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RE: SteemFest updates: new names - new sponsors - deadlines - hotelroom fomo

in #steemfest4 years ago (edited)

Good to get another update from lovely SteemFest and many greets from Bangkok - sadly we are leaving today for Europe.

But she will keep some fish for you.


Are you going to SteemFest this year? @detlev

Yes, it is planned. Do you as well fly over?

I don't think so, Thai airport requires yellow fever vaccine for panamanians and I'm not sure to get that one for me and Maximus. Maybe next year, have fun @detlev ;)

And before I forget, here is a !BEER for the big boy in your house.... ;-)

We might meet in Panama before next year SteemFest.

There are some plans for a visit with a commercial background

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