SteemFest weekly update - 16 more days to go!

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Again this update was not weekly, but nine-daily, with only 2 weeks left (and then some) time is ticking and grabs me. Also that rather nasty fly with stomach ache didn't really help, but hey, better now than during SteemFest!

Here is what I did this week these past 9 days:

  • Interview with @wadepaterson, the 20 questions guy. Still to be published
  • Interview for 'the witness files' by @nextgen62261
  • Coin interview about SteemFest
  • offtopic: setup a witness on Golos
  • Ordered practically all printed matters except the program schedules / map and lanyards / badges.
  • Worked on a SteemFest optimized map with 'TileMill' so we can supply you with a beautiful map of Amsterdam. (See excerpt below)
  • Worked with @good-karma and @cass on the SteemFest mobile app
  • Met with the Old Church about adding them as a location. (You could already climb the tower, but hey, how cool is it to actually enter Amsterdam's oldest building itself on SteemFest Sunday, they have a great audioguide too)
  • Had a 'tech talk through' meetup with SteemFest Saturday Conference Venue (Tobacco Theatre) together with livestream guy, their main tech supplier and 2 of the managers.
  • Mailed with all speakers at SteemFest prepping them a bit for the event!
  • Quick call with @xeroc about the strategy of the SteemPower (1000 SP for every attendee) distribution script.
  • Did a fun weekend afternoon 'SteemFest Location Preview Tour Video' with @futurefood ' Matthijs
  • Again a great batch of chats, calls and more chats and even less sleep :D
  • Together with @anduweb the 'SteemFest Helpdesk pages' with info's about how to get to the hotel have been updated.

SteemFest's Sunday "Red Light Mashup" Locations map screenshot

Did you know you get 1000 SP donated by Steemit HQ if you attend (and show up at) SteemFest Amsterdam?

Be sure to buy your ticket asap and please don't forget to book your SteemFest Volkshotel Package by using promocode STMFST16

Interesting SteemFest reads:

SteemFest Location Preview Tour

Written, directed, editted and cammed by @futurefood:

Like my posts?

Come meet me at SteemFest and vote for my recently rebranded 'witness' roelandp #10

cheers! @roelandp

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Wonderful video @roelandp! I can't wait to meet you and see your city! My wife and I have a beagle named Amstel, we named him after the beer.

There's so much on the SteemFest plate, glad to hear there's a proper promotional force backing it up! Thanks and namaste :)

I'll be posting your "20 questions" interview later this week!

Wonderfully edited! Great production @futurefood . Can't wait for the Steemfest adventure!

The skinny bridge...LOL. See U soon man

I really enjoyed your video! Good work until now! Keep it up man!

This is awesome. The place looks so nice! Keep us updated.

Thanks for the mention, I'm looking forward to SteemFest!


Looking forward to your contribution @opheliafu!

This is very exciting!!! Great work @roelandp!!
I'm looking forward to bringing yoga and meeting the Steemians and hearing everyone's talk, seeing what @opheliafu creates with @everlove, reuniting with @quinneaker, and seeing Amsterdam for the first time at Steemfest!!

When do you sleep?

So it is next to gothic church! Awesome!

I will make sure to put on my gothic make up on ;-)

That "Quarter Poontang (Putan?)" cafe looks interesting too :D

Can't wait, Roeland!

Hi Roland, I will be coming to Steefest from Berlin. I have 3 friends who would like to join too. They are really new to Steemit and Crypto, is this an issue to be part of SteemFest? And, if not, are there any tickets left to buy?
See you in Amsterdam :)


Hi Charles, sorry i had not responded earlier... Please see the program in the mobile app: . The program is very diverse. There are writers, musicians, coders, developers, brokers, and yes also some blockchain and crypto people.

1 day = Plenary with talks, 1 day is touristy in Amsterdam's oldest part of town. There are still (some) tickets left! Buy with SBD via

Again, sorry for the late reply. See you next week!

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Great vid. See you soon