Steemfest Amsterdam - Ned Talk

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Steemfest Amsterdam - Ned Talk

Finally it is happening and we are all together at Steemfest, many of us came to Amsterdam, whereas others are sitting in front of their screens and are watching the livestream.

For everyone that did not have had the chance to listen to Ned's talk, or who was still paralyzed from yesterday night, no worries, I want to summarize what he had to say.

Ned said, that he was dreaming about something like this, since a couple of years:"Since I first got into Crypto I have been dreaming of the idea having a platform and a technology that is so powerful, that it inspires our creativity, freedom and our relationships in a way that is empowering and allows us to do more things more simply and with more energy and that platform has become: Steem ! "

Steem: State of the union

  1. Look back
  2. Where are we now
  3. A look ahead

This is the first Steem office

Ned talked about life changing moments, when people consider a product or a service as "that will be the future", e.g. first mobile phones or at the moment self driving cars.

Ned and his team had this moment with: STEEM

Steemit is a paradigm shift if you look at all the other platforms, that take your time, creativity, energy and attention and they turn it into value, but it doesn't turn back to the User. For the first time YOU can bew rewarded for YOUR contributions.

In March 2016 the blockchain was launched and in April there was sort of the first tangible element: Steemit
At that time it was more an idea, the concept was out, but in July "the thing" turned really on. That was a huge confidence boost, the whole project was validated.

At the moment we have some amazing content & creativity and many talented developers building tools..
Ned emphasized "the community is the backbone, it is you who matter"!

"We are the early adopters,
we are the dreamers, visionaries,
the once who are fearless,
the once whohave imagination,
the once who don't get caught up in the status quo,
the once who are looking for something better,
and that is how we are all connected!"

The mission of Ned and his team is to have:

-better communication
-better documentation
-better community support
-better community support
-more clear progress (e.g. roadmap - will be published by the end of the year )

He finsished his presentation with an analogy to "minnows, dolphins and whales":

"We are all our own individuals, but when we come together as a group and work together as a group, we can be big, we can be strong we can send of the biggest predators!"

There was as well one question after Ned's talk.

Q: When will you remove the beta tag from Steemit logo ?
A: [...]he is joking that it is special to be part of the project in beta and explains that 2017 will be the year of Steemit and that they know when the time is right to take it down.

Ned said, that they are very much interested in the ideas and visions of the community. Please try to catch Ned and his team at steemfest and try to share your opinion. I am also very happy if you can post them here. Enjoy the rest of Steemfest and I hope you like my post :)


I really enjoyed the first day so far and how much Ned expressed his dream became true to see some people in our awesome community together.

Great resume of the talk. It was a nice presentation.

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