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RE: SteemFest๔ Updates - First names announced - Ticketshop open - Let's go Bangkok!

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@roelandp, I would like to ask you a question: May I buy a ticket for Plankton at price of 222.22 EURO, although I have over 8K SP? Let me explain you why: I've been unemployed for the last 5 months. I lived in Moscow, Russia and had I good job. I was a cryptocurrency analyst for a brokerage company. The government shut down our business and we've remained without job. In a few days I am leaving Moscow and am going back to my home country, because I couldn't find a job. So, for me as an unemployed person at the moment is very difficult to pay a lot. I even wrote a post how I plan to finance my trip and to make it to Steem Fest 4. I've been saving money for the trip to Steem Fest since the beginning of February.

Also, I would like to outline that last year I went to Steem Fest 3 in Kraków. At that time I had that good job and I paid for the ticket for Minnow. So, although I became Minnow in September or October in 2018 and I had a bit over 500 SP at that time. So, I just want to say that last year I didn't buy the cheapest ticket, because I had a job. In addition last year when I had a job I supported @T-R-F - Travel Relief fund for SteemFest go-ers. I sent last year to this fund about 20 Euro and even got a badge from @steemitboard for a T-R-F supporter...

The last thing I want to say: On Monday I am moving back to my home country Bulgaria. If i find a job in the next 1-2 months, then I will support again the @T-R-F and will try to send 50-100 Euro.

So, once again, since I am unemployed may I buy a ticket for Plankton for 222.22 EURO. If 'yes' I will do it in the next 2 weeks.

Thank you in advance!


Not speaking for Roeland and this is my personal view but feel free to pick up a plankton ticket. You are also welcome to apply to TRF as is anyone else who really needs it. Please don't stress too much about all this okay? Come to the event if you can and enjoy all of it. That's the most important thing. Many of us have had a similarly rough year to be honest. I feel your pain.

hi cryptospa! this system is in place for everyone to judge themselves! everyone can pick whatever ticket level is wanted - no need to ask me :)

see you in bangkok!

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