Kraków is always squatting - even in November - STEEMFEST | Steemians ( part 2 )

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Another Monday and I would to invite you to dreamy Kraków. An extraordinary city whose appearance we can recognize even from the map from two centuries ago. Thought and organized, chaos here is not possible.

Krak's stronghold is in the heart of every Pole.


Krakow is still authentic, real.

Kraków is always squatting - even in November, even in winter, even in the fog at any moment. This city is artistic, colorful and sculptural, it does not matter what the weather is like, it looks dreamy. It's difficult to choose which other city is the same (maybe Gdańsk is also a city of painters :)). Even when it's pouring - this is the place where you can sit down.

Even if you get mad and with your fists clenched, you will run somewhere through the city, you will stop, you will stand (even in winter) before the Kraków view, and you will calm down.

The last song by Marek Grechuta about his beloved city.

Let's take another walk through charming Kraków in a beautiful ballad, which is intertwined with profound feelings of artists and reflects the real image of the invaluable Kraków.

Myslovitz & Marek Grechuta - Kraków


Kraków jeszcze nigdy tak jak dziś
nie miał w sobie takiej siły i
może to ten deszcz, może przez tę mgłę
ale w każdej twarzy ciągle widzę cię

wśród turystów rynek tonie znów
ktoś zakrzyknął głośno, błysnął flesz
na Gołębiej twój płaszcz zaczepił mnie
w wystawowym oknie w tłumie gdzieś

widzę cię tak wiem
nie zrobię więcej zdjęć tak wiem
nie będę prosił, lecz tak wiem
to przecież żaden grzech tak wiem


Kraków hejnał gra tak wita mnie
patrzy na mnie jakby wiedział, że
wracam po to by choć na kilka chwil
zamknąć oczy i móc uwierzyć, że

widzę cię tak wiem
nie zrobię więcej zdjęć tak wiem
nie będę prosił lecz tak wiem
to przecież żaden grzech tak wiem


widzę cię tak wiem
nie zrobię więcej zdjęć tak wiem
nie będę prosił lecz tak wiem
to przecież żaden grzech tak wiem


Cracow has never had such power
like today
Perhaps it's this rain or perhaps because of this fog
but in every face I still see You.
The Market drowns with tourists
Someone yelled out loud, a flash flashed
On Gołębiej Street your coat caught my eye
in a shop window somewhere in a crowd
I see you, of that I'm sure
I won't take any more pictures, of that I'm sure
I won't be begging, although I know
that it's no sin, of that I'm sure


Cracow plays Cracovian Hymn and greets me thus
Looks upon me as if it knew
That I have returned so that
If but for a few moments to close my eyes and believe
I see you, of that I'm sure
I won't take any more pictures, of that I'm sure
I won't be begging, although I know
that it's no sin, of that I'm sure


Isee you, of that I'm sure
I won't take more pictures, of that I'm sure
I won't be begging, although I know
that it's no sin, of that I'm sure

Gołębia Street

"On Gołębia Street, my coat accosted me in the show window, on the bus, in the crowd somewhere."

"In 1830, the first lamps in Krakow, powered from a makeshift gas plant, fired at Gołębia Street. Krakow was the first Polish city in which gas lighting was presented."



Kraków's thoughts, with a mug of hot coffee by @margaretwise

Kraków - Miracles on a stick

Kraków in the fog of kings surrounded.
They walk around the courtyard of Wawel,
introducing the history of events.
They are tangible after dark.

Kraków - spins stories.
The dragon looks in disbelief,
to see the wonders of the city,
and artistic surroundings.

Kraków - where time flows freely,
where are still the same faces.
Everyone has their visions,
the city slowly discovers them.

Kraków - you slow down, the wine rustles.
Time is not important,
a fleeting moment.
Which remains forever

A few photos from our last stay in Kraków - winter 2018:




Kraków is a city that impresses everyone. I'm happy to meet you there.

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You are certainly getting me excited to go visit Krakow, and steemfest will be there too! What a great combination. I'm still in Kiev, waiting for my girlfriend to wrap up her job at the end of October. Then we head to Krakow and start living Travel Pro! lol Totally looking forward to it. Are you and Greg still on the move, or settled back in Panama now? Where ever you are hope you guys are well! -Dan


Of course, you should visit Kraków :) One think - remember I will ask you a question - what do you think about the magical place in Poland ? !!! :)

Is your girlfriend on Steemit ? What is her name ?

I am so happy for you and your new part of life. It will be extremely crazy and great ^^

I cannot wait to see your new journey :)

My container with my stuff is on the way. I am exited to of my new part of life. Soon you will know.

Hugs to you and your better half :)


Than you Margaret. I can't wait to see Poland. I'm sure I'll be blogging all about it for weeks! lol

My girlfriend has the screen name @miss-travel-pro

But she is yet to blog anything yet. She is still working a 9-5 and has very little free time. Were hoping to get a good intro for her and some posts backlogged and blast her off into steemit world sometime in October. I'll certainly have her reach out to you. Very cook girl and from you neighboring country of Ukraine. I'm sure you'll find her sweet and intelligent.

Looking forward to learning about your life plans. Sound exciting. Here is a photo of us taken the other night.


I am so haaapppyyyy for you. She loves cooking,
I am so curious about her recipes, " how and what to cook during the travelling " :)

You are lucky to find her. I belive you both will become a great couple on Steemit. Wish you that.

I am sure she is very a nice person if she has chosen you. ^^

Lot's of love and see you soon in my magical Kraków :)


Thanks Margaret! She is a very lovely and nice person, and she makes some great Borsch! I believe that is like the National Dish here in Ukraine. She also made me some awesome Ukrainian stuffed pancakes filled with a cottage cheese mixture. Was incredible. Looking forward to our paths crossing one day, you, I, Greg, and "Marina" can all share a bottle of wine together or something. Have a great day!



Thank you ;)

Such beautiful photos! I can understand why you sing the praises of this beautiful old city!


Great that my message is clear. This is amazing news, my dear friend. :)

Thank you @melinda010100

Very discipline and colourful city and you have written a beautigul poem.


Absolutely, agree with you my friend :)

I am glad you like my words.

Thank you :)

Very clean and beautiful city.You have written nice poetry my friend.


Yes, indeed. Now looks really nice. Hard work our ancestors :) Thank you

Great blog post nice to read and explore more about it wonderful :)


Thank you so much :)))))

Krakow is a wonderful city, that's what I saw and heard from your post. Plus your poetry! Much more beautiful than I imagined. Thanks for the presentation!


Are you coming on STEEMFEST my dear friend ?


I was afraid of this question. Unfortunately no. I think this will be the closest event to me but it's in a bad time for me. I would not want to explain the reasons ... there are quite a lot. Thanks to the question, even if I feared it. However, I hope to visit Krakow in a few years.


Oh, you shouldn't be :) We have always two answers YES or NO ^^

I respect your life and decisions.

Sooner or later we will see together.

Wish you all the best my friend.


Great challenge :)

One day I will jump in !!!!


Thank you! You are very generous! Thank you also for your confidence in the future ... and I'm sure we will meet. Thank you for encouraging the challenge. You're the first! Unfortunately, there is not much music here ... it is probably harder to look for music to post. I love it enormously and I will do it permanently, for my joy and the few who love music (as you are).
The photo is much more popular and then I will propose a photo challenge. So, the long race ... maybe in time will attract some of our colleagues.