January Solar Stats⚡🪫☀️

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January 2024 has been a carbon copy of December for our Solar system, i had been hoping for a better month in January but the weather did not play ball.

Our last power bill was $40 which follows on from November and December both being $42, so $124 for three months power is pretty good.



After being 85% self powered in December we stayed at 85% self powered for January which is ok, February so far is on track to be our best month with the weather being sunny and warm☀️😎🌻🌅🌞




Our house used 748KWH for the month of January which works out to be 24.12 KWH per day, in December the house used 715KWH 23.07 KWH per day which would be down to Air conditioners for cooling and the pool pump being used.




For the month of January we generated 793KWH which is close to the 800KWH mark i was hoping for, the last week of the month was mainly cloudy, for December we generated 754KWH and like i said February is looking good.




This shows out import/export stats for the month, the yellow hanging down bars is energy we sent to the grid while the blue above is house usage and the grey charging the Powerwall 🪫🔋




Here are the last 4️⃣ months to catch you up on the action.

Thank you for reading my post about our Solar system

have a great Sunday

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Nothing like cheap power bills 😁

Thanks for sharing such an awesome post


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