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I had a panic yesterday, and I posted about it last night HERE. I have been trying unsuccessfully to power down my account so that I can pay for my hotel in Lisbon for Steemfest2. For three weeks I have been trying and last night my third attempt failed.

I messaged @aggroed asking him what I can do to try to get it working. Without blinking he offered me a loan of SBD. At first I refused; my bill will be $490 and I don't like owing anybody anything, especially such a sum of money.

Aggroed then made the following comment; 'The universe is telling you not to power down', and perhaps it is. Over recent years I have come to believe that many things happen for a reason, even if at first we don't recognise it. Within seconds of me accepting his help, Aggroed forwarded 500 SBD to my wallet, with the following memo:


I love the MinnowSupportProject, the over four thousand members, and the 100% support I receive from Aggroed. I am proud to act as the unofficial MSP ambassador at Steemfest in November, and I want to thank Aggroed from the bottom of my heart for his generosity. You are truly inspirational.

Namaste Brother.

PS. @kubbyelizabeth read my post last night and messaged me about it, asking if she could fundraise for me. Thank you Kubby, I was truly touched you would want to do something like that for me. As you can see, uncle Aggy has sorted me out.

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great post.. excelllent story and when the universe is trying to tell you something ! it often requires a higher source of consciousness to act as a conduit for the message. In this case the hardworking and upwardly inspiring @gmuxx was taught by the many splendoured coloured of @aggroed

you should tell this story at steemfest ! it will become legendary ! 1st post read of the day for me, 100 % upvote



I am glad you are all sorted. I hope the trip is worth every virtual penny. Way to go @Aggroed!

We love you Muxxy. Your work in the English grammar channel has made me a better writer. Thank you for making that happen!

Side note->Can you bring me a mug!!!

I always have your back. Never forget the value you bring to all of us. We love you Muxxy.

Thank you Aggroed for helping Muxxy.

Vote for Aggroed witness!

@aggroed is the champion
Keep it up @gmuxx
But the problem of power down still exists

That's awesome. Glad it's sorted and you can get your winter tan on!

this is amazing!! tremendous support frim @aggroed.

can we all do gmuxx a favor and upvote 100% to get gim funded to repay this loan by Dec 31 2017 instead of 18.

i bet it can happen in a hurry!!

@aggroed is king!

I like the 'unless you die...' what exactly are you planning to do on this trip that that's a risk?


Well, drinks are included in the ticket price....

Fantastic story and @gmuxx is very deserving. This is a great story ... looking for more great stories from SteemFest. Amazing gesture @aggroed

Even with an appropriate "death clause." Just doesn't get any better!

Wow, I love the sense of communal support and generosity I have encountered on this platform. This is truly inspiring.

What a deal. Hope you have a great time. 🐓🐓

sounds like something he would do..he has helped me more than once .. a great resource person for sure. We are blessed to have him in Steemit.
Glad you got your funds together and are going to the Steem Fest.

HMMM. so steemit is broke,and if we are broke we can not get our $$!
that is not good!
I wonder what is happening to all the sp from dead accounts...
do we dare post about this ,or maybe risk ruining my rep and being whale jk! ;-)
If I was more IT or tech might be something to dig into.
What ever the problem is,it needs to be fixed asap!

I noticed that SDD transfer last night. Not coincidentally, it convinced me to add @aggroed to my witness approval.


Good man.

So awesome

Listen to what karma told you: Thou shall not power down!


my thought too (-:

Hope you have a great time @ steemfest2!

@aggroed is the real deal. Just like @stellabelle is sponsoring two steemians to the same steem fest. It would be nice to see them and thank them in person. I just wish I could be there. But if wishes were horses, beggars would ride!
Thank you that brother that said I should join here. Steemit is for awesome people!

Congrats @gmuxx ..I've been seeing your name around.

I love that, message from the universe! You will have so much fun at steemfest!

What a fine chap, great stuff!

This is just one of the main reasons why I love it here, It's the real people!
Thank You @Aggroed for being a real person! Sharing to show REAL PEOPLE!

my wife and I are powering down too to buy tickets and stuff to be at Steemfest. :)


I look forward to seeing you both there!

Man this is great news, the generosity of @aggroad and many others within this community is humbling to witness. So glad this is now all sorted and you'll be a able to attend Steemfest as I feel you will really bring something to this event. Looking forward to reading your reports, steem on dude!

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@gmuxx: thank you for information..

@gmuxx that's a god story to read he is very helpful @aggroed thank you for being so supportive. I have written a story ,true story that teaches us helping each other I hope you like it and support me by upvotting thanks

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