Steem Dunk - Now in Beta · Registration is OPEN

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Steem Dunk is now open for public registration. The details are down below.

Why hasn't registration opened last week?

Its been a busy week here. Many changes, improvements, and bug fixes were made before an opening could be launched.


The plans are paid in either SBD or Steem and must be renewed annually. The small cost supports development and this project.

PlanCuration QuotaPrice (SBD/Steem)

The curation quota is how many authors you can automatically upvote with your account. More perks will be added a later time.

Click here to signup

What happens to me as a tester?

Thank you for testing! All testers will soon receive a silver plan for a year.

We now have a Discord server

Come hang out, ask questions, or offer any suggestions for the platform.

Join our Discord server here


I am brand new myself... but have been following and reading on a friends account for a couple weeks.... I would be interested to try it.... but will have to wait until I have earned some steem! I love the name!! very clever

What is Steemdunk?

Thank you. Seems similar to steem voter?

Thank you. Seems similar to Steem Voter and Streemian.

Streemian is more for voting trails, while Steemvoter is similar to Steemdunk, Steemdunk does not use any of your votes for itself, it puts you in complete control of who, when and how much you vote.

Great job at coding all this by @samrg472
Just in the last 2 weeks of testing, my curation rewards have easily tripled, looking forward to a prosperous year.

Sweet! Great job and thank you!

This will be very useful!!

It makes life so much easier !

Excellent ,this will make life easier

Fantastic news. So easy to use.

Awesome! This is an excellent service... thank you Steemdunk! :)

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