SteemFest² Updates - Final Round Of New Names Announced - Revealing 'a Night of Steem' Program - Tips for the DIY CityTrip Weekender

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Yesterday we set foot in Portugal again. Tension is now really on. I've setup a temporary office for a week, before moving to Lisbon coming friday. 10 days till SteemFest!


  • In this post: Final round of new names added to the SteemFest² site
  • If you still need a place I recommend to search via in the area near Marques de Pombal, Lisbon or use AirBnB and also search near Marques de Pombal, Lisbon.
  • Come 1 day early and join the SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon on Wednesday 1 November 9 AM.
  • In this post: Revealing the 'Night of Steem' line-up - friday's party after conf day 2.
  • In this post: DIY Citytrip Weekender Tips - prepare your weekend, find some fellow Steemians and explore Lisbon and beyond!

Parque Eduardo VII e Marquês de Pombal by Juliana Guimarães on Flickr:


Final list of names talking / performing at SteemFest² announced:

Week Updates

I actually had a todo list this week written down as every night when I couldn't sleep thinking about small things, needed to pencil them down, just to help me calm down :P The week was about finalising the mobile app, tested together with @good-karma who now submitted them, awaiting review. They will be live a couple of days before SteemFest, but you can already download last year's version which will simply be overwritten in your appstore next week, so you won't forget to download it.

Furthermore I prepped a couple of Raspberry Pi's which serve as great standalone computers for projector stuff for the livestream, Art At SteemFest and a realtime photogallery for the photobooth of course :P.

For the SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon I prepped some big fat ugly fake cheque's for the winners and mailed the Blockchain PT Meetup group subscribers, who co-promoted the hackathon. Really want to consolidate lists, as all participants for the hackathon will use the Devpost site to submit their projects.

Wrote some invite letters, got very disturbing news the visa for @stellabelle's full expenses paid trip winner @gloglo was not honoured, with the same reason as @infovore's last year.... It is really a pain in the ass and demotivating to see this visa cancels from people who are super serious about attending and moving world's to make it happen. My heart is with you @gloglo, thanks for your kind words, you will be missed in Lisbon!

Yesterday we arrived in Lisbon with some minor delays, again a headache and feverish from the plane, hope I don't start developing this 'plane sickness' or something, maybe it's just the age :P Hopped in the rental, visited the Art at SteemFest venue, wonderful, a bit rough on the edges, but perfectly fitting, and can host MANY artworks, so thats great too. Will need some lights, but manageable.

And then today... My first creamy & delicious Pastel de Nata: (had to share it though :D)

me and viggo sharing some pastel de nata

A Night of Steem - Friday evening 3 November - Suspenso

After 2 days and 2 nights of conferencing, social events and trying to fix that jet lag (in no particular order) we start the weekend with a night of variety!

In the recently remodelled former Jazz Club Santiago Do Alquimista, now called Suspenso, in the curly hilly Castello area, we'll have the place of our own for SteemFest & SteemFest Hackathon attendees altogether. The program:

  • @bitfilm 's award show for best cryptocurrency related movie short. (Voting ends on 23rd of october, cast your vote now!). The award winner will be showed on screen.
  • The world famous @steembirds (@dan-atstarlite and @jaybird) came all the way from the USA and will do their first ever live performance playing their greatest blockchain hits on stage!
  • Steem's rising star @jerrybanfield will do a stand up comedy act on stage!
  • And the night will be closed with a surprise DJ. This person knows punk, Steem, and rose from the ashes of tsar cannons and broken bells. Make your transition.

DIY Citytrip Weekender - some tips!

The next day, you wake up with a hangover... Or not, that's up to you. You can immediately refresh and revive yourself by joining a Yoga session (location TBD, weather depending). This year the idea was as many of you will be visiting Lisbon for the first time, to give some dedicated time to explore the city. DIY Citytrip is really DIY and the upcoming SteemFest mobile app (v2 update soon) will guide you with that, but here is a list of great things to do:

  1. Art At SteemFest: Both saturday & sunday the 5 day pop up exposition is open to general public, displaying solely works from artists who are fellow Steem users. On saturday late morning there will be a couple of talks and workshops by @timsaid (including a photo walk), @opheliafu and @paolobeneforti. On sunday Art At SteemFest expo space will be place to an accoustic jam session and the neighbouring LX Factory Road has the sunday market with stalls with various foods and if all goes well also the famous Dutch Pancakes baked for you to grab.
  2. Walk the DIY Audiotour inside the (soon to be updated) SteemFest mobile app. 13 highlights in downtown Lisbon with all stories about them.
  3. Castelo de São Jorge: Explore the Moor history and a beautiful view of the city and river.
  4. Tram 28: Take a single ride in this vintage tram from start to end and you’ve seen all the narrow curly streets and
    many highlights.
  5. Parque das Nações: Lisbon Expo area with a couple of museums, oceanarium, shopping mall and telecabine.
  6. Go super tourist in Baixa: The tourist trap area. Don’t get pickpocketed and don’t buy fake drugs here.
  7. Elevador Santa Justa: iconical urban elevator in the Baixa area. Saves you a steep walk up Largo do Carmo.
  8. Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara: cosy little park, with beautiful city view. Get there with the Glória funiculair.
  9. Pillar 7 experience: breathtaking views from the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge at 80 meters height.
  10. Torre de Belém: small fort at the riverside in the west of Lisbon. Combine with a visit to the monestary.
  11. Volvo Ocean Race: Near Torre de Belém you will find the race village of this renowned sailing cup, coincidentally stopping during the SteemFest weekend in Lisboa!
  12. Casa Independente: Alternative hangout at night / club / party.

And then there is the SteemRally, but you have to ask @originate about the details :) As said, almost all of these SteemFest DIY Citytrip Weekender Tips will be conveniently pinpointed on the offline map in the upcoming update of the SteemFest mobile app.

Ok, that's it for now! Have a nice end of the weekend. Bom fin de semana!
All liquid rewards from this post go to @steemfest


On my wayyyyyyyyy

LOL! Let me be your groupie please @steembirds :-D
You guys are reason enough to travel to Lisbon - no matter how far one might need to go :-)


Don't be late!

You do such a great job!!!
Full respect here and I guess from many Steemians as well.

waaaahjuk perfect paylaşım


Looking forward to rocking with the SteemitRockers!

SteemOn to SteemFest!

haha fantastic song! the biggest lie going tho, there are about 3 girls on steemit.

Thanks lol... Well @mary123 is totally real... who are the other 2 girls

See you on Steemfest!! [may or may not get laid]


Great you guys will make it!

Let me tell you this, you guys will like the beer mugs they have at the pool place where the first day of the conference ends!

Ohhhh New Beer Mugs! Can't wait ;) Gotta get some SteemBirds Beer Mugs made eventually..

lmao that was random. great song

That was so hot! See you boys in Lisbon

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Guys, please drink a beer for my health :/) 👍 😹

That can be arranged ..

SteemOn to SteemFest and SteemitRockers so Looking forward to rocking with You guys are reason enough Let me tell you this, you guys will like the beer mugs they have at the pool place where the first day

Ill be back... 🍻

spirit. good work

Oh my I can't believe I won't be a part of this amazing event. @roelandp and @stellabelle were practically my back bone through the beginning of the visa application till the end.

Am still very much saddened but things have to go on as I plan to make a post thanking @stellabelle, @roelandp and all the wonderful people on this platform for the wonderful opportunity.

Steemfest2 is so promising to be fun and educative; I love you all. I will still be here following all the events to the last.

Thank you so much my wonderful family.

so sad to hear your visa was declined. I was very much looking forward to meet you. I will probably never understand all those issues with visa and why they can be declined. I'm ready for a world where it is free to travel anywhere we like without restrictions. But I have great respect for the way you handle this: with grace. I am planning to bring both video and photo camera so I will be shooting some shots especially for you. Warm wishes <3

Am so short of words @mislasvegas, I had you in mind all tge way. I wanted to me you too and discuss a lot with you sharing this issue of family protection and how you have gone through a lot in the hands of those people.

All the same I really appreciate your kind words and getting to talk to you on another different level even when we had not even met.

I wish some magic could be, but we all know its not possible.

I wish you and all steemians coming from around the world a very best festival. I love you all and would surely follow the event both on YouTube and here.

Kind regards.

You do such a great job!!!
Full respect here and I guess from many Steemians as well.

That’s so so wrong and as you know, I am incredibly sad!
Why do we need Visa’s, “Walls” anyways?

Do not be anymore my friend. Some times we do not get things just tge way we want them. I really appreciate and understand you my awesome friend, but lets take comfort that we are all still here and more steemfest is going to come and I will still meet you and my fellow steemians in person soon and very soon.

Lots of love to you @mammasitta and everyone here.

Good to Go FEST!!! A nice journey so far now needs to have FEST wings to fly higher and higher....really looking forward to more insight of FEST. Wanted to enjoy with each steemitans in the fest....carry on and keep up the good work...and take us along in the FEST flight... :) cheersss!

Thanks...I am

You do such a great job!!!
Full respect here and I guess from many Steemians as well.

We will plan to do a LIVE #BeerSaturdaywith the people who stay until Sunday.

Ya'll might be surprised...but I'd be into a beer thing ;)

Cool, we might have a sandwich to the beers..... ;-)

Haha if there are ingredients I'd make some Mawiches for ya'll ;)

wonderful, all ears about initiatives like these. Saturday is great for that. This could be something: :D

Count me in!


You sure are busy indeed!

SteemFest just keeps getting better and better all the way up to the end!

Its great to see that as busy as you are your still sharing some creamy deliciousness with your son!

I have been working 14 hour days for over a week preparing to leave The Garden of Eden and for SteemFest. I too am sure to have some quality time with my family each day.

Great you are in Lisbon already. I will be there on the 29h if you need any extra help/support.

Full Steem Ahead to SteemFest!

Wow indeed what a lineup of recognisable guests awesome work @roelandp putting all these together what a job no wonder your jet lagged, really like everything you put together so far for helping people with the DIY city trip Castelo de São Jorge especially and fellow steemians art work.

Well that's DIY right :) I just added the audio tour guide included in the upcoming mobile app :) You have to do the walk yourself :)

@roelandp thank you very much for including me in the night of Steem and for putting this together for all of us!

Looking forward to your show!

hahahhahaaaa you are a man of MANY TALENTS!

Looking forward to seeing your show!

@roelandp do you even sleep from time to time? Wow! What a line-up! You should receive an award for the most productive steemian 2017. I bet this is gonna be epic - can't wait :-) Thank you!!!

Well I'm freakin' excited about SteemFest!

  • Can't wait to get out there and mingle with everyone! I've engaged with some of you for about a year or so now, & some of you for only a couple months or less. It'll be really awesome to put faces and human personalities to most of you haha

  • It seems like there's going to be a lot of interesting talks and performances to look forward to as well and more importantly, to learn from, spawn new ideas from and grow from.

  • Also, and maybe most importantly (j/k), this pale-assed man needs to hit the beach one last time before Canadian winter sets in lol

See you at STEEMFEST!

I am sure you will all have a lot fun along with learning and relationship building - perfectly managed by @roelandp - Dutch people are simply more skilled than others I saw last week in Amsterdam again.

The #DanceWeekend crew might do a break next week or a special for Steemfest - we will see, glad to see we got some real professional EDM / Techno producers having joined Steemit in the German community - so if Electronic Dance is required, we have it.

Enjoy Portugal, sure it will be a success, great lineup there, some I had the honour of meeting already. Drinking some #Steembeer on your behalf from home lol

Nice pic!

Yeah I know, thanks @quinneaker

hahahahaha right on brother!

Hope we meet once

I am sure we will meet latest once at SteemFest!

Have a great Steemfest all! Lisbon is sunny and warm this weekend with great waves for surfing too.

If you have time get the train at Cais do Sodré and visit the beautiful Estoril and Cascais, just 30 minutes from Lisbon :-)

Cascais and Estoril, very near from Lisbon:


I cant believe it man

Love it! Can't wait. Thanks a ton for having us, and thanks for the shoutout too :)

Even though I can’tbe there at STEEMfest2 I’ll be following along and I’m organising a steemup in Brisbane Australia on Saturday 4th so we can discuss all the goings on in Lisbon.

Ha ha ha....😁😀😀😀

vare good osam post i like

I'm excited to connect with you and breathe some life into the ArtAtSteemfest space. We will be there early in support of whatever it is that you need. Thanks for all you do @roelandp. I can feel the epicness happening already!

I'm excited to see @jerrybanfield perform!

Amazing update and really great line up of people!

Steemfest is going to be DOPE!! I really think that discussions around SMT's is going to be amazing. So many innovative people discussing the advent of a platform that will have global impact. power to the creator. power to the curator. by any means necessary

Awesome! Best community ever...

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Sounds like it's going to be a blast. Sad I can't go!

Sounds like it's going to be a blast. Sad I can't go!

Sounds like amazing trip and meeting all the celebrities of steem world

Thank you for this wonderful update, I would love to see @jerrybanfield on the stage with his act... By the way do you have info about the life streams?

It looks like it's going to be an amazing event.

I will upvote for you any time you want , But I challenge you guys to gess ?.. Where this brige is located , a clue for you ! country the united states of america .... image

Esa necesidad de despertar y anotar información importante . Ese insomnio que siempre aparecen en momentos buenos y malos, la agitación de las cosas pendientes; el siempre intentar que todo salga bien que todo fluya. Lo felicito por su trabajo .

Nice contribution of steemfest. Such a great community here

Is there any info on who the guest DJ might be???

Amigo siempre que veo tus post me alegran son fabulosos sigue asi y llegaras muy alto saludoa y feliz dia amigo

Thanks Jerry ... For this interesting article .You do lots of hard work and that pays you. Good work.alll the best 😋

Thank you Sir I saw your video on Facebook. You explain use of steemit so nicely. After watching your video i come to understand what steemit is .An so I also join steemit .An you are my first follow.
Thank you again.

You guys are saying something like confrence etc.. i think after watching this poster "it is a game like "hide and seek" hahahaha ... anybody wants to play hide and seek with me.. come lets go there

Somebody help me get a visa in 10 days! Can't miss this one!!

Such a great comunity, im just on my third day here in steemit and im already in love with thw comunity. is the best news site for Crypto and great authors that want to share.

Wow!, Steemfest!, I wish i could be there .most especially that my youtube mentor @ jerrybanfield will be there too.

Thanks Jerry ... For this interesting article .You do lots of hard work and that pays you. Good work.alll the best 😋

I Love to do this but unfortunately i am FAR away

Al traducir la información no entendí mucho porque se manejan muchas cosas . Pero me identifico la parte ( like every night when I Could not sleep thinking about small things, I needed to point them out, Just to help calm me down

yes will be announced before the conference kicks off on steemit ofcourse, but you can already subscribe to

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nice work....................

hi sir how r u ? i upvote ur post so plz upvote my posts thanks.......

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Looked on website: is there a list of addresses? Maybe app will have something since we are staying a little out of the area and will drive in each day.

I am a new worker in steemit..please help me for do this work..please follow my id and give me upvote..

Hello @roelandp please you follow me and

I heard @ned on "The Real Crypto Show" talking about a "design oriented surprise" to be shown at SteemFest. I sure hope it's Steemit 1.0 getting out of beta and communities!! I'll watch online though, can't make it because of personal reasons but I'll be there next year!

helllo dear friend roelandp this is amazing post about steeemfest we like this post and and alwasy you follower good posting award give you and i hope you do well alwasy on steemit thanks my dear friends

Hi @ roelandp nice post , and i like the last pic help me

I wish i could participate in such events ♡

Dang this is going to be so epic! Wish I could go found out a bit late though. Will their be any streams of it?

oh god, you´re a master... greetings from venezuela

Dang this is going to be so epic! Wish I could go found out a bit late though. Will their be any streams of it?

Amazing! Thanks for sharing

I am so looking forward to this and meeting everyone there, you included @roelandp. Cannot wait!

Great post, resteem it

this idea of your is looking great with fun, music, travel and steem,
God Bless your team for a wonderful inspiration to all

Thanks to you that you share with us and i'm excited...

we'll be there see you soon lovely

@roelandp ..... thank you for updates information

Most excellent, @roelandp!!! THANK YOU for all you are doing. This is an incredible line up of events, and it sounds like it will be an amazing experience for all. I believe this has potential to be one of the most important events in Steemit history, and it is an honor to be part of it.

Thanks for sharing

great job ,sir


harika paylaşımlarınız için sizleri tebrik ediyorum woooohaaaa

I like this, follow me @safrijal693

WTH there's something called steemfest, wow, that's awesome man. How come I wasn't invited?

please please please