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RE: [save the date] SteemFest³ - Kraków, Poland: 7/8/9/10/11 November (+ Hotel Packages now available)

in #steemfest6 years ago

Can't wait to get to Krakow now! My crew and I will be back and we're going to help make this event rock just as we have for the past two editions! :)


Yes I love How every SteemFest Is in a new cool place that we get to explore and appreciate together!
See you there!

QUINN!!! I can't wait to see you again! Is the gang coming? I'm long overdue for a big hug from @everlove and @saramiller. :)

Most likely @sarmiller and @everlove will be there for their THIRD annual SteemFest attendance!
I may bring a bigger crew this time though ;-)>

Those guys are the best huggers!

We'll save our best for you @luzcypher!

Yea!!! Can't wait to see you guys again! Woo Hoo!

YES!!! XOXOXOXO @coruscate
Bring chocolate ;)

Yes Mon! Will be so great to see ya’ll again!

Yeah baby yeah!

Yes! looking forward meeting you guys!

Yup! Our Canadian crew should be there again :)

Wheuu thats sweet theres a Canadian crew. I'll be living in Prague but definitely want to come for the weekend!

Prolly an easy train ride over from Prague which is a most excellent city to be in!

Loved it there!

Absolutely not far at all and relatively cheap as well!

Looking forward to another mind-blowing event! Cheers @firepower

WOOHOOO!! Looking forward gin seeing you guys there once more !! Lemme know if u need an extra pair of hands too

Thanks for the organization.

Stoked to meet you @firepower! This is going to be epic!

Terrific! See you there!

Yay! See you soon @firepower
Dance party in Poland!! 🕺🏼 💃🏽

Awesome! Best wishes.

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