Bounty: Dynamic Sitemap.xml => 50 Steem + Upvote from Utopian & me

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Hello, contributors out there! Steemdocs is starting to get contributions from the community and it really is exciting to see! This project is a team effort and it can only be as good as the people who participate in it. Today, I would like to invite devs out there to come up with a solution for generating a dynamic sitemap.xml for us to get indexed by the search engines.

The Bounty

Here is the issue we are trying to solve:

@kareniel is busy right now working on @tokenbb so he doesn't have the bandwidth to work on this issue right now. When the pull is merged, simply submit your contribution to @utopian-io and you'll get my upvote, @utopian-io vote and 50 Steem for your hard work!

Requirements of the Bounty

Since will be updated regularly with new content, the sitemap needs to update itself whenever new content comes online.

We will require multiple sitemap index files:

  1. Glossary
  2. Tutorials
  3. Platform

Plus, if we add another top-level category to update itself in the future.You can learn more about the sitemap protocol here:

Who will take the challenge?


We can take an advantage of already existing plugin for generating sitemaps of vuepress based projects:

The problem is, that the plugin does not support the latest version of vuepress. I just prepared a tiny PR which does fix it:

When the plugin author accepts this, I am going to link it with the steemdocs repo.


BOOYA! Well, whenever that's ready make sure to make a merge and I'll be happy to upvote you again + 50 Steem

Me too want to fix it but it seems a bit hard....

edit: sorry, I misread the name

I would really like to participate but i am not genius about it.

Resteem is the best i can do!:))

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Are you using Github pages to host the site? If yes I can help

It's hosted on Netlify right now!

I heard of Netlify, but never used it. I host my static sites on Github pages and Github pages has this awesome feature that you can add the jekyll-sitemap plugin to any static page - even if it doesn't use jekyll. This generates a sitemap.xml automatically. Implementing it takes one file and two lines, super easy:

Maybe Netlify has something similar, or you switch to Github pages - I would look into it but I'm currently on vacation without my laptop

Thanks for the suggestion :)
Jekyll is sweet! We're using Vuepress though, not jekyll, which means switching to github pages wouldn't be sufficient to use that plugin. In any case, we got a contribution, so that's solved :)

I hope you're having a good vacation!

Happy to hear that! I have never used vuepress, but the cool part about the jekyll sitemap plugin is that it also works for my site that is static HTML without jekyll! Greetings from Vietnam, really enjoying my time here :)

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