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Steem Dunk is a new automated curation service designed to be easy to use and reliable for the community. It only takes a few minutes to register and we have an active Discord server for you to join.

The announcement post is here:

For those who haven't been following along yet, the sign-up guide is here:

Currently we only offer premium plans (they're dirt cheap!) paid annually to help keep services running and create a better service for all.

Onwards to the update

For our users: Steem Dunk has already been updated to handle the latest and greatest Steem update and will continue working normally. Thanks to Steem's update, Steemit is more stable for the whole.

For developers: @steemitdev deprecated the original steemd API endpoint and will make it unavailable in the future. This brings good news and bad news. The good news is that Jussi is a specially designed caching layer that will stabilize Steemit for everyone. The bad news is that all web socket connections must be moved over to HTTP before the web socket API endpoint is removed. As a result the networking part of Steem Dunk needed to be rewritten, but as stated above, it has already been updated and services will continue operating.

Announcement post for developers:

New features coming soon

It's been a busy week and as a result there has been a delay in some planned upcoming features.

Votes, from automated curation, will be getting tracked, logged, and displayed to the end user for the past 7 days. Initially the log will be completely empty, as logs of votes are not currently tracked and it is impossible to distinguish a human vote and a bot vote. This may be confusing at first, but your auto votes are still going through normally!

Join us

Official Discord server invite -

Come by, say hello, ask questions, and have fun.



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Looking forward to the future of steemdunk ;)

Sounds good :) thanks for the update Steem Dunk.

This is a great service and I am sure the updates will only continue to improve it

We need a Michael Jordan dunking picture soon.

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