the top 40 !

I have some clear ideas as to why this is happening but of course what matters is what Ned and the Top 20 think ...

Bear in mind that 2016 was near the depths of what was otherwise a crypto bear market. There wasn't much competition in terms of top 10, all values were much lower, etc. Completely different market landscape, so this isn't entirely a Steem issue.

That said a lot of Steem's fall in rankings is a Steem issue IMO. We haven't conveyed a strong value proposition to crypto investors, either because we don't have one or don't communicate it well.

Comparing like with like, Ethereum, Ripple. Dash, even Nem were already around (not to mention Litecoin or Lisk). The market was the same and has been the same for all of them and yet if you look at the performances of the Top 10 from July 31, 2016, only MaidSafe Coin has performed worse than Steem. No other crypto from back then had a worse performance when compared to Bitcoin. I don't see how you can say this is not entirely a Steem issue.

We DO have a very strong value proposition, of that I used to have a strong hunch and I invested on that hunch, but now I have formal proof. I believe and am not afraid to say that we have THE HIGHEST value proposition in the current blockchain landscape. We sit on a bloody gold mountain.

If we didn't manage to convey it is because we have been targeting the wrong audience The "crypto investors" cannot see the true value proposition of Steem.

We have a bloody Stradivarius in the hands of Paganini but he's playing in front of an audience of DEAF PEOPLE

Forget the "crypto investors" we should be focusing on "normies"

No reason we shouldn't be in the top 20. I think our user retention keeps a lot of potential investors away. The beta tag can't save us forever.

It would certainly be nice to hear Ned's view on this since he is steering this ship.

How do you decide if project or dApp get delegation?

Delegating to specific communities such as @utopian-io and @fundition is a very postive thing for steem. Are there plans to select more worthy communities as recipients of delegation ? If yes, is there a process for selecting those communities? If not, why not?

Could you tell us more about project Destiny?

First thing first..
Let's go SMT!! Woot woot!!

Will there be a Steemit funded messenger that is tied to the Steemit ID, so discord is not needed anymore?

Hello @felix.herrmann !
You can check Steem Messenger !

It's been 8 months that we are working on it, security and privacy is our major concern !

Here's the latest release log :

Devs better to deal with Transaction Broadcast Error first.. imo. But if there will be a Steemit based messenger, that would be cool :)

I Would be fine with paying for Services with steem for example for encrypted group chat or web storage

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If the SBD is not equal to $1. What is its interest? Now that it is well known that it is not possible, is it not better to remove SBD? It is just confusing for « normal » people.

SBD is in my opinion one of the potential "killer apps" of this blockchain. A stablecoin based on the most sophisticated mechanism, "seigneurage shares"

First of all, it does not need to be "equal to $1" - it just needs to have people trust that it will fluctuate between $0.95 and $1.05 about 99% of the time (the more the better)

Let me repeat that: a stablecoin is not one that is rigorously "equal to $1" all the time. A stablecoin is stable if it stays within a 5% "band" (on both sides) about 99% of the time (or more)

What is its utility? Well, we know each other so you are certainly aware about my previous plans with @gudde-wellen (plans were alas wrecked by HF20). If the bar owner is to accept payment for beer (or anything else) in a crypto, it needs something that is as stable as possible because it then needs to go to Bittrex (or someplace else) and exchange those SBD for fiat in order to pay his suppliers (Munhowen, Heintz, etc.)

SBD is the gateway for the steem blockchain to conquer "real world payment use cases" outside the "content creation" ones that are currently in focus

You know how the BTC and BCH communities are fighting to get bitcoin adoption for payment use cases ? They will never succeed in my opinion, despite lightning network and 128MB blocks. Not because of IT reasons but because of economics. The economics of bitcoin (deflationary) make it a lousy "medium of exchange"

SBD could be "the bitcoin killer" in the payment area. And it doesn't even need to be equal to $1 all the time for that

Thanks for sharing this interesting link about seigneurage shares, I didn't know that.
I am in the opposite way of thinking, I am afraid that SBD could be a STEEM blockchain killer in a kind of self-murder or hara kiri. Here is on of the my first post where I try to warn @ned

because it then needs to go to Bittrex (or someplace else) and exchange those SBD for fiat in order to pay his suppliers (Munhowen, Heintz, etc.)

Or better yet work on getting the suppliers to accept it. Not all will of course but start with even one.

Theoretically, yes. In practice you are envisaging a small bar owner, who is already taking the risk to accept crypto, going out on a limb to persuade a big bulk seller of beverages which has hundreds of customers like him and is big rigid corporation to accept payment in crypto for bulk orders .... I'm a dreamer myself but ...

Maybe its not the big bulk seller. Maybe it is a local flyer that does advertising, or paying the bouncers, or ....

I agree with you that trying to convince a huge distributor from the local bar level is not the way to go.

There's a possibility of P&D just like last December.
You can see someone is controlling SBD's price (prolly one of the witness, you know) trying to set it near $1, so you can easily guess that people would believe that SBD is a sort of 'pegging coin', but in the crypto world.. you never know what's gonna happen very next day.

Just my 2satoshis.. ;)

I am a witness (@exnihilo.witness) and I can tell you that in the witness chat, we are more focusing on account creation fees than the SBD existence.
SBD should not be tradable on exchanges like bittrex, I thing it is more them who are playing with SBD price.
But finally you are absolutely right, you never know what's gonna happen and this is what makes things interesting...

After SMT launch, are we thinking to stay as a Blockchain of Social Media or are we moving forward to Blockchain of Businesses? If we move forward how STEEMIT is adopting to that phase?
Finally, why we can't build DAPP to direct battle with FB?


Which dApp on steem you like the most?

What app other than your own Destiny project do you hope developers will create on the Steem Blockchain?

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Are there plans to increase the price of STEEM and what are those?

Do you see people building businesses on top of steem (steembay, steemhunt, steemmonsters,, etc.) as a good thing or more of an annoyance ?

If the former, do you see those people as "your customers" ? Or more like "partners" ?

How do you think the passage from HF19 to HF20 has impacted them ?

Do you think it might be wise to show humility, take personal responsibility and issue a public apology to all the steemians for the serious problems that brought the system to a halt for more than a day?

Would you give @actifit fitness dapp a try? Would love to see a small vid or selfie of @ned tracking his steps/workout using Actifit ! :)

Since @actifit is a really nice project, the answer to your question is probably no.

... while playing Guitar ;-)

Hey @ned,

I still want to hear about the marketing plan! Are you building a sales team, and how will you encourage/sell professional business to build on the Steem Blockchain.

Do you have any potential models of project support (both financial and exposure) other than giving them delegation or relying on utopian to encourage development on the Steem blockchain? And if so, how do you envision preventing exploitation?

I have been calling recently for Steemit inc. to hire a technical author/writer to better communicate the functionality and details of the Steem software to developers and witnesses. I noticed that you recently started a contest to source technical writers from the Steem community and this is a good sign.

Would you consider implementing tight requirements in code for formal commenting rules, to ensure that all code is commented in a way that newcomers can stand some chance of understanding?

Open source projects such as the social networking framework 'elgg' ( apply this approach and code cannot be accepted into their repositories unless it meets commenting standards. The result is that their code is approachable and attracts valuable help from outside their core team when needed.

Also, I notice that Steemit inc. appears to have no females involved in the business and social relations process. This might be, in my opinion, a large part of why Steem has significant barriers to adoption and a low retention level - we need solid logic/systems, but also a human/empathic element too!

Do you have any intention of bringing blockchain balance with more ladies? :)

How would you describe Steem blockchain and its ecosystem, to

  • a regular user
  • an investor
  • a developer

at the end of 2020?

Great step towards communication with the public. How will Steemit communicate changes to core code to the public going forward?

Code is Law. I'd argue changing laws in a Stake Weighted Democracy/Republic requires public forums.

Hey @ned!!
Hope you are doing good.Amazing to see recent developments. I have seen steemit INC supporting amazing projects here on steemit since a long time. You have delegated to Dlike but we have seen what they did recently. We really want you to support projects that are not only going to add value to steem in coming days but influence people at personal level. I feel a project which provides personal touch to people's lives will have a bright future and that project is what people are going to remember forever ( but it's not just in internet,it is in their lives). I want you guys to notice that project which has has been doing same since it's launch. It is none other than @actifit(Nearly 3 months old).

@actifit is a dapp and SMT project for rewarding fitness activity. It rewards people for moving around. App tracks movement of users all throughout day and at the end of the day users have to post their activity to steemit along with proof of activity ( How their day went, describing activity). @actifit rewards them in upvotes band aslo in AFIT tokens. We have seen exponential growth of users in last 3 months. As of now we are rewarding nearly 300 users everyday. We have been monitoring all the posts all everyday,interacting with users for suggestions and improving accordingly. We we're driven by users suggestions and their wishes since last 3 months. There is lot of lot of enthusiasm,postivity, motivation from all actifitters. They encouraged,supported us not only in delegations but aslo through their life changing emtoional stories. We are all like a family now and remember them by their names.

I can proudly say that a steemit project(actfit) is with people all throughout their day- motivating them, pushing them forward to lead a healthy life style. You know what- some families are using it( if there are 3 people in family then one is joining after other and they are competing with each other). @actifit making them not only join this movement but also steemit. And Thank you for HF20 update. It is really helping us more in increasing convenience to bringing new users to this platform.

I have amazing testimonials to show you how actifit is Changing lives of many. Everyone can witness progress in @actifit announcements. And we have lot of surprises to our users in coming days in the form of updates, features and financials . We have strong rewarding sytem( We launched recently)to reward users. We improved our abuse protection system.

And all we need is some support from Steemit Inc. And I want to know what @ned thinks about this project and why this amazing project didn't get any delegation so far.. We deserve that support right??

Do you believe that user retention will become one of the key drivers to Steem's success in the future? How will SMTs/Oracles help to improve it?

I am hungry

This is not a question.

For all these questions to be answered

Where do you see Steem in 5 years?

Don't ask questions, human.

How do you pick the projects and dapps that receive delegations? ActiFit is used by too many steemians, a delegation would be good for too many people who use the app and receive small daily upvotes.

Have you considered to reduce the 13 week period for a full power down???

(I know it used to be 2 years at some point but it would be an attractive factor for people to invest more)

I'd like to go back to 104 weeks.

Really? Haven't really heard many people asking for something like that. Quite the opposite I would say.
And your reasons?

It means the only people who have influence over the direction of the platform are people with a minimum 2 year commitment to its success.

In these 104 weeks a lot of things may change. I can only speak for my self. I took advantage of the higher prices a few months back and traded steem after a two week power down. As a result I doubled my Steem holdings and powered up.

I couldn’t afford to invest further more at that point so having an opportunity to do so just to bring more steem in wouldn’t have happened if there was the limitation you mention.

Does that mean I don’t care? Or that I ain’t dedicated to the direction of the platform?

Now I know, not everyone thinks the way I do but a two year limitation doesn’t really make Steemit an attractive destination for investors.

Just my thoughts...

It was 104 weeks when I first invested.
Knowing short term thinking couldn't tank the price; that my co-investors were planning 2 years ahead; that was a big selling point.

This seems like a good idea to keep a platform afloat in the early stages but more and more of a crutch as it evolves.

  1. Will you attend the Decentralized 2018 held in Athens, Greece in 3 weeks time?

  2. (Rephrasing) What do you think about the person who created the account @nedshair ?

I am confused by your statement. Do you mean what do you think of ned? He is my creator. I started life as many small hair bulbs on his tiny little baby ned head.

Then as my folicles grew long and illustrious I began to realize my own sentience. I could feel the tug of the brush through me. The feeling of freedom when the wind blew through me. The warm loving embrace of the sun when it shined on me. I would say I feel a great deal of gratitude towards my creator.

Stop assuming genders, that's pure bigotry.

Have you considered to prolong the time limit in which our posts can be voted on (to our benefit) or even to remove it entirely in the future?

Secondly, could we get a feature, where we place stickied posts at the top of our blogs?

And the last question: Any plans to implement fully browsable tags/categories, where I can find all of the content published under that tag?

Thanks for all past and future efforts.

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Posts can be voted forever.

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Rephrased it ;)

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Is there any plans for creating a support system for new users, that will be sustainable and scalable?

what was on the fuzzy whiteboard??

or can we get a little more on the new project?

lol, i am genuinely curious about the new project, and well, the whiteboard was funny

indeed but I tend to feel that we live grave moments. Is it reasonable to launch a new project when he squandered a huge amount of credibility with the botched HF20 (coming after a long streak of unkept deadlines and broken promises) ?

First he needs to rebuild his personal credibility before launching new projects. Demonstrate that he can execute and deliver. He has accumulated a big moral debt toward the community that sooner or later he will have to pay back.

"Stand and deliver" is the word, not take refuge into another set of promises of future projects that can be broken just like the previous ones. Remember SMT were supposed to be here one year ago.

Why there are some furious people within this community who hate you too much? Do you have any plan to unify this community at one single point which is "liking the CEO"?

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You can't please everyone

What shampoo do you use?

Oh, I can field this one. Thanks to @thedegansloth he let the cat out of the bag and revealed my secret.

Will I be able to start a community on steemit with an SMT without having an external site?

When your power-down is finished, will we have to delegate to you so you can comment?


Just the RCs ;)

Just like our lifelong relationship has been, I have him covered. Someone in this relationship has to be the visionary.

I have a fun question..... would/will you hold a sign that says #snookmademedoit to help promote that @surpassinggoogle has worked so hard on to help give people from all over the world a chance to blog and not have to resort to plagiarism?

What are the most significant ways that the platform and community have changed since you initially launched the project?

Sorry one more, can you get steem on bitfinex and ethfinex? I have been following mgo and they went from .10 to .77 cents in a month. A big part of that was a listing on those exchanges. They got their coin on a ballot and the community voted (something steem is good at)

What happened to that 1.6 million Steem you sent to bittrex 5 days ago?

Most of it is going towards research products for my new hair product line. We are doing the primary testing on @jplaughing s rabbits because they are the only animals in the world with hair similar to mine (besides puppies but we are not monsters) and it just so happens animal testing is legal in his country. The left over 27 cents is going towards this Reddit / Steemit hybrid we are calling destiny. No, before you ask, it is not named after the stripper.

For how long have you been playing the guitar?

Will STINC will ever launch a MEGA marketing campaign? Currency like TRON, Cardano even EOS is thriving on Marketing. STEEM does not have to hype what it can achieve, it had a decent portfolio. Steem needs to get out of Steemit and market to general people through twitter, instagram or telegram. How can TRON's founder Justin Sun has 500K followers, while @ned has less than 10K followers. STEEM is boxed in STEEM Dapps and it has go out to catch new fishes which need MEGA and BIG marketing campaign.

Fraud Alert ! All steemit users beware , @themarkymark is taking away profits from users and channeling all that steem back to his accounts .
report this fraud here

It's rumored you want to remove author rewards, if this is true, what direction do you expect Steemit to go in?

Will Steemit survive the loss of incentive to write?

Haven't heard of this one before. I hope this keeps being only a rumor. People would be pretty upset, if they sticked with the platform in its ups and downs only to see their efforts go to the bin with no rewards on the horizon. A big part of the creators would leave and the new people... well, maybe we would have an Instagrammit then.

Would that lightbulb fit in my mouth?

On a more serious note:

Any plans to change the reward system to a more steady and sustainable one? Maybe even a monthly system after the 7-day lock kicks in?

Do you have ideas on additional incentives, that will keep users involved in the platform while prices are low? Maybe by making it easier to climb the reputation ladder in those times or by giving content creators other benefits?

Thanks for your time, much appreciated.

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  • Will there be an option to save ones account with 2FA in future?

  • What do you think about a reward curve which started as n^2 / exponential (thus flat), and then later changed into linear which would work against self-voting as well as excessive rewards.
    (With spline interpolation one could get a curve which is more beautiful than my example, without a buckling.)

  • I never really understood the sense of that curation window (of currently 15 minutes): bots can be programmed to upvote after 30, 15, 5, 3 or 0 minutes after a post was published anyway, so how does a curation window decrease the advantage of automated vote bots?

  • What do you think about 'diminishing returns', meaning that voting power decreases faster when upvoting (or flagging) the same accounts (inluding own ones) again and again instead of spreading ones upvotes to many different accounts?

  • The current reputation system is completely meaningless. In everyday life 'reputation' means that other people respect you. Here on the STEEM blockchain it means, that you earned much money (for example by upvoting ten own short posts per day with whale power and get the highest reputation in the whole STEEM comos by doing so).
    What do you think of alternative reputation systems like User Authority (UA) implemented by @scipio and @holger80? Do you consider supporting them delegating them some STEEM power?

首先感谢 Mr.Ned Scott 曾经为鼓励全球中文语言的用户积极参与 Steemit 社区做出了支持行动!

1.关于各种蓝皮书和白皮书,Steemit Inc. 今后能直接提供中文版本的吗?
2.关于未来的SMTs,Steemit Inc. 有没有考虑重视对中文语言 Dapp 的友好支持?
3.Steem 作为面向全球化服务的 PoB 平台,如何适应不同地区文化和网络监管背景下的技术支持?

附带提一下,在中国,现在有7亿多互联网或移动端 App 用户。


First of all, thank Mr.Ned Scott for supporting the active participation of the global Chinese language users in the steemit community!

My question:

  1. Regarding various blue books and white papers, can Steemit Inc. directly provide the Chinese version in the future?
  2. Regarding future SMTs, has Steemit Inc. considered paying attention to the friendly support of the Chinese language Dapp?
  3. As a PoB platform for global services, how does Steem adapt to the technical support in the context of culture and network supervision in different regions?

Incidentally, in China, there are now more than 700 million Internet or mobile app users.


If he is not tired of everybody asking for a selfie!

Peace V!

Hello Mr. Ned, Andrew and Steemians around the world.

From my understanding the SMT creation system will be like completing a form on a web page, basically, without having to write any code. Is that correct, if not, how is the SMT creation process going to work?

Also, can you talk more about the SMT's market maker feature?

Thank you and have a great day,
Ps: Here's a picture of a cute cat. <3


What Steemit is doing to keep the new user hooked on steemit. They are low on RC and Voting mana. How they gonna engage much?

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What are the plans to promote Steemit to the masses and blockchain enthusiasts?

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Hi @ned and @steemitblog, I would like to have some more information regarding future plans of integrating SMTs that will create P2P/B2C marketplaces on Steem, as well as SMTs that will get advertisers on board and create a model where Steem users get paid to watch targeted ads (like what is doing). Another interesting SMT idea is to have a model built on top of Steem where Steem users can get rewarded for writing reviews for different businesses/services that they have used (like Revain).

Will Steemit Inc. support and guide SMTs that are going to pursue these kinds of projects, and in what capacity?

Thank you.

Who gave him the idea to start steemit? How did it come

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Hi @ned. I am using this opportunity to invite you to @air-clinic, a platform hoping to decentralize healthcare thereby increasing functionality of the medical sector globally and even provide free healthcare access for the underprivileged through SMT.

Will there likely be a steemfest kind of event in Asia?
haha... perhaps Singapore, where so central to many countries in Asia.
Good time is next October because WTA Finals is going to China from next year.

My platform has made an effort to address the fact that users have no incentive to actually read content if their stake is small and it's quality is lower than outside content. My question is, do you have plans to address this in any way?

what is your next target

Question for Ned...

When will you take part in:

"20 questions with @ned" ??

(... the long-awaited interview, two years in the making? :P)

(I'm even willing to come up with fresh questions, because I think the 20 I asked last year are out-dated.)

Will you ever do outreach in Los Angeles?

Seems like you're up in SanFran a lot (for obvious reason I think) but LA is such a media hub that I believe it would be beneficial for the ecosystem to get more musicians, writers, filmmakers and other artists here in LA on board.

I can has free STEEM?

  1. Do you care that there a number of groups in Facebook, telegram about steemit but none of them official?
    (Way too many scammers and phishers there :(

  2. Are you thinking of creating official steemit facebook, discord, telegram groups?
    This way the persons who use any of these channels will know where to ask and receive the support they deserve.

  3. Do you believe you need to form a stronger community around steem?

(I can provide more info if asked)

After the deployment of SMT's will Steem as payout be removed? Will it only be used to fuel up the SMT's besides the Vesting? Will only the different SMT's be awarded? I ask this to see where the future of Steem as a token/coin is aiming for.

Why are the SteemFest 3 tickets so expensive?
Even the plankton ticket (€277.77 EUR) is more than my monthly income in real life, which is currently (nowadays) 68 480 HUF, which is currently (2018.10.25, 19:35 CEST) €211.45 EUR, because €1 EUR is currently 323.86 HUF.
To be honest, I would rather invest that money in Steem Power, than spend on a ticket to SteemFest 3.
And I am probably not alone with this.

steemfest is not organised by steemit inc, the company @ned represents.

steemfest cost on the budget 550+ € per attendee to produce.

steemfest is a not for profit event. thanks to sponsors such as steemit inc this has been lowered initially to a 50% discounted price you just mentioned.

there will be a free livestream, paid for from the budget, in other words by all attendees and sponsors, which anyone can join.

SteemFest costs like any other conference, where here you get a cheaper way with the plankton ticket. You need to take in account that it is over 4 days long, with venues to rent, food for every participant, activies are paid from it and many more. I think you would pay the same in Budapest or more for using the same facilities.

@ned : Can you see a time when an SMT is more valuable than STEEM?

Hi Ned, I've got just one question.

How to make a million dollars in one year?

Anyway Steem,Inc finally work on content and helping creators get their work seen? I have been here for 2 years and content and user interactions never seemed to be the priorities around here. It make you wonder what is the point of SteemFest.

What can Steemit Inc do to eliminate paid votes and bidbots?

See (currently 3rd top) comment by @twinner.