SteemFest Preview Tour along it's Amsterdam Locations

in steemfest •  2 years ago

Written, cammed, directed, cut and mastered by @futurefood, here is a way more professional looking preview tour of the SteemFest locations, featuring:

  • Volkshotel
  • Bridges
  • Canal boats
  • SteemFest Saturday Conference Venue
  • SteemFest Sunday 'Red Light Mashup' area
  • Sound FX
  • Silver Steem ring

Animations of the SteemFest logo by @juanmiguelsalas

Only 16 more days until SteemFest!

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We are pumped!!

This is awesome! 2 more weeks to go and we'll be there! :D

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Built by @ontofractal

How are the ticket sales now, if you don't mind me asking?

Wait, there are ducks too!! This gets better and better!!

Great video and splendidly presented! Can't wait :0)

Hey man interesting preview for those going really wish I could go, btw whats the weather like there? And upvoted.


hopefully like this but some degrees colder most probs.

WOW! Cool! It is unfortunate that I will not go.


you will be missed!

This video is awesome!


Thx checkout @futurefood's profile. He made it, and also makes many for his own profile. He will be at SteemFest too.


A director is as good as it's cast :D