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RE: [save the date] SteemFest⁴ Bangkok, Thailand - 6/7/8/9/10 November 2019 - ⛅ ฟ้าหลังฝน - Let's go!

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Exciting! This will be my 4th time and since I lived in SE Asia for so many years it’s amazing to go back there again. 🙌🌺🦋


Hey Mammasitta! Can't believe it's in Bangkok. I mentioned the next one should be in Bangkok in the survey and at steemfest 3. So....since I got my wish, now I have to go! Looking forward to it and seeing you there!

yes it was all in the works then already. It was fun reading your survey responses about it :)

I really hope I can organize myself for this trip because it will be quite expansive to travel there via Europe but hopefully the crypto winter will be over soonest 😉

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I know what you mean. Steem 95% off it's highs has messed things up for so many including myself....just a bit. After 16 years of traveling and living internationally. I'm starting to slow my roll and just stay in Thailand every winter, one of my favorite countries. So Bangkok works out perfectly for me. If you make there, it will be great to see you!

We sure should meet eventually. We haven't had any chance meeting up yet since you're :D :X

Next time I'm in Bangkok, which will be Steem fest or sooner! That is for sure, and looking forward to it!

I guess you can be in charge of making an excellent tour time in there before or after SF!

Well... I've never been to Asia and Steemfest will probably be my second time because I'll go to Japan in July ; )

Yeah! That sounds cool! I hope I can make it

Bali is not far from there :)

Medan is too.

Hope I can join this event very excited

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I am sure there will be many Indonesians join as long as Steem goes up by then. Let’s hope!

Indeed, the increase of steem prices will of course increase the enthusiasm.

Hope the best for Steem :)

Just missing the moment from last year with many meetup here. 😊

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Ha ha, this seems like the thread to say hi to everyone who are Bangkok regulars just incase I can make it early before SF4 kicks off in case anyone else is in the city and fancied showing a newbie around 😉

I've visited Bangkok once b4, but I only stayed for a few days before I went North to sukhothai.

Looking forward to SF4.

Mammasitta... You've been to every steemfest! That's some commitment 🙂

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Yes! I did them all and one was better than the other but Amsterdam is still my all time favourite

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That's cool.

I only made my first SF3 last year in Krakow... But that gave me the taste 🤣
The final night in the salt mines was really something else!

Maybe this year SF4 steemians can take over an island after, and party on the beaches until the tropical sun rises 🙂

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Can’t wait what @roeland plans this time for us! BKK is Magic and so interesting
I am for sure off to Bali right after 🙀

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