Why would anyone burn a bear? - SteemFest 3

in steemfest •  3 months ago

I'm coming to SteemFest3!

Got my ticket yesterday evening and, as you can see, it talks about burning bears, which I think is not a sensible thing to do 😂😂😂


Jokes aside, I come with important messages:

  • Steem is a community which has grown around a set of rules set out and enforced by an open source IT system (a "blockchain").
    1. The community is important.
    2. The rules are important.
    3. The blockchain is important
  • The first two elements above are those of a "proto-state". The blockchain enables the emergence of completely novel, non-territorial states.
  • As such, the Steem virtual state has a Government too: the Top 20 witnesses, with the other witnesses (among which @lux-witness which I run with @pstaiano) as a sort of Parliament.

I come to Steemfest as a private person, not in any kind of official quality. Speaking for myself only. But I do work in a governmental organisation. And I'll argue that there need not be any contradiction between blockchain (especially one like steem) and government.

Here is a shout out to @roelandp, our "GO" as they say in French ("gentil organisateur"): what about a live debate pitting someone like @dollarvigilante against your humble servant? It might help clear some of the confusion around what "state" and "government" are and why some can be evil but should not be presumed to be so beforehand.

But more importantly, it will illustrate that government guys love Steem too ! 😉

Are you up to listen to someone coming from a different background?
Are you ready to open up to a more complex but possibly richer view of the world?

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interesting suggestion, i'll give it some thoughts.


For as long as the community defines itself by what it is "against", it will put people off and keep them outside. It's far better to build together the vision of what we are for, what we are in favor of. And build it in such a way as to attract as many reasonable people as possible.

What is fighting "against the state" and "against the central banks" but fighting against human greed and weakness and impropriety? At least since St Augustin we know that there is a part of evil inside each one of us.

How do we build a better tomorrow despite our human weaknesses?

As long as you don't inhale any of the smoke from those bears...
You should be fine!!! Good luck!!! Im glad government employees are into steemit and cryptos, that is great to hear, this is how change happens!


(Meme from parks and recreation, Ron Swanson the most libertarian government employee ever!)

Keep on steeming!


Wow! Its wonderful. You got the ticket. Wish you all the best.

That may be a very interesting and productive brainstorming session.

Congratulations Sorin!
I was at SteemFest2 and I can tell you that you will meet extraordinary people there.
Represents Luxembourgish people ;-)


Thank you, I will, Cem! :-)

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