En Route To Kraków

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I set off for Steemfest last night.

I'm traveling from the edge of the map so have to take three planes.


First plane with seven other people. Flying out of the Lofoten islands.


Step 2 sleep at the airport. I know it seems like there must be better flight options than an overnight stay but I couldn't find any. Bodø airport closes at night between 12-3am, if you look online people will tell you it is not possible to stay. A friendly chat with the security and you can sleep but you'll get locked in. This might sound like an awful experience to many people but these are some of my favourite parts of life. Ever been locked in an airport overnight?

Next step flying to Oslo!

Beaut sunrise that I couldn't manage to capture with my phone. Trust me it was a stunner. It's always sunny on the other side of the clouds.

Currently in Oslo, heading to Kraków in 41 mins. Better go find my flight ✌️


I love those moments of adventure too! Sleeping in odd places :) I am following along! Enjoy!

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Hi sam, still in Krakow? Good to see ya.
I just got in Berlin. Safe flight!!

dude I'll need to hear about it all when you're back at the arctic coworking lodge! Have a great downtime until then :)

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