Future plans, Automatic Reward Claiming, and Voting Power Adjustment

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Steemdunk now has automatic reward claiming built straight in the service! Tick off the box in the settings and hit the update button. Rewards will be claimed once every 24 hours for all members that opt in.

Voting bot adjustment

With all the incoming delegations to the bot, the paid upvote feature has been reduced from 70% -> 50%. The bot will be providing a $0.570 SBD upvote for a small fee of $0.200 SBD. This will enable the bot to keep growing rather than stagnating with quicker recharging time (by using less power) so more people can use the bot. The more that use the paid bot the more delegators get paid on their investment, resulting in a big win-win situation for everyone.

Delegations needed!

@steemdunk has recently reached very close to 6k steem power. The short-term goal is to reach at least 10k steem power. This will enable us to reach many more users, thus benefiting everyone. The bot still provides free upvotes in addition to paid upvotes. A small portion of the voting power goes to our members that opt in.

Delegators will receive a portion of the reward pool from paid upvotes. 75% of the reward pool is paid to delegators (in the future, this will increase as we get more steem power and users). The more steem power delegated, the greater portion of the reward pool you will receive. This can be great as a passive income. For fairness, when a delegation is started, after 1 payment cycle (24 hours) is when you'll start receiving automatic payouts.

Delegation URL: https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=YOURNAMEHERE&delegatee=steemdunk&vesting_shares=100.000%20SP

Replace "YOURNAMEHERE" with your account name and replace "100.000" with the amount you'd like to delegate. Make sure to keep the "%20SP" as it represents a space and the Steem Power symbol. As soon as the operation is broadcasted, you will be automatically registered as a sponsor and will start receiving payouts during the next payout cycle.

Yesterday's outage incident

At approximately, 4:00 UTC (Feb 14th) @steemdunk was down for about an hour. The issue was quickly resolved and was an issue with our hosting provider. There was no data loss and I always keep regular database backups to prepare for the worst type of situation. However, any sort of downtime is not an option and I will be ensuring smooth functionality of @steemdunk by setting up a backup server that will always kick on in these types of situations.

The goal is to have 100% up time for an absolutely reliable service and anything less will be handled with urgency. With that said, I have ordered a second server that will be used for an emergency backup and will be working on the infrastructure for a fully automated backup system that will minimize these disruptions. This also means feature additions will be temporarily paused until the backup system is satisfactory.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

A big thank you for our premium users!

This project will continue living with your direct support. Premium helps support the hosting costs directly so the service will be as reliable as possible. Minnows see below if you'd like to help the project :)

Running a witness

Please consider voting @samrg472 as witness! Hours of my time is dedicated to making @steemdunk the greatest it can be and hosting is expensive! There's still a lot to be done, by voting me for witness, you will help expand the service and keep the service cheap for our premium users!

Click me to vote using SC2

Join the party on Discord

Official Discord server invite - https://discord.gg/hT7gw4B

Come by, say hello, ask questions, and have fun.


@steemdunk - listen! as a user of your service i would like to suggest that you implement a new feature:
vote by # tags. this feature would be unique and something that many hope for a long time. your chance!
i talked to @mwfiae, who then poured the idea into a post. i would be glad if you read it. greetings

I second this.

I too think this is a very good feature.. also a option to upvote comments. with a limit of course.

This is a great service and I'm loving all the updates

Can you explain about the bot for upvoting? Do we just send you a wallet memo and can we do it for each post we write or just once a day? I miss seeing you on my posts, but I'm glad you are becoming stronger. I tell everyone I can to use you and many have thanked me.

My son, @bxlphabet started with you before he even got posting, so he has no idea how hard it is to run around to try to find your friend's post to vote on.

Hey @fitinfun, the bot still gives free upvotes, but because Steemdunk now has a lot more members and not enough steem power to compensate, I can't increase the number of free votes per round without removing nearly all the rewards on free votes. The bot has to loop through hundreds of members so it could be a long time before receiving a free vote.

There are premium upvotes as well, for 0.2 SBD (with the Steemit link as the memo), that give an instant boost to posts less than 3 days old. It will automatically refund you if our steem power is less than 70% to ensure the vote given is fair (approx $0.57 or more as VP recovers).

That's wonderful. Thank you so much for all you do. I will start putting my posts in as well as have my son do it. We both put you on our steemdunks now, so I hope our tiny votes will help you grow. You have made a vast improvement for our steemit time :)

Your support is greatly appreciated! :)

Thanks @steemdunk, received my first daily payout, and really happy with the returns. I delegated 500 steem initially, if I want to double that, do I delegate another 500 or do I change it to 1000 in the area for vesting_ shares=?

Delegation URL: https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=YOURNAMEHERE&delegatee=steemdunk&vesting_shares=500.000%20SP

Whatever you set it (and broadcast) to is what gets delegated, regardless of the previous amount. So setting it to 1000 SP would only delegate that amount, no more or less.

That will help to easy use of Steemit.Now many website including automatic option .So i mean Steemit user feel more comfortable

Great updates, thanks!

You are always producing great updates, thanks for all your hard work! Steemdunk is awesome!

It's awesome @steemdunk, but i have question
how much can I get, and how can I see how many rewards I've earned before the claim?

Hello @khairulfahmi92, the rewards claimed will appear in your wallet history. Since this happens only once a day it's really easy to keep track of the amount claimed. Before the rewards are claimed, you can also see the amount in your wallet, though the amount can keep accumulating before the actual time of claiming.

where exactly can I see in my wallet ? can you give me image?
because I have not received claim in the last 24 hours

Scroll down for history, your last claim was 22 hours ago. It's quite possible you didn't have enough bandwidth for rewards to be claimed when @steemdunk started claiming rewards for everyone who opted in.

how to fix that

I send a bid for a vote on comment, but i didn't get it, it seems you dont't support comment voting.
Please refund

Hi @sourovafin, comment voting is disabled and will remain so. As this was a surprise and the vote was already given to the main article, I will offer a refund this one time, in the future there are no refunds for this type of incident. The bot will be fixed later to ensure automatic refunds are given if a comment is detected.

Thank you for being so kind. I am thankful to you.

How you can do that?

Please help me.
Help vote and flbck

Hi, I sent you 0.2 for a post already upvoted by your bot. You refund me 17 times 0.2, so I transfered 16 * 0.2 to steemdunk account. And now, you sent me back 2 * 3.2 SBD. I think your bot has a bug somewhere. Tell me the procedure to give you back your SBD. As your service is very useful, I hope you'll find a solution. ++

Hey @heroldius, I temporarily turned off the bot until I can make an update to turn off some error handling temporarily to prevent the multiple refunds. I greatly appreciate you sending back the funds, you can send it back to my account directly.

Ok I send you back 6.4 SBD... Good luck to correct the problem.