SteemFest² Updates - It's SteemFest week! - last updates: Schedule announced - Livestream scheduled - Art at Steemfest selected works

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Three days ago we moved from the south of Portugal (Cercal) in to Lisbon. I think we weren't even the first ones to arrive in Lisbon for SteemFest :). 3 days till SteemFest!


  • Now available: SteemFest² Schedule - subject to changes.
  • If you still need a place I recommend to search via in the area near Marques de Pombal, Lisbon or use AirBnB and also search near Marques de Pombal, Lisbon.
  • Come 1 day early and join the SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon on Wednesday 1 November 9 AM.
  • In this post: Livestreams are scheduled!
  • In this post: Two unfortunate cancellations.
  • In this post: Art at SteemFest - "selected" works :D :D

TIM_2578.jpg by ___T____S on Flickr

Art at Steemfest - "Selected" works

Wow, wow, wow. Combined with the several submissions from art initiatives and the individual submission we got 133 works in, after removing duplicates :)

Good news.... all works will be printed and ecologically framed. We've got a big space (thank you LX Factory!) and I guess with some crafty work from the curators (on Tuesday) we are going to find a place for all the works submitted, if they are of decent quality to be shown. To be continued, or come check it out @ LX Factory (free for public) from 1 till 5 november.

Directions to Art at SteemFest gallery - open daily from 9 - 19 (approx) from 1 till 5 november:
LX factory Lisboa - Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103 - In the main street you see the tall building on the right, the Art at SteemFest exposition is in this building. - all the way at the end - take the last entrance, just after the Sushi Factory restaurant on your right. Take the stairs to the first floor - again, turn right. We'll put up some signing too :)


Week Updates

So I had a very nice office this past week (see below), but much to do. The week was full of gazillions of tabs, emails, indesign, illustrator, photoshop, slowing down computer, blasting through 30 GB cards of internet. Prepping raspberry pi's for several occasions. They come in handy as tiny standalone computers if you want to have them serve a single task (like playing a movie in a loop, or showing a slideshow) without having to give up your mainframe laptop. It's also great that you can just install anything linux on em and most of it is supported. They come with downsides too, mainly processor power, so you have to be creative about that.

Last week's office; prepping for SteemFest

Since the SteemFest got a nice kicker in ticketsales the past 10 days (in contrast to last year, why you guys book sooooo late :D) I had to adjust orders for shuttle service and several catering partners.

Then I had a nice DIY job: prepping light armatures for the Art at Steemfest expo space. Which is quit bad lit at the moment so I made these DIY armatures from electric plastic piping, and when we got to Lisbon I got these light bulb fittings from a certain Swedish Furniture DIY store. My vision is we can strap those light armatures to the pillars in the venue and have some decent lighting high up, shining down on the walls, hopefully evening out any shades.

The same day we arrived in Lisbon I did a crazy tour picking up old tv's across Lisbon... Via the Portuguese Ebay called OLX I found them, brought the raspberry pi to test them and then when the car was full of antique tv's (3 only) I brought them to the Art at SteemFest space.

Next day was all about picking up booze for the friday 'A Night of Steem'-variety-evening. This will be held in the former 'Santiago Alquimista' bar / theatre cafe, which is beautifully situated and constructed along the medieval castle wall, facing the inside of the venue. Since the bar is being remodelled they offered to pre-open for SteemFest and i really fell in love with the place. The only "downside" was that I had to bring in the booze myself. So I got a selection of wines, spirits for cocktails, beer, water and sodas. It's gonna be a blast for sure.

Now it is really a matter of gazillions of small (computer related) things like mailing, calling and then prepping badges with the firepower crew and packing goodiebags (but that will be last minute work on wednesday). We'll be doing the Art at SteemFest setup on 31st of October @ LX Factory with a group of Steemians and then preparing for the SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon which is taking place on 1 November.

A Note For SteemFest Attendees

: You will get last minute info as well as daily emails (until 6 november, don't worry :D) starting this tuesday 31st, on the email address registered to your ticket's order.

Unfortunate cancellations: Unfortunately @CharlieShrem and @theprophet0 had to cancel due to personal reasons, and we miss @gloglo due to visa issues. But with more than 40 speakers, enough to hear. Don't worry, you will get that Shremfie one day!

Livestreams scheduled: For those of you missing out, just like last year, @shourai will be streaming SteemFest from both rooms. Room 1 will have a multicam, directed by the master himself, and Room 2 will have a single overview cam. Both Rooms will be hooked into the master audio so you can get a grasp of SteemFest that way as well.

Set reminders for the livestreams here:

Ok, that's it for now! Have a nice end of the weekend. Bom fin de semana!
All liquid rewards from this post go to @steemfest


It;s so great to be here feeling all the buzz starting to take form. You have really activated this event @roelandp, and we are all going to be blessed by the love you've put into it.

Sad to hear we will be missing two of our planned Steemians, especially @theprophet0 who gifted me my plane ticket this year through one of his contests. Was hoping to meet this gem in person.

Super excited about the art space. It's going to make a statement all it's own. And also the live stream I'm sure will be greatly appreciated by those who cannot be here to feel the magic in person.

Amazing job @roelandp. I'm amazed by all you have accomplished already!!! BRAVO!!!

Looks amazing can't wait to see the turnout :) Ill see you guys there

More importantly.....

also really very good imformation!!

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its really amazing!! hopefully see you their at next fest...

Hey there!! We still have one day before the hackathon. Any chance we can hangout and chill?


Thanks for all your hard work @roelandp! Can't wait to meet everyone!



So excited to be here in Lisbon as it is a very beautiful city with so much history and character!

Though I am MUCH more stoked to be here for STEEMFEST2!!!

I am already having a creamy and delicious good time and posting about it! Also if anyone needs a hotel room I have one extra room reserved that I don't need in the OFFICIAL hotel for SteemFest. Just message me if you need it and I am also willing to trade it to you for $teem. I made a whole post about that if anyone wants to check my page for it.

Excited to meet and get to know you all and for all you not in attendance this year I plan to share the glory with you all via daily posts as WE ARE A COMMUNITY making Steemit GREAT!

Full Steem Ahead!

I'll be there! Leaving my place in just 9 hours for all this traveling! I got like a 7+ hour drive, then 11 hr flight, then 4 hour layover, then a 2.5 hr flight to Lisbon.

Worth it to take part in the awesome experience. Thank you so much for all your hard work @roelandp :D

why not with the train? have a good trip, WOAHHHH, see you on wednesday!

Hi @roelandp, I decided to make a contribution in my little way to SteemFest 2 through my Act of Creativity, but it got no publicity. I would appreciate you checking this out, and letting me know what you feel about it. Thank you as you do.

See you all there!!

Great event ! Best of luck for all the participants !! Thanks for sharing the updates here @roelandp ! Best of luck !!


Nice update :)! Enjoy steemfest

hi budy will u plz upvote my posts in my blog... if u do i will do the same :)

WOOO Bring it ON!!! QUESTION: can we turn up late to the hackathon ? I havn't registered or anything because I will be arriving in to Lisbon at about 10 (I also have NO appropriate coding skills!) but I thought it might be fun to check out the action if Im allowed....

Wish I could be there. Looks like a blast!

Great news @roelandp we will be rolling in tonight. See everyone soon :-)

Everything is set on my end. I only need to take sick lave off my day job and Lisbon here I come! Looking forward to seeing you all!

Siempre hay contratiempos cuando se hacen organizaciones, las mayorías de clases veces se logra salir victoriosos , espero tengan un excelente evento. Muestren los latentos cada uno de los participantes. Éxito todo lo que se hace con esfuerzo y trabajo recibe las recompensas.

There are always setbacks when you make organizations, the majority of classes sometimes get to be victorious, I hope you have an excellent event. Show the latentos each one of the participants. Success everything that is done with effort and work receives the rewards

I'm soooo jealous I'm been here in the platform for just two month and I love it already want to go to the steem fest! Hope next year my finances are going better. I made up a post about Lisbon haha wanted to go so much. Enjoy and give us nice photos! And of course thanks for sharing and keep us informed

Maybe next year! (will it be in Portugal again?)

I'll be there.

Excited for the event!

I'm sad because i will be missing out,but thank God for the live streams...

So excited to that's it's actually happening!! I still can't believe I have actually made it all the way to Lisbon and more importantly to get to see all of us awesome people.

And again, if you need help in any menial thing at all in then next few days. I'm more than willing to lend a hand.

It's unfortunate that there had to be cancelations of speakers and especially @theprophet0, he has been excited about this since more than 4 months ago..

I guess I can speak in behalf of everyone that bought tickets the last minute. We want to make sure can actually be there before we inform you that we are coming. How can we buy the tickets and not have the itinerary ready!! Hahaha

I've arrived Lisbon for about a day now and has mostly settled. (before buying a ticket for @vaelriey, see what I mean?) So just really waiting for the event to get started!!

So stocked for this!!

My God I'm so exciteeeeed!!!! Give more to the people!!!!! Arriving Halloween night - the 31st around 11pm- and I'm all ready to rock and ...steem! :D See you all there!!!

Just finished my bookings and bought my Regular ticket today x)

Looking forward to seeing you all in Lisbon this week!

So you are going to attend @fredrikaa?
Damn I should also have taken a vacation to attend, the event does look promising indeed. Sadly the new semester has begun recently 😅


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Like to be there, maybe on that view someday
Nice post you have

Oh my god ! am so exiting . Thanks for all your hard work @roelandp! Can't wait to meet everyone!

I like your post can you help me @roelandp

Hope you have a lot of fun! Sounds like a great event :)

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[email protected] hope u all will get more fun & new ideas,,,,,that's cooolll

It's wonderful to see the Steemians all over the world gather there. They are the best! Happy following Steemfest! Warm greetings from Indonesia. Unfortunately I do not know whether Steemian Indonesia is there or not.

Commenting on blog is an art.good comments create relations, you are doing great work, keep it up.

Woohooo ! its the great honour to be present at the steam fest party . Thank u brother for this post. Thank u !

Great great great 👍

@roelandp you have done a wonderful of luck for the program..and we miss that and definitely I will try to join for your next initiative..
Goodluck once more

Yes it will be a great occasion for steamians Hope to join everyone there in Lisbon.
Great Post for all of us
Thanks for sharing this post dear @roelandp

Enjoy it @roelandp, not everyone can say they have been to a SteemFest.

a very good post .. thanks ya @roelandp .. has been telling his experience .. good luck always .. do not forget to follow and diuvote for me also @ azhariari

this is great post
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Unable to attend SteemFest but Expecting live stream.

see this post for the livestream link.... see above.

See you people in Lisbon

Ita nice post .good luck

Wow, that's Awesome :)

That indeed sounds great and looking forward to the livestream
Hope it's gonna be a blast :)

So Cool!! Next Year will be there. Have Fun!!!


🎀 @theprettysoul 🎀

I'm missing this events but sooner or later will be a part of this 😎😎😎

Great hope you've been at home in your new place have a wonderful journey @roelandp

hi,roelandp,nice to read about you.
am jeevansantoshi from india,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed you.So,can also follow me.
Best of luck!

thanks for the updates! I set reminders to watch it online. Maybe I can attend next time :-)

great! keep it up!

Hi @roelandp i wish if i can be there :/ but for now i will watch the livestreams on youtube thanks and enjoy

upvoted and followed can you follow me back

Travelling starts today, see you guys there!

Amazing job...

Thx @roelandp a nice update again. You must be working very hard to arrange all this. Do you have a team or mostly all by yourself...

preps mostly by me although in regards to the event - its been a part time job for past 5 months and fulltime past 2 months. But now the @firepower crew is flying in for help during the event! And then ofcourse Art At SteemFest can't be done by me alone so many hands will help Thursday to setup. But yeah it's a crazy ride.

So still some days of hard work to go. have fun, try to enjoy the Steemfest and relax after Sunday..

exactly, although aftermath also takes some time... bills bills bills.

Yeah i forgot that part.. but the pressure is a little bit lower. If you need help for next year let me know. I would love to spend time on it coming year👍

Wished to come..

Will all the streams be recorded?

Woop woop!!! This is going to be epic!!!
Steemfest here we come :)

Any of you knows whats the weather would be like overthere, these days?

Very nice post!
I like and follow, if you want/can like and follow Men back!


Beautiful house.. nice posting

Wish I was there ENJOY !

Lisbon... when i'm com

Nice color lisbon...

Lisbon is a very beautiful city
I love Portugal because it is the country of Cristiano Ronaldo
A very wonderful publication my friend

Thank you for update @roelandp Looking forward to have more news about art event.

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Looks amazing

Yew! OMG this is going to be the day after tomorrow!!!
Thanks for your incredible efforts, @roelandp! Peole buy their tickets late to assure that you don't get bored on that cozy terrace, haha :-)
I have one (stupid) question:

Now available: SteemFest² Schedule - subject to changes.

What do you exactly mean by schedule? The program? Because I'm trying to check it out via SF application, but the only day that shows a schedule to me is the 1st of November. The rest of the days are blank.

See you very sooooon! :)

EDIT: found the program, you can ignore my (yes stupid) question :-D

Awesome Post, Keep it up!

Really good place and nature is beauty i like it

Wow... 133... cool... I hope my work is up there too... this makes me very happy if my B&W is up there :)

Wow! Ive never heard of Steemfest...Im new to the platform. This sounds exciting!!! Cant wait to see more about it and hopefully I'll get to go to the next one :-)

Great information. Very nice pictures. Enjoy Steemfest

Thank you very much .

I hope one day this could come to Pakistan, too.

Looking forward to all the updates... have fun guys! :)

nice post bro keep it up... :)

ready to start from Italy! we'll be there tomorrow! :)

It’s amazing to see the Steemians get together and meet up in Lisbon! Great place, great platform, great community! Looking forward to tune in for the @steemfest livesteams. Have a great Steemfest week!

I wish I could be there with you guys right now.
Don't forget to visit all the remarkable cultural sights, like the St. George's Fortress atop the city or the Jerónimos Monastery 😉

i also wan to see u :)

i also love portugal
im willing to be there!!!

r u a promoter there? @roelandp

See you all there!!

Will be great to see everyone again and meet new steemians in person. Great work @roelandp. Flying out Tuesday.

Good post g I follow u

You did incredible work! Good luck! And looking forward to the photos from SteemFest2!

Its going to be fun
Keep us updated
Great move

Yes! I can't wait to get on the plane tomorrow to arrive in beautiful Lisbon. Never been to Portugal so I am expecting to be B L O W N A W A Y.

Can't wait to connect with you all!

Your blog has been beautiful
Thank you

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Hi.. @roelandp nice post bro, keep it up. I resteemit you are post...

Thanks for the info @roelandp

Ughh!! I'm SO EXITED!
thanks for voting and supporting my art.<3
Can't wait to read all the posts about the steemfest and maybe some pics of my painting displayed :D
let the party begin!

Thanks for all your hard work @roelandp!

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