SteemFest⁴ updates: New venue for Conference day 1 - Ticket price hike tonight

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  • New venue day 1 - mai pen rai
  • Ticket price hike tonight (executed tomorrow morning CET :P)

Wow, what a week it was. Cryptos shaving off a cool 25% off the market cap. Wobbly it was. And the crypto markets is not the only thing wobbly, organising an event in a wonderful country such as Thailand also is :)

Bangkok parking by Holger Link on Unsplash

In previous posts I stipulated some "bumps" on the road, but I think I never got really into the depths of it. Since I started prepping this SteemFest through my Bangkok visits in March and April of this year I've had:

  • 1 venue getting closed due to bankrupcy
  • 3 times assigned new contacts (and reopening price negotiations in some cases) with 2 venues due to people getting fired or switching jobs.

And now it came to a new "high", I never experienced before in my history of 15 years event organising:

As I am getting close towards the date of going to Bangkok for final preparations, this week I was mailing everybody to setup day meetings to visit with catering, tech, livestream folks to visit all locations.

So I proposed a meeting at Conference Day 1 Venue and the response I got was: "Ok, meeting is fine, but when was your event again?". This response already triggered all my alarm bells, and I told the event date. Their response was: "Oh but we already got a concert booked then". Not something you want to hear so close to the event, and especially not me, as I have been trying to work out details since those visits (twice I went to this venue) in March/April, confirming the event every month with all venues and parties involved.

Rest assured I was pretty disappointed, but was also happy I had not yet commenced with any prepayment procedures. Funny thing is that during my visits in Bangkok I had seen with my owns eyes SteemFest had been written down in the big paper schedule / calendar books of this venue. Anyhow my contact person was very friendly, and I learned to keep my cool already before (see my previous post about that). So I just responded: "Ok, I'm pretty disappointed as I thought we had an agreement, which I reiterated on 14 august recently and got confirmed. But I guess things happen for a reason"...

... And apparently things did happen for a reason! Disappointed I went to my catering liaison and told them the news. I asked them again about a venue we discussed earlier, but which happened to be off-limits due to pre arranged bookings on the SteemFest dates in that given venue.

But, against all odds and certainly my expectations... they had great news, so with great happiness I am announcing the new...

new!Conference Day 1 venue for SteemFest 4: Siam Society / Kamthieng House Museum

Just a couple of stops away from the SteemFest Prince Palace hotel near Asoke station is, amidst the bustling Sukhumvit Area, this area of peace and tranquility. The premises of Siam Society is a lush green area in the concrete jungle of Bangkok.

Siam Society under Royal Patronage - main hall surrounded by lush gardens

The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage was established in 1904 with a mission to promote knowledge of the culture, history, arts and natural sciences of Thailand as well as those of neighbouring countries.

On the premises of the Siam Society, which consists of an enclosed presentation hall, surrounded by gardens, you can find the Kamthieng House. This ancient building, more than 160 years old, was given for preservation in the 60's to the Siam Society. It's an old teakwood house, transported all the way from the northern Chang Mai province to Bangkok city centre and is the decor for SteemFest 4's conference day 1.

The gardens will serve as a great spot for breaks and might also house some roundtable sessions (tbd).

So, needless to say, in the end I am pretty happy with this sudden change of plans, triggered by an unexpected event :) Everything happens for a reason!

The Kamthieng House in the Siam Society's gardens

Don't forget: SteemFest ticket price rise (!) tonight

Lastly in this update I would like to remind you that tomorrow morning SteemFest Ticket Price will hike to the September level. If you are certain to come, please get your ticket prior to tomorrow CET morning as then prices will be upped.


With that, I wish you a great weekend, and wonderful wobbly October ahead. Tomorrow will be my last time going for a kitesurf (haven't been for a while, and certainly won't go for a while after this). Special moment on the sea.

See you on the chain!

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That 'new' location definitely looks like a little paradise! Sometimes things work out for the better :D Now let's hope things keep steady from now on, as I think each post you've written so far speaks about something being broken off/canceled/renegotiated :D

Cant wait. We'll be living like kings and queens in thailand!

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OMG I wouldn’t be able to deal with all that!! But the location looks amazing!
So sad I can’t make it this year!

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I thought Bangkok was your second home! Would've thought it was a 100% certainty you were going to be there :-)

Might only make it there in December this year... (Thailand, not Bangkok :))

Awww - well, that's more Thailand than me! :D

Woah! Looks like a fortunate mishap! The place looks beautiful and I’m sure pictures don’t do it justice. Only a little over a month to go !

thanks for the update and looking forward to heading there in Nov !

That’s crazy
But it worked out great albeit some heart stopping moments for sure
It looks gorgeous 😊

Thanks for the awesome update. Noted.

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Wow, omg, this longer to parking.
Like brother.

In city me the parking is small

It does look better than the one 'they forget us' about. No boat ride to this one though, was kind of looking forward to that.

Sounds damn stressful all of this, well done again for getting things in order.

can do boat to here. just 3/4 stops longer. then take of metro 1 stop or a walk. alternative: shorter boatride to siam and bts from there to asoke.

Sounds complicated! I'll follow the crowd.. as I'm staying the 'main hotel' this time.

great! so the boat "khlong saen saep canal" is right in front of the hotel. As Asok is a bit further out, I'll test & time the ride as soon as I get to BKK, which is now about to be counted on 2 hands :)

Thanks for the post

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That’s why you guys ARE so cool for going to places like this, who need cryptocurrency more than anyone right now. Saving businesses from going bankrupt and helping good people is super rewarding!!!

I’m So proud you guys are going to places such as Bangkok in Thailand rather than fancy offices on Wall Street as I know a few Thai people here in London and they are incredible service driven individuals.

They are humble lovely people and bizarrely are very loyal to the King by decorating offices and personal spaces with calendars and pictures of the guy. Seems odd to me seeing as he appoints the prime ministers who I wouldn’t trust with a barge pole, but yet they stand by him, when I think they could choose MUCH better alternatives to live by...Ahem, is this where I rant on about Steem and BTC for hours? 🤔💪🏼💯

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What a lovely venue

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💜 I’m new here!

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Buenas tardes ,Muy buena Empresa !

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What a silver lining , so glad you found the gem instead!

Thanks for the post.

Good, Enjoy ypur time.

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I guess you understand why I downvoted your comments? Please just use steem responsible instead of comment spam.

You can do it.

Seria espectacular disfrutar de esos jardines tan hermosos.

Is the venue an underground parking lot or a tree house?

steemfest takes places in 8 or so venues this year. the conference day 1 venue is in Siam Society under royal patronage which are the 2 pictures in the corresponding section in this post.

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wow... its seem that this places is very much beautiful..... really excited... can't wait...

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Amazing, Thailand is a beautiful country and I will look up to being present in the future

Wow! Looks amazing 😍

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