GUERRINT is going to Steemfest!! {Photo Journal of Holland, MI. How will it compare to Amsterdam?}

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I am so freakin' excited to go to STEEMFEST!! I can't wait to meet all of you! :)

Some of you may know that I was born in Holland, MI. The city was founded by Dutch Americans. Thousands of tourists flood the city each spring for Tulip Time Festival when SIX MILLION tulips are planted throughout the city. Holland is full of Dutch themed attractions and sits right on the edge of Lake Michigan.

Though I live far from Holland now, it will always be my home. I miss watching the sunsets over the lake, going blueberry picking, and camping in the sand dunes. Every time I visit, I am reminded of my love for the city!

Since I'll be traveling to Amsterdam for STEEMFEST, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite spots in my hometown! (All of these pictures and videos were taken by me!) I have lots of family in the Netherlands. So, I am super anxious to see how Holland, Michigan compares to Amsterdam!

Here's what Holland, Michigan looks like:

Follow me and look for my photo journal of Steemfest in Amsterdam!

<3 Guerrint (gar·in·tee) /ˌɡerənˈtē/

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Awesome pics, Tara! I am sure you will have a lot of fun in

That is cool you are from Holland, MI. I didnt' really know about the history there. I'm originally from Northern Indiana and have been up to Cadallac MI for snowmobiling and would always go to Bittersweet for skiing.


Hey Brian! Bittersweet... lol! That's where I learned to ski!

I was born and raised in Mattawan, little west of Kalamazoo. I can remember going up to Michigan's Adventure, and just this year I went back to White Lake area for a wedding. It is still such a beautiful area. I'll always miss the rolling hilly farmland in Zeeland county. thanks for these photos, I love seeing what places I've been look like now.


I'll keep posting more pictures! I've been obsessing over the sunsets here and might make a post. I'm only here a couple weeks longer and need to soak it in as long as I can! I never really appreciated the culture in Holland until I left and moved out of state. Now every time I see tulips, I'm reminded of home and family :)

See you in AMS! :-)

Great post with the photos of the last fest, looking forward to seeing more of your posts in the future and read about the news. Namaste :)

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It was nice seeing you!

Hey @guerrint, it was really good to meet you as a coincidental traveller to SteemFest. Hope you your trip home was restful after those late nights!