Attend SteemFest²?

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steemfest 2?.png

Would you like me to go to SteemFest²? Up until today I was not planning on going because no strong feeling of needing to go had arrived. While I used to make decisions based on asking "what do I want to do?" I now ask "how may I help?" and "where can I do the most good?"

What noticed today was uncertainty as to whether not going to SteemFest² was definitely the right thing. I asked the Universe for a sign in order to make a final decision on whether to go or not go because when the sign comes, one way or the other, any doubt will be removed. I foresee reading a comment in response to this post that will provide the guidance I seek.

Would you help me to see whether it would be worth the inconvenience of travel and the time away from my family to attend SteemFest² because I trust what you have to share to guide this body into its proper position?

Where to stay? I checked and almost all the hotels nearby are sold out already leaving me additionally uncertain as to where I would stay if I did go?

Jerry Banfield

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Jerry @roelandp mentioned to me today the hotel still has rooms available if you reach them directly. Ping roeland and he may give you all sorts of neat details.


Thank you very much @ned I will do that now!


I live in Lisbon, you certainly have a place to stay.

It would be great to see you here at SteemFest²

I can hook you up with a hostel room or you can just crash at a couch at my house.

You certainly need to attend the conference, no doubt about it!


if.... if on the off hand chance @jerrybanfield dont take you up on your offer... You mind i call dibs? I Would love to hangout a night or two with a local Lisbon if you're up for it.. hehe


I wish i would attend though


Sure! You already booked your flights to Lisbon? Let me know!


i cannot afford it


i'm glad to see you've made it so far and doing well for others which makes its all worth (been viewing long time but never comment) so thanks.


I booked an extra hotel room I would happily trade to you if you need it!


Welcome also to your second country MOROCCO

We will be very honored to visit you


Hi Ned, hope your doing ok?


I booked an extra hotel room I would happily trade to you if you need it!

Nobody fucking cares about you and whether or not you go. You're so fucking pathetic making a post begging for attention. Get a life you ignorant twat.


tips hat and bows respectfully

Please, be rational! Don't say things like "I asked the Universe for a sign in order to make a final decision on whether to go or not go because when the sign comes, one way or the other, any doubt will be removed." By the way, you should go. In my opinion, I think that you inspire a lot of people.


Under-valued comment, even after my vote.

I love this post Jerry, except the magical thinking. Offering service is why we love you, but avoid that magical thinking. It's a diagnosable symptom on the mental illness scale. (Yes, I realize this is somewhat culturally normalized and no, I'm not implying anything is wrong with Jerry.)


How do you feel about Harry Potter?


"Magical thinking is a term used in anthropology and psychology, denoting the fallacious attribution of causal relationships between actions and events,"

How honest of an answer do you want. =) I don't have a lot of experience with the material, and none with the books, only the movie(s).

It's not for me, but there's nothing wrong with fantasy entertainment or anything, if that's sort of where you were going with that. I do enjoy the Lord of the Rings.

I think what Alex and I are both getting at is the whole "getting a sign from the universe thing." Anytime you think you are getting a "sign", you are probably just interpreting something the way you want subconsciously in an ex-post-facto manner.

Unless you really are a prophet...

Note this is distinctly different from "positive" thinking which the proverbial you uses to motivate yourself before a goal is achieved. There is rational causation there.


LOOK UP EMOTIONAL BRAIN TRAINING !!!!!and I LOVE your comments I learned something.


Thank you for the kind words!


Oh, Jerry, I just remembered I wrote an "anti-magical thinking" post some time ago:

Feel free to check that out if you want my "psychologist" view of why I'm 100% for "the real".


Thank you Alex!


I agree, should we use the same method to decide whether to have life-saving heart surgery?
Stay with your family and make the environmentally sound choice. Don't travel unless you can find a way to do it without polluting. I, in fact, think this should be worldwide law ushered in under the protocols of a worldwide climate emergency. But humans are too​ short-sighted, greedy and dumb to usher in such a sensical protocol....


why don't we start with private jets like Al Gore uses where the benefit/gas has a much lower ratio than say a commercial jet carrying hundreds of passengers to their destination ? - let's not be so quick to use the law to suppress people or restrict our right to travel. These 'world wide laws' you speak of not only reek of elitist new world order agendas, but will have no bearing on the rich and the elites who are the biggest abusers of of this planet to begin with. Such laws are always pointed at the proletariat class and not those who sit in their ivory towers...the urgency to strap humanity with more global laws and restrictions is greedy , dumb, and short sighted protocol....


Disagree. I haven't traveled as a person with very limited income because I take the issue of pollution seriously. So accusing me of being an elitist is about as fuckin' dumb as it gets! Got it, buddy?
I agree that the elites are the ones causing most of the problems because they control policy. In the greatest ironic reversal​ in human history, ​we have been taught that only lone recyclers can make a difference while the elites, who control policy, are given a free pass as you correctly point out ( at least you got one thing right).
As far as laws being implemented​: we wouldn't need to implement them if people took pollution seriously​ and started staying at home or not traveling​ unless they find ways to do so that do not pollute​.
Which was the point of my post to the author.
Such laws, that I propose, would be binding on ALL people for about 40 years to buy us and our technology time to solve these very complex and intractable problems.
But I'm no delusionist like yourself. We will suffer the full fury of our ignorance and arrogance over the coming century. We are already paying the price now but the elites will never change their disastrous​ trajectory.
IMO, the smartest people on the planet right now are The Preppers......

I can get you a room at a friends hostal/hotel or you could have my reservation at the music hotel if needed. I think it will be great. Also, as a top author you'd be a valuable addition to the conference. The food is amazing on Lisboa too!


Thank you @tarquinmaine for the offer!

I think you should, you add a lot of value to the community. You can get a lot of fresh ideas from tje event, and propose many other. GO!!!


Luis thank you very much for suggesting I go!



Organize a STEEMFEAST in your city. No not a STEEMFEST a STEEMFEAST.

Put together a huge bar-b-que festival and invite the media. Get as many local personalities involved as possible also. Raise prize money by Steeming about the STEAMFEAST project. The post you do about the STEEMFEAST can go to pay off the BBQ winner with the upvotes.

In the end we have a lot of new steemians and good public relations built with the media and perhaps even some local restaurants ready to start exchanging STEEM for food.

I'll have the bar-b-que rib platter and I'd like it STEEMED plz.

Honestly Jerry I don't think you gain anything from going. But I think we all gain from you organizing a STEEMFEAST.

In humble admiration.
Minnow @LibertyRanger

Just my two STEEMS Worth.


@LibertyRanger thank you for sharing your idea for a steemfeast!


what an idea love this too

You should go to Steemfest Jerry! I think I'll be going.


That would be awesome if you went Tomas!


That's the plan. Me and @ashleypeat want to go!

Last year was one of the best experiences I ever had on those kind of events. You will find your way. Airbnb might be a good option if you can't find a room in the suggested hotels.


Thank you @mammasitta for sharing the experience you had at the event to help me with understanding what to expect!

I am living in Lisbon and its full of tourists. Thays wy it s being hard to find a place to stay


Using the hotel website directly I found the rooms are still available!

GO GO GOG GOG OGO! :) help me and @dayleeo go too!!! :) LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE!!!!!


I second this!

#gojerrygo !


I hope I will be able to help and will keep you both in mind!

I edited this comment because I just noticed SteemFest is in Lisbon, I previously though it was in the US. It is quite far from where you leave indeed and it would have to be a very good event to go there. If you think the event is that good, well, with your involvement in Steem that might be a good idea to go.


Thank you Michel for your guidance here because the event does look amazing and also far away! I appreciate your service on the 84 posts we have done here together now and I will keep what you shared in mind!

It's a once in a lifetime event. You had a chance! Go for it. I bet there are transient houses, hostels nearby! Good luck, brother!


Most definitely not a "once in a lifetime" event.


@jonny-clearwater, okay "not" and excuse me for that, sir :D but it is DEFINITELY worth going. I am still a minnow and I bet I have to learn a lot more on here. Anyway, thank you for the correction :)

@ugetfunded you're doing a great job and I know this Steemfest is going to be a great one. Supporters are all over the place. High five!


Hi @bloghound, I'm one of the biggest supporters of this event and I know how much the organizers of this event are putting effort to make it happen. However, this is true that not all of us, Steemians can afford going there. I mentioned this to the main organizer and he said there will be live streaming as well. So, just sharing with those who don't know about it.

Thanks Jerry for the nice write up.

Steem On!

Jerry you will find a good hotel. Probably take a friend along with you or family. As a psychic I say go and you will be good.
You're in for more than you expect. Expect a connection that will change your life over the next six months.


Thank you very much @thelifestyler for helping me see a little bit more into the future!


My pleasure Jerry

@jerrybanfield I think you should stay home and save your time, money and energy to keep doing what you are doing for steemit, maybe organize a small local steemfest in your area and conference call to the big one in Portugal.
Instead of going to steemfest this year you should concentrate on helping to organize next year´s steemfest somewhere in the Americas, maybe in Acapulco in combination with Anarchapulco 2018.
Going to steemfest in Portugal would mean preaching to the choir, much better if you´d promote steemit in your local area, getting new people on board.
This way, I think, you could be most helpful.


@likedeeler thank you for emphasizing the benefits of staying home and continuing my work organizing a local meetup!

I am turning everything upside down here and selling everything I have in order to go and may still not make it. So if you can go, I definitely would. Hopefully see you there!


@misslasvegas thank you for the guidance and sharing what you are doing!

@jerrybanfield The minute you went outside of yourself for an answer, was the minute you denied your answer. The uncertainty was your answer. Allow me to explain:

I have a mantra you may want to apply: WHEN IN DOUBT, DON'T.

Another is: The uncertainty you mention is equal to: I DON'T KNOW...The answer is always found in this statement: DON’T

Since you asked, I personally stand with the group who says: Don’t go to this one; but, take the time to plan to go to another one, in a location that would be pleasing to you. Just because ‘you bring good vibes to the community’ is not a reason to go.

And, btw, why not make plans to bring the loved ones with you?



@spiritualmatters I appreciate your guidance and would love to bring the family but they are not available to come with!


I understand...One last thought I received in the Spirit on waking this morning...

It's algebraic in focus; and, should help with your final decision.

As a married person, you and your wife are ONE; therefore, the decisions made should be in sync to keep harmony in the relationship.

So, in brief:

Two positives = a positive

A positive and a negative = negative

Two negatives = positive

Let’s transfer this to your decision:

You want to go…your wife’s okay with you going…(+) Go

You want to go…your wife would appreciate you going another time…(-) Don’t go

You don’t want to go…your wife thinks that’s a good idea…yay! (+)
Happy wife...happy life :+)...

Prayers you’ll make the best decision.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@jerrybanfield -GO!

A fellow Steemian will come forward and offer to put you up (and the family, if they can come along - make it a short holiday), within the next day or two at the latest.

Enjoy the holiday. Hope that answers the second question :).

All the best.


Thank you @gwb235!


Ha, ha, ha, I bet you have more indecisions than before, regarding the venture, but Steem comes from hot water and water flows, so just go with the flow, I guess, as they say. Either way, you know in your heart if you ought to go or not, but I just got the vibration that you ought to go, because of something that would happen there that would really help you with your progress, but whatever you do, Steemians are supporting you.

@Jerry Banfield - love your videos - here's the deal .. take your wife and kids and make a thing out of it'll have an awesome family vacation to talk about later and remember later ... also - one word: AIRBnB - you can find hundreds of places to AIRBnB so you don't need to worry about a hotel.


Thank you @jorlauski I will check AirBnB!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@jerrybanfield, you are one of the best promoters of this great platform. It is almost essential that you should go, lol.

Everything is booked for me already, so look forward to seeing you there!!


Thank you @rea!

Once a friend told me: Home is where your heart is.
Right.... it does not answer the questions about Steemfest² but I think it is a good starting point.


Good point!

I think you should go! However... find a quiet room, meditate. The answer will come. For those of you that doubt the Universe, wow you gotta a lot to learn.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I will sit in silence with my "mental illness" Muawahahahahahha!


lol and yes! What you shared also goes with your name! Have you read The Power of Now?


Hi :-) Yes I have, and I quote...

"Time isn't precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed."

Awesome Jerry, you definitely get it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

what is the steem fest I don't know any thing about it?


Take a look at

Firstly, thanks for sharing
Secondly, you shared your own views
Thirdly, i suggest if u have time then must to attend it
overall content really worth full


Thank you @gkumar!

YES YES YES and a resounding hell YES... Go and keep us in the loop every step of the way ;)


Thank you Craig for your clear message!

@jerrybanfield We are going because we feel the need to help guide steemit in the right direction. Since you have shown that you also are excited about steemit becoming successful you should. You need to network, brainstorm, and help the rest us in person with your perspective. We are also very active and holders of Steem as an investment. We are going to see how our vision fits into what @ned and others have planned. You are also a serious social media influencer as we are and your input on how we and others should move forward in supporting steemit/Steem is needed in person. @johngentry and @karengentry will be there supporting ExploreTraveler Inc and you need to be there to support your point of view.


@exploretraveler thank you very much for your suggestion here because this was the first comment I read and is swaying me towards going!


Here is the right derection of steemit : Steemit in term of improvement, I hope the steemit team will take a look at this and change something before it's too late, steemfest is good of course, but we need some improvement in the website, I hope we will have some hardfork that will improve everhtung, a lot of people are suffering, some of them are even leaving steemit for looking for better places to post, I am posting everyday for four months, but I am really tired from that, I am waiting for improvment, and we still have people waiting, I hope things will change, I really love steemit and I don't really want to give up on it ... .


Best reply ever, makes us feel different
and unique of course


@exploretraveler : I agree, the network is important.
but if they want to be alone that's their right.


This is my banner for Jerry!


I really look forward to hearing about your trip! Pack my as a carry-on :P

Where's steemfest this year?

Cool festival!

I think going there is a good idea because generally travels educate. And besides, so open to the world man like you @ierrybanfield, I am sure that perfectly corresponds to us the whole expedition and share your observations about the organization, any news that I believe can help in organizing similar events in other parts of the world and in the USA also.

From a purely selfish prospective, you should come, because then I'll get to meet you!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If eventually you find no reason to attend Steemfest², why not sponsor me there because i have 10 reasons why i want to attend the event but have zero financial power to fulfill my wish.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I will personally pay for your plane ticket to steemfest and your hotel room for the whole time if you put the same amount of money into third-party escrow and wear a mask over your face the entire time you are at the conference, the removal of which in public immediately forfeits your escrow deposit.

You are allowed, however, to photoshop your face over the mask when you post the photos. That wouldn't forfeit the escrow (but it would almost certainly result in me making more jokes about you photoshopping your face onto things).


PS: Steemfest is super ridiculous amounts of fun and you should totally go.


This I want to see. @jerrybanfield please take the man up on this offer.

Don't miss Lisbon. :)

The event looks fun and I'm sure you lot will learn a lot. I know my friends @tomasgeorge and @ashleypeat will be going. Hopefully, I'll be able to go to another Steemit event soon enough.

steem fest 😍😍

Hi Jerry - I know this is going to end up at bottom of the list but if you do read this please watch my latest - DTUBE -!/v/super-grand-ad/uwhmmvow

I hope I would be there but can't it is to far from here!

Steemfesgt , Here we come @jerrybanfield

Those of you, who can't participate for any reason, there will be live streaming as well. So, stay cool and stay awesome.

Steem On!


!!!!!! excellent comment!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so cool to meet up face to face but I think you don't want to go anyway. It's okay. There is nothing to feel guilty about.

Well I want to try my best just one day has gone to born in steemit

Whats Steemfest without Steemit Ambassador . Go brother~

I just saw this post and thought it might help sway you.

You should go there. I think this is a great place to meet new interesting people.

@jerrybanfield dude yeah you should go to steem fest, coz that will let you a chance to meet others steemians too, sharing some good ideas and also you will get some more exposure be in there, so you have nothing to lose, you may get much from there. Thanks :)

You already know your answer and knew it deep down when you asked the question. Book your ticket before it gets more expensive.

My thought should go ! You wil inspire people , people will take courage from you. And then there will be beautifull things. ;)
I'm sorry that my English is not good ...

GO!!! Would love to hear your post from there

--------I like it

how does it look to you?

I think you should pray on it or soul search what you should do. If you are meant to be there everything will fall in place.

Nice, i like it the your post, thanks

Don't worry about no hotels. I went to San Juan when all the hotels were booked and found a great beach house on Airbnb. It was actually cheaper than the hotels. Have fun brother!

Interesting post with lots of informations. Thank you.

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@Jerrybanfield I think you should go too. It's because of you I joined Steemit and if I were going I would be looking for you. I am sure others are feeling the same.
cheers bro

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Always better to go and regret than regret for not going.

I think you should go there and try to get a place to stay because it is a nice opportunity to meet new peoples and have some nice friends all around the world.


Let all go and support the community...

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very confusing!

I couldn't imagine Jerry not being at the SteemFest!

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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I would go there if had an opportunity. Unfortunately I can't go there. And you can! So make it by Gerry! I know that you want it too!)

Take a coin, choose heads or tails and then toss the coin. While it is in the air, during that second or so, you will know how you want it to land.

And that's your decision.

Simple, there's no need to over-complicate things, right?...


Unfortunately, real life doesn't work like social media, where people from every corner of the world can meet under one roof without traveling.

So any kind of party where social media friends get together in IRL has that problem already built in.

Very beautiful steemfest amazing thank you

I am loving your hair in this picture - It looks like the Steemit Logo :) Also, yes I think you should go and represent .. you have a lot to offer and are to many many Steemians, a Steemit celebrity :) Go, have fun, and post it all for us to see. Also, maybe you will see @daleeo and @teamhumble .. Group hugs with pics please!
Love you Friend!!! SUNSHINE247

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Hello Jerry Sir..Im Your New And Huge Fan Of Your Cryptocurrency Knowledge..Im Allso following You On Social networking site..Ur Giving Such a Great And Very Helpfull Informations About Crypto Market


There are a lot of people looking forward to seeing you. Please go there.
I am the one who is looking forward to seeing you:D

Just do what you want to do and don’t let the opinion of others influence your decision. Godspeed brother!

I have waiting few days for your great upvote .
I have upvoted and followed you when i saw video on youtube .tnx

must make careful planning @jerrybanfiend

WOW! Super! I want there!

I sorry to hear that, but somelike image

come on jerry, very menyennagkan be there. I have lived there for a few months, there happens to be my brother who lives there


Amazing post @jerrybanfield i hope you like my last one:)

Many of the attendees paid for their travel using Steem dollars (SBD) they had earned on the platform....That's why I love this place
I have up-voted you because we all loves your content
Keep voting, commenting,writing ...

@jerrybanfield my good friend. I suggest you go. It will be nice if u went. Learn new things

What a blast your all going to have a STEEMFEST!
I can't wait to watch the live broadcasting of the event.
Have fun Jerry and others!
Be well...

I think that if you want to be invested in the long term future of Steemit then you should go. Realistically its more in your benefit because you will make a lot of good connections. Though if you promoted th