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RE: SteemFest² Updates - Final Round Of New Names Announced - Revealing 'a Night of Steem' Program - Tips for the DIY CityTrip Weekender

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Thanks again @roelandp! We're so stoked! 😎😎

Going To SteemFest - by The SteemBirds


LOL! Let me be your groupie please @steembirds :-D
You guys are reason enough to travel to Lisbon - no matter how far one might need to go :-)

Don't be late!

You do such a great job!!!
Full respect here and I guess from many Steemians as well.

waaaahjuk perfect paylaşım


Looking forward to rocking with the SteemitRockers!

SteemOn to SteemFest!

haha fantastic song! the biggest lie going tho, there are about 3 girls on steemit.

Thanks lol... Well @mary123 is totally real... who are the other 2 girls

See you on Steemfest!! [may or may not get laid]


Great you guys will make it!

Let me tell you this, you guys will like the beer mugs they have at the pool place where the first day of the conference ends!

Ohhhh New Beer Mugs! Can't wait ;) Gotta get some SteemBirds Beer Mugs made eventually..

lmao that was random. great song

That was so hot! See you boys in Lisbon

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Guys, please drink a beer for my health :/) 👍 😹

That can be arranged ..

SteemOn to SteemFest and SteemitRockers so Looking forward to rocking with You guys are reason enough Let me tell you this, you guys will like the beer mugs they have at the pool place where the first day

Ill be back... 🍻

spirit. good work