Entry: What does today (April 7, 2021) mean to you?

Since school most likely starts on April 19, 2021, again we decided to wake up earlier again. Not at 4 a.m. but still. We didn't miss the stress of going to school, the long travelling up and down. I didn't miss the high costs for gasoline, bus tickets and extra food for the travel and all those hours away from home.
A plus is we are heading to spring although the weather tells a different story.
A strong icy wind blows but I hung the laundry outside.


"You have the same weather over there?" a friend asks and shows me a photo of the snow at her place. "I need Spring!"

I need Spring too and after I defrosted my fingers and finished my tea I go outside to feed the wolves.
The grass I mowed about 9 days ago is high again. Wind or not I decide to mow it. Winter coat, beanie and gloves on to keep me warm. My shoulder and arm still hurt but I can push and pull the machine and tomorrow we need to visit a doctor because of the school's annual health check of one of my children which means we need to leave at 7ba.m. to be in time in the capital city.

Today was the first day I tried the dry tofu I bought weeks ago. I cannot say it's tasteful but with sambal (red spucy pepper), garlic, soy sauce and the left "bumbu" it became a good (hopefully gluten-free) meal after all. It's just that I can't say it feels as if I have eaten.

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Good idea leaving the link to your contest.

Nice picture. I'd like Venezuela to have winter. I like snow, but I have never touched. I don't actually miss school day, they were way frustrating. Here in Venezuela, schools and universities are losing their quality, so you don't want to keep going. The internet era has made everything easier. We don't wake up too early now like we used to. That's an advantage of all of this. By the way, I have never tried dry tofu. In fact, I have never tasted. I think those foods aren't common here. Greetings pal

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