LOOK Token: First batch on the market and first airdrop! ReadPlz! :) 20,000,000 LOOK tokens up!

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I now have a definitive plan in place moving forward.
I am starting the first stages of the token's distribution now. :)


"LOOK, please!"

As you wish. :)
The first batch of LOOK tokens will be going onto the market today.
There will be a total of 20 Million tokens up for sale. These will be sold at a rate of 0.0001, so that I can reach the next mark needed to enable staking sooner.

Once staking is up and running, I will be setting up the front-end for the LOOK token.

Batch 120,000,000 LOOK tokens
20,000,000 LOOKPrice: 0.0001 Steem/Ea.

Once enough funds are raised, staking will be enabled immediately.

Airdrop 11,000,000 LOOK Tokens

The first half of the first airdrop will be commencing after this post has paid out. That means you have a whole WEEK to participate!
To help ensure that more people are able to receive part of the first airdrop, the second half will occur at the end of the payout of a second post I will make to remind people of the ongoing airdrop.

The airdrop will not be done like the usual airdrops.

Usually, airdrops are just tokens being handed out to a massive group based on predetermined conditions like holding a certain coin or using a certain tag, etc., not based on demand for the token.
You will need to actually participate and engage with this post.
That is how you are put on the list to receive your share of the first airdrop.
If you do not at least comment on this post with something, then you will not be included in the airdrop.
That means that only the people who comment on this post and engage, only people who want LOOK tokens, will be getting a piece of the airdrop.

I believe this will ensure that the people who are receiving the tokens, are people who are actually going to be active and make use of them.
Most people get a ton of a token and then dump it off as soon as they do, just to get rid of it because they don't want it. What this does, is causes and incredibly low price and puts a decent amount of the supply into the hands of those who don't want it and wish to sell it off quickly, dropping the price significantly and thus, demand or faith in it.
By providing the token to only those who have made an effort to get some, I believe I can counter this effect to some degree, by having a better chance of retention for those who hold it.

All you have to do is comment. Engage. Then you are in the airdrop. :)


I have acquired LookPlz.com as well!

This is an amazing domain and I'm glad I was able to scoop it up! At a great price too! :) I will be using this for the front-end when it is ready to go! I will also be advertising my website to the public and promoting blockchain tech as well as steem and steem-engine directly! Not only do I want my investment to be worth more, but I want my own personal token to do well also. That means I will need to put in the work, the effort, to promote it! Happy to do so. :)

A little info.


Staking is on it's way to being enabled and if the market does not have enough demand to enable it, I will purchase the remaining required steem-engine tokens to enable it, at my earliest ability.

Once staking is up and running, I will be setting up the front-end for the LOOK token.


There will be no "mining" of the LOOK token. It will simply be distributed through traditional means of social media. (Posting, commenting, etc.)
Since it will be layered on top of a blockchain that already has sufficient "mining" capabilities, there is no need for it when it comes to the LOOK token. This may be subject to change, depending on feedback from the community over time, but I do not see that happening and even if it does, there will be a small amount of basic miners, none of the 4x whatever mining tokens that you see out there. Things will be kept simple when it comes to LOOK.


The supply is incredibly high, but that is because I am considering long-term growth and I want there to be enough tokens to accommodate any large growth, as well as to be able to support any projects that I see major potential in.

I will only be reserving around 4-8% of the total supply, for said support of projects. (The community will be consulted over time about what % would be a fair one.)


There may be a few airdrops from time to time as well. (Clearly. :P)

I do not want to constantly be airdropping this token, as I would prefer it be earned/traded/used more and I feel that when you are constantly being supplied with something that you will not seek it out as passionately. This should (theoretically) increase the overall demand for the token over time.


I believe that you, the community, should be involved in the future of LOOK. I think that if you are, you will appreciate the token more and it will have more value to you. How many times have you had ideas that others didn't listen to? That you think would have truly helped out? How many times have you tried to change things when it comes to steem, even? What have your results been? Have you been heard out? You will here. Obviously not every idea can be implemented, but every idea will be heard and will be responded to. Even if the response isn't ideal... I feel that some feedback, is better than being ghosted or ignored altogether. You, the community, are what makes steem and all of these tribes that are popping up, what they are. Why should this community be any different?!

Content Types:

I wanna take a second to talk about something I haven't yet touched on and that is "What types of content/tags will you be using for the LOOK token?" The answer is: Various different ones.

The idea behind my token, is that we can share in a smaller batch of tags/content, but still have a nice variety. I see all these niche communities coming up, which is great and all, but I just feel that when you limit yourself to a single topic/content point, it limits your potential significantly. There are, however, exceptions to this belief I have! Gaming and Sports are two very big ones, that contradict this. That is why I am invested heavily into gaming and I am moderately invested into sports. They are both booming and even though they are niche, there is unlimited potential for creative ability in them and for the ability for any given match/round/game, to end in any number of ways. Every game is different and that is not always the case for some topics. Sometimes there is only so much to talk about. That's where I want the LOOK token/community to come into place. By having a variety of tags/content choices to choose from, you will not only be able to earn LOOK by posting about different content, but you will also have a slight bit more variety as to what you'll be seeing on your trending/hot pages. It may not all be relevant to what you like, but it will indeed have variety and shouldn't be too hard to find what type of content you're into.

The actual types of tags are TBD by me still, as I need a bit more time to do some research into what tags are most popular and why, as well as if the content that makes those tags so popular is actually quality and not just spammy posts. I can say though, that gaming and technology will all be included, as these are immensely popular and have large audiences from all backgrounds. I am not a big fan of sports and people tend to post a ton more about sports, so I feel it will be spammy, thus, I have excluded that from possible tags. (Sorry sports fans! SportsTalkSocial is great though!)


My discord is: LookPlz#7496
Please, feel free to contact me whenever, about anything!


Very cool I am looking forward to the growth of the project

thank you. I have received coins

Look at this comment :o)

Look will be a tribe type of token?

:) :Seen:

I am working on getting a tribe together, yes. I have just been busy the past few days and I need to finish up my questions for the Steem Engine team and then I will be looking to start the tribe up. I will promote it more for better exposure as we get closer to the tribe actually being here.

I look-ed at my wallet and saw some looks. Thank you kind sir.

WOW!!..big cool project...big work also:.would like to join..curious..try to engage me, cause it seems worth it...go!..up.. follow you..resteemed..

I'm sorry, I'm a bit confused by this, it might be a language barrier thing. Are you saying that you're going to engage with this idea because you think it has potential? You like what I'm doing with it? Thank you, I'm sure your words were meant kindly. :) You are part of the airdrop now, so you will be receiving LOOK tokens once they are distributed!

..you re right, thx..

Nothing but love to you man. :) Thanks for engaging with this post!

..thank YOU!..we will succeed!..cause..‘every way with heart is a good way...(don juan, shaman and spiritual teacher on my way)..steem on!..and look!!..

Great initiative, I like the new angle you are trying. I'll be keepinng a close eye on this project. Wish you good luck

Thank you very much! :) I think that too many of these tokens get handed out and asking for a little bit of response from the community to get a handout, isn't asking much! It also ensures (don't mean to sound repetitive. :) ) that people who actually want LOOK, get LOOK. I believe that is the first step to retention of value. The second is low barrier for entry, which is the whole reason I made the supply so large, so that even as time goes on and the price rises, I can drop more on the market for reduced prices to newcomers. I had ideas also that I could personally hand them out, alongside team members for the community, to people with less funds than others. Sometimes markets get saturated with large buy orders from whales and that stops the price from being able to drop to where the average person can get some. I aim to assist those with less ability to stack wealth, new options. There are many points I have not covered as to the long-term plan... but I feel that it needs to be released in parts, since I do not currently have the funds available to get things going. I am working on my personal funds and there are tokens available on the market in addition to what will be dropped, so there is time still. :)

Ok sounds good when looking into look! The main idea is for people to c'mon and take a good look! Ya I like that, I do want people to read what I think. Maybe I can get into reposting some older blogs that didn't get much attention in the past. Good inspiring me that the ideas and stories are important and people will come and take a look at them!!

Exactly! It's like "Hey! Look! Please! :)" It's like you've got something to share and you're excited about it! :D That could definitely be a potential use for it! Seeing as how HF21 isn't adding rewards for older posts and it will probably be a long long while before another fork comes, I might actually include that as one of the tags for the community, "#Repost" or something along those lines! Although I'll need more feedback from the community as a whole. I don't want that to cause any issues with spam or shitposts lol. The future is still up to us, but as far as the basics and the foundation of the token and it's future, I've got a good plan, just working on executing it. :) I will be keeping people updated as things progress, as I feel that is important.

I have received many tokens through airdrops and I have staked all of them. I want this one to stake too.

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Sounds good to me. :) You're going to have some to stake then! Participation is what I'm going for as to who will be getting these tokens. Isn't it better to have a base value and work up? As opposed to people dumping and it just dropping? That's my theory, anyhow. That's why I put them at a certain rate for sale and am only doing a certain amount for airdrops. I want to keep the price as stable/rising as I possibly can and that just doesn't happen when people get things for free all the time. If there's a limited amount passed out and then the rest have to be bought, at a certain rate, people are far less likely to sell it below that rate, in my opinion. Most people buy something and then think "I'd love for this to triple or quadruple in price. Maybe more. I'll hold on to it." Then, when you've got all the free tokens being sold off.. Some people will literally take anything for them.. so they crash the price and make it seem like a bad investment off-rip. I want to focus on retaining value and keeping the initial price stable, or a bit higher over time. I don't want a ton of people dumping it off because it's "just another token" with no real future. I have plans for this, people like you are smart enough to stake something in the hopes it will flourish. :) This will. I am invested in this as much as I am invested in steem and steem-engine and all the other tribes I'm a part of.

One thing that can't be taught, is passion for something.
@discernente; Looking forward to the future and seeing you taking a part in this! I see you around a good bit and for the most part I enjoy your content. :) I've also seen you support some good content with your upvotes, so you might be a good candidate also for a "Community Agent" as I'm calling it so far. I have a great idea that there will be pillars of the community, people that consistently promote good content, that will act as "Agents" on my token's chain, to promote good content and to keep things clean as far as content goes. (Who care enough to downvote spammy/bad quality/plagiarized content/irrelevant,etc.)

Considering we're going to have free downvotes, I think the best place to use those would be to regulate the tribes now. :) That's what I will be doing for the tribes I'm a part of and also mine. I think that keeping content on-track is a big factor too, in increasing visibility for the smaller users that are here.

Sorry for the book. It's a decent read though, I think. ;)

I just have ideas. Plans. I don't intend to waste them. The future is unwritten, so it is our time to be the authors necessary to bring new visions into the world! It all starts with ideas and then action. Cheers! :)

Hi, it sounds like you have a sound plan. I do like the fact that you try a different angle than a lot of other tribes have. Variation is good for the ecosystem. So if you drop some tokens to me, I will keep them and stake them for sure. Wish you all the best with setting things up.

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Thank you! I do have a plan for long-term growth and accommodating that growth, for sure! I also have many more plans that I have not yet revealed, that are in place to be done in phases. All positive and all beneficial to the community and really all of the tribes. :) Some of my ideas require consulting others first though, as I do not want to step on any toes. For example, I had an idea to include some already existing tags on my platform, but if the communities that use those would be upset by that, I will not. I think that combining niches in certain patterns can provide some incredible results. Everything has a formula for success. :) You're definitely going to have tokens to stake then! You're a part of the airdrop now! Thank you for the kind words!

Thanks a lot. I'll keep an eye out for more news then 😀

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I like look airdrop

Hopefully everyone does! :) Thanks for participating!

Very cool I am looking forward to the look tribe starting.

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Thank you. :) And now you will have some LOOK to use, since the airdrop is based on participation. :)

Thank you very much😀

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LOOK with Smile👀 LOOK with Success👀

Posted using Partiko Android

LOOK will hopefully make many smile. :) Love the emoji usage here btw! That's another reason I think people will love the LOOK token! That emoji is used a TON by people every day! We've got that added bonus working for us, as people should theoretically be drawn to the token because of that relation. ;) Thanks for participating!

I don't know what it does, but it looks cool.

Essentially and basically; It's another tribe on the Steem-Engine. It will be focused on quality content from a variety of different tags/topics as opposed to a full-on niche (Like most are.) and also as opposed to just posting anything about anything. The tag/topic choice will be specific as to what I personally think is most valuable content-wise (Technology, Gaming, Art, Philosophy, etc.) and the community has a chance to give input too. I am, however, trying to avoid using tags that I feel too much is written too often about and seem a bit spammy for people who don't enjoy that topic, like sports, a lot of people who do like it even, don't want to see 20,000 different stats posts about opinions of what will happen in seasons and such and idk, just seems like a bit too much to me. I want content to be fun and engaging for everyone, but still have a decent variety. Things to think about, things to watch, things to engage in, things to learn about, etc., are all points that I want to touch on when it comes to what content will be displayed. I also have a decent domain name that is easy to remember and honestly, highly marketable. LookPlz.com is that domain and it will be turned into a front-end like the others, once I have enabled that feature. (I am trying to get some help to afford it through token sales on Steem-Engine, currently.) There is a bright future behind my idea and a person who cares very much, so now that you've engaged and will receive a part of the airdrop, I hope to see you participate in the future of the token. :) Cheers!

So you're raising 2000 Steem, worth $350? This might be the first ICO that's too cheap. You won't be able to afford a lawyer this way!

I already have lawyers that deal with my personal crypto finances, but thank you for your concern. :) It is definitely good to always have legal advice in any setting! Knowing your rights and that you are performing within the law is the best way to avoid breaking it! Trust me, I hate government, so I'm not going to be a dumbass and set myself up for them to come take my freedom! Fuck that! ;) It is definitely cheap, but it's 2000 steem to get started and have a front-end set up, with staking enabled and such. It's a good start to a good idea, if I can continue to pursue it with a passion... I've got as good a chance as any other steem user to make it with my tribe. Who knows. May even work on development of games or something in the future, dapps, idk. There is endless potential here. :)

Thanks for engaging! Not sure if that was intended to be negative or not, but I didn't take it as such. lol. Also, coins and tokens and what I personally have to pay a business (Steem-Engine), vary at different degrees legally. My token isn't the same as actual steem. It may be similar, but it does not function as steem does, not entirely.

Classification of different coins/tokens/icos/ipos/etc... all matter when it comes to taxes. :)

I hope you don't sell your LOOK tokens off right away and stick around to see what develops. Seeing as how you've engaged with me and are now part of the airdrop! Unless you wish to opt out? I feel that sometimes when I get tokens I don't want, it's a bit annoying to see their spot still show up in my steem-engine wallet. lol. Just let me know and if you'd like to be excluded, I can keep you off the airdrop list.

Interesting hope it works out. You should limit your airdrops and probably give further ones to people who stake a certain amount to avoid dumping. Good luck.

That's exactly a point I make in my post. :) I make a lot of points about retention of token holders and how I intend to maintain that long-term. Minimal airdrops and doing them in such a way that there is not a mass of them that are unwanted floating around, is one of my tactics for that. :) Thank you for your participation! You're now part of the airdrop. :)

Well be interesting to see how everything develops. Bought a little bit and buy some more soon 👍

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Such a cheap token is so irresistible that I am already a LOOK holder 👀

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Well, you're about to be a holder of even more once the airdrops occur. :) First part of the first airdrop will happen a week from now, so 500,000 LOOK divided by however many people get involved on this post, is yours! Thank you for purchasing some of the initial LOOK tokens! Glad to see that there is already some demand for them. I am going to be working hard to create a community unlike the others! A community that brings people from all different types of communities together! I want to promote self-growth, entertainment, intellectual conversation, technology, knowledge, science, math, music, gaming, etc. There is a variety of different topics I'd love to see and I'm sure others would too, all grouped in the same place. :)

Very good initiative. look forward

Thanks. Looking forward to the future too. :)

Add another token and pass the beer! Good luck to you

Thank you very much! :) The future is bright! I'll be looking forward to seeing you in the community once it's out. You're part of the airdrop now, so you'll have some tokens soon enough! ;)

Ok, i like airdrop, give me some thanks

Would be happy to. :) You're now a part of it!

I looked, thanks

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Why thank you. :) Working towards a front-end as we speak, just have some things to get in order first! I want to make sure I get this right the first time around!

Here to support and in return we might be sitting on a gold mine will be here to support as much as I can

Well, you're a part of the drop now, so you'll be getting some LOOK soon. :) The best way to support the project for now, would be to invest in some tokens. Whatever you feel comfortable with would help. Every 0.001 Steem puts us closer to the release of the front-end! Thank you for supporting this idea. :)

I agree with your airdrop conditions. people have more steem they are gatting more airdrops with the huge amount and less are getting less

Thank you! I believe there is definitely an imbalance in a lot of areas and a lot of places across the... Steemiverse? Shall we call it? I think that in life in general, people with less, tend to be able to get less, so one of the ideas behind this community is to help those with less be able to make more. The only real thing that will be asked is just to participate. Engage. Don't put simple one word or one sentence comments on content (Sometimes it's ok, just not all the time.) and such. I suppose it's not a new concept, to help others grow and reward those who participate and provide good responses, but it can always be done in new ways!

thanks for the reply if you have any work please let me know.

thank you I have received coins

I am a hold and also stake looking forward to receive the airdrop

Sounds good! Looking forward to having the future of LOOK with you! The airdrop will be happening soon, so you'll have them in your wallet soon enough! We are working toward getting everything fully up and running, just have some ducks to get in a row first. Thank you for your support! :)

Good luck to you! It sounds like an interesting tribe!

Thank you! I am hoping I can bring some unity to the tribes with mine, alongside others hoping to do the same. :) Thank you for taking the time to comment! Now you're a part of the first airdrop, so you will have some tokens when the time comes!

It is fun to be able to watch and see how all these Tokens will do!

I like look airdrop

LOOK airdrop likes you. ;)

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