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The first ever Steemfest takes place in Amsterdam from November 11th to 13th. To celebrate this, Arnhem Bitcoin City is organizing a special meetup for Steemers. This meetup will take place on November 10th, the day before the start of Steemfest.

Arnhem has the highest density of Bitcoin accepting businesses in the world! There are more than 100 such merchants at this time. The town is unique in that you can buy nearly everything you need with Bitcoin. There is also no shortage of restaurants and bars, hotels and other accommodation providers, who accept Bitcoin, making it easy for visitors to spend a few days in Arnhem living only on Bitcoin.

What more reason does one need to come to the Netherlands early for Steemfest? Come check-out this cozy little town on the Rhine that already lives in the crypto-future!


Come any time during the day, do some shopping with Bitcoin and join us at the end of the afternoon to meet other Bitcoiners and Steemers.

17:00 Stella by Starlight - Coehoornstraat 33, Arnhem (2 min from Station)
19:00 Dinner at either Kohinoor (Indian) and/or Meem (Burgers), depending on the number of registrations.
22:00 Drinks in some of the many bars that accept Bitcoin.

Please register on our Meetup Event Page to help us determine how many places to reserve for dinner.


Arnhem is only 1 hour by train from either Amsterdam or Schiphol Airport, and the majority of Bitcoin accepting merchants are within easy walking distance (1 to 15 minutes) from Arnhem Central Station.

There is a train connection between Arnhem and Amsterdam every 15 minutes in day time, and every 30 minutes in the evening. For exact schedule and prices, check out the Dutch Railway website.


If you want to stay overnight, and travel to Amsterdam the next day, there are several options in Arnhem that accept Bitcoin:

Welcome to Arnhem!

The Arnhem Bitcoin Community will be happy to welcome you!

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@ottodv Great!
We're pushing through! resteemd!
@oaldamster, @poeticsnake, @ocrdu, @zaebars en ieder Steemians die in Nederlands zijn maybe you'd like to come and join us?


Valued and resteemed!

Still want to go to Bitcoin Capitol Arnhem, don't know about 10-11 though.


@oaldamster, we're meeting up every month, recuperate first and if you feel better then join us that day if not - I'll keep you posted when the next meet up shall be. ;)

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