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7️⃣years ago this Kiwi joined this Blockchain

ID 75,871


I have been after this target for months - pathetic i know.
Walked 29.9K today to reach 100K in 6 days

all pics are mine
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I am @kiwiscanfly 🥝🐔



Happy Birthday on Steem! 👍😊

Have a great weekend!

Thanks mate

Hope your weekend is going well, anything planned?

restaurant's nightclubs etc?

Going to Chinatown for dinner with a friend visiting from Perth. I haven't seen him since Covid 19 came to town. So we have a lot to catch up on. Looking forward to it.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Cheers! 🥂

I was sharing an office space in Christchurch for the past 2 weeks with a guy from Perth

Chinatown sounds good!

I hope you got along fine with you office mate from Perth.

My friend Vic comes to Singapore once or twice a year. But he hasn't been here since Covid 19. So, we had a great time catching up in Chinatown - dinner and then a few beers.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Cheers!


100 Kilometers in one week (without dog…) are amazing… 😉

Thank you :)

Now i will have to set a challenge for my mountain biking in one week...


That should be manageable.

And another seven Steemit years as well... 😉

29.9K for a day! You're a beast... Xpilar also celebrated 07 years just a few days ago, and now you! It's great to see all the veterans thriving on the platform. Keep up the fantastic work! 🎉

Thank you my bro, i just saw that he had 7 years as well...a pretty impressive 7 years.

Congratulations on the 7 years journey and still counting!

Thank you 🍾

Happy steem anniversary sir, wish you spend here many more years, may steemit and you live long ❤️💖💝

Thanks for your kind words, i also hope to be around as long as possible.

Have a great weekend from me here in NZ

Have a great weekend to you too from me here in BD

Congratulations on your 7th birthday @kiwiscanfly

Thank you very much

Congratulations! You are exactly one month "older" than me!
If only....
Enjoy the celebrations!

That translates to

We are both dinosaurs on steemit LOL

How is the family settling into NZ?

Haha! Dinosaurs!!

My daughter is stuck in Johannesburg waiting for her visa.
Her hubby went ahead and so far, it looks positive. Just cold (•ิ‿•ิ)

Many congratulations! 👏😂 btw nice cat, mine look a bit the same hehe

Thank you for the congratulations. Black & white cats can be a little crazy sometimes LOL

There are no small goals, every progress is important!

Happy Steem anniversary 💪🏻

Yep and each day we are lucky enough to wake up & chase those goals/dreams

Wow 7 good years and still counting, congratulations Mr Kiwiscanfly and I wish you many more years ahead!

Thank you for that

7 years seems like a long time but its gone quite fast

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