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RE: [save the date] SteemFest³ - Kraków, Poland: 7/8/9/10/11 November (+ Hotel Packages now available)

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Location, because of convenience, for @roelandp

@roelandp wrote: Well, part of the reason being in Kraków is that we are close to another major crypto event taking place a couple of days prior. (*convenient for @roelandp)

So, You @roelandp have chosen a location so far away from the long distance International travel routes, that we see no point in even calling it steemfest.

Adding 20+ hours extra travel-time is not very convenient for us.

Because of your own selfish convenience of already being there anyway, you did not stop to think that this location adds about 20+ extra travel hours on average for long distance coming in from the continents? Krakow is not exactly the center of the world.

If SteemFest 1 had not been in Amsterdam, nobody would have gone.

SteemFest 1 was great. The routes in and out of Amsterdam are the very best in the world. If you anyway just going to hold SteemFest where it is "convenient for you", why not just bring it back to Amsterdam, where you live - and make it CONVENIENT for the rest of us as well?

Location is everything!

We did also disagree with your location for SteemFest 2 because of the same reasons but did not say anything about it to not stir up fud.

But this time we speak up because of your "International Europe-Fest" is becoming an inconvenience to most people on steem. This is not an effective use of time for travelers.


I've researched this for quite some time.

You can fly from anywhere in Europe with daily flights. Most of them lowcost airlines. Also direct flights daily from international Dubai Hub. Many people (including myself) take change-overs when travelling.

Last year saw people from afai remember 38 countries. There are only 28 in the European Union. People from every continent came to SteemFest.

If it is really 20 hours for you, that means you are quite far away from anywhere Europe! Most flights to Krakow from anywhere in Europe take 1 - 2.5 hours tops.

And about the Ether Devcon: I'm obviously not going to Ether Devcon myself. I'm by then already in Kraków.. - I just mention it here because last year SteemFest and Devcon were at the same time which gave some friction. And now you can actually go to both (should you want to).

Warsaw would be better, cheaper and easier for everybody

Krakow is cheaper :)

Unless you live in Europe its going to be very long and far for a ton of people coming from Canada or the USA . and expensive. Why dont you at least give an example of what say someone like me living in Kelowna British Columbia Canada would pay in Canadian dollars to fly to Steemfest and how much hastle or time it would take to get there!? thanks, I look forward to your response. Im sure I would have to fly and transfer in eigther Toronto or im not far from Vancouver. I bet I would have to spend over 2 whole days maybe 3 just traveling time. ✈✈✈😩

what is ur international airport ms mckersie?
and.... why bet when we have Skyscanner?

a reasonable flight is total trip time 13hrs and 40 mins and will set you back 634 € (or Cad 978) and the cheapest is 620 € but has about 2 hours extra on the way to Krakow.

from vancouver your flight would be most probs change over in Toronto with a direct flight from there.

see below my search results.

i understand this is about double the flight time and price to get to EU. but that will all be easily compensated with a way cheaper hotel (u easily save 50% or more vs Americas) and ticketprice to the event which will be undoubtly about 30% of what it would have costed when having the event in the americas.

please check and also - if u have time and are in a wander mood be sure to add destination airports such as Katowice and Warszaw.

ping me on - i am a hobby travel / flight / trip planner and hacking that is what I like to do!


Thank you so much for the information @roelandp ! You are awesome! its just to long for me on a plane with lower back issues, and will be way to expensive for me this year, I would need most likely 2,500.00 dollars at least to cover everything, so I will try to start saving now haha, for maybe next years Event.
One of these years I will make it to Steemfest Lol! Have a great time my friend! And everyone else!✈✈✈✈

if it makes you feel any better, from australia, its 25 hours
and thats why steemfest will never be held here :(

that and the things that are trying to kill us XD

Wow! That's way to long,I could never afford it anyways!👍😒

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Hi @booster. I am coming from North America and it's really not too difficult. We have 4 full months to create travel plans. Don't worry, just like last year, there will not be a lack of attendees. Hope to see your team there!

** but I doo <3 Amsterdam

Hey Bud! I'll see you there!

SLC to KRK  11 1 — 11 13.png

Ouch i didn't realize it was 20hrs dang!!

That said I'm still considering it, just one thing to consider

where are you flying from?
Chicago ORD to KRK = 10 hours and $664 direct flight (return).
Toronto about the same pricing and also direct flight.

Please try also!

Thanks never heard of that website before always like knowing what people are using. I switched it to Tuesday travel to lower price as well.

West coast adds another 2-3hrs of flying compared to those east coast cities and a couple more hours of airport time. The fastest possible i saw was 16hrs from the pretty good hub of Salt Lake City. It's just a pretty hard country to get to is all... I guess that is what makes it exciting.

Cheap flights from Salt Lake City to Krakow at Skyscanner.png

I'll be photographing a youtube conference before that so I guess it's a month of trips (also bolivia in there somewhere)

What's convenient for any one of us is most likely inconvenient for many others. So, regardless of where SteemFest is held, many will be disappointed... and for reasons other than just location. And that's so unfortunate.

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