BAM! You've been added to the trail! From today you will recieve at least 1 upvote EVERY DAY from the ENTIRE Steeming Curation Trail - Check LEVELS in the post and increase your daily income by gaining more SP. Delegated, leased, and owned SP counts! You get upvotes as long as you follow the trail with enough SP!
@greatvideos is added to the trail by @ciska from @steemingcurators
Join us on DISCORD if you have questions or Ping @ us in any comment!

Gr8! Thank you very much!

Hi thanks! Awesome you like to join! Can you tell how you did it because it doesn´t show up yet? Cheers

Hi @steemincurators
As you can see it shows that I am following the trail, let me know if everything is ok.
Thanks for the opportunity!
Keep Steeming

Nice! @greatvideos Welcome onboard, lets care for each other as that what community members should be doing.

Thank you very much, we are doing it automatically now, happy days!

Yes thanks to the technology and our genius developers 😄

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