Steem Dunk - Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Steemdunk Account

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Mini Introduction

Steem Dunk is an automated curation service designed to be as simple and reliable. New features are being worked on every day for our users.

This is a simple step-by-step for getting your Steemdunk account up and running.
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Step 1

The first step is to create your Steemdunk account. Visit to create your account.
You will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Fill in the form and hit the sign up button!

Step 2

You will then be redirected to the setup page. You will receive a verification code in your email (be sure to check your junk folder too).

Fill in the verification you received and hit submit. Then pick a plan and proceed to transfer the necessary funds for your plan. For this guide we'll go with the Gold plan.

Transferring funds

Firstly, go to your wallet

Now that you're in your wallet, go to the Steem Dollars dropdown and click on the transfer.

Fill in the fields, it should look similar to the image below. Make sure to fill in the memo field with YOUR memo. The memo you see below is for the purpose of the guide.

This is what a completed setup looks like.

Step 3

Now that your email is verified and the funds are transferred, the setup should be complete (see the image from above)! Next we need to go to for your account profile. Either click the link in this article or go to the top right of the Steemdunk website and click on 'profile'.

Go all the way to the bottom, where you should see the authorize button, click on it. If you want even more shortcuts simply go here: :)

Here's a sample screenshot:

Do NOT use your Steemdunk password, it will not work!!! You must use your private active key or your steemit password. After the form is filled out, simply click authorize.

Automatically Curate an Author

Visit the home page (top left) or go to Now all you need to do is simply add an author! Let's go ahead and add "steemdunk" ;)

Once the author is added your screen should look like this:

From here you can change your settings and click the "update author" button to save your changes.


Congratulations! Your account is fully operational and already upvoting posts. Add more authors as you desire and decide which settings work best for you.

You'll see your curation rewards increase soon :)

Join us

You can find us on Discord here: Come pop by and say hello or ask questions about your account.

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I'm just curious, how is this different from SteemVoter?


Thanks very good post !!!!

Keep it up!!!


your CryptoInvestmentExpert


Hi, our services are similar with a few key differences. SteemVoter is paid on a monthly basis where as our services are on yearly basis, allowing you to save lots of your SBD/Steem. The free version forces self promotion (reasonable), but has a strict rule limit, rendering it useless if you're a minnow. Steemdunk does not force self promotion of any kind (similar to SteemVoter's premium).


Ok I was just curious. I don't pay for SteemVoter service, I am content with the 50 Rules they offer for free. I may check out your service though.Is it possible to use both of your services, and get double the amount of rulesas long as there is no overlap?


It's possible to use both without any issue, with or without overlapping rules. Although if you overlap rules, it'll be a waste of your rules and create a race to which service votes first (not that it matters, as long as the vote goes through).

Nice and amazing! I want this kind of curation!wow!

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Awesome, will definitely try it out

Fantastic idea!

This is incredible thank you

This service is fantastic and really does what it says. I have been using it since the very beginning and can testify to it.

Thank you for making this sooo easy !

very informative

Hi. I was going to give this a go but the link to the sign up page in the artilce gives a 404:



Hello, sometimes SC2 has issues, please try again in a minute :)

It does not get better than this!!