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RE: SteemFest² Updates - Final Round Of New Names Announced - Revealing 'a Night of Steem' Program - Tips for the DIY CityTrip Weekender

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Oh my I can't believe I won't be a part of this amazing event. @roelandp and @stellabelle were practically my back bone through the beginning of the visa application till the end.

Am still very much saddened but things have to go on as I plan to make a post thanking @stellabelle, @roelandp and all the wonderful people on this platform for the wonderful opportunity.

Steemfest2 is so promising to be fun and educative; I love you all. I will still be here following all the events to the last.

Thank you so much my wonderful family.


so sad to hear your visa was declined. I was very much looking forward to meet you. I will probably never understand all those issues with visa and why they can be declined. I'm ready for a world where it is free to travel anywhere we like without restrictions. But I have great respect for the way you handle this: with grace. I am planning to bring both video and photo camera so I will be shooting some shots especially for you. Warm wishes <3

Am so short of words @mislasvegas, I had you in mind all tge way. I wanted to me you too and discuss a lot with you sharing this issue of family protection and how you have gone through a lot in the hands of those people.

All the same I really appreciate your kind words and getting to talk to you on another different level even when we had not even met.

I wish some magic could be, but we all know its not possible.

I wish you and all steemians coming from around the world a very best festival. I love you all and would surely follow the event both on YouTube and here.

Kind regards.

You do such a great job!!!
Full respect here and I guess from many Steemians as well.

That’s so so wrong and as you know, I am incredibly sad!
Why do we need Visa’s, “Walls” anyways?

Do not be anymore my friend. Some times we do not get things just tge way we want them. I really appreciate and understand you my awesome friend, but lets take comfort that we are all still here and more steemfest is going to come and I will still meet you and my fellow steemians in person soon and very soon.

Lots of love to you @mammasitta and everyone here.