It's hosted on Netlify right now!

I heard of Netlify, but never used it. I host my static sites on Github pages and Github pages has this awesome feature that you can add the jekyll-sitemap plugin to any static page - even if it doesn't use jekyll. This generates a sitemap.xml automatically. Implementing it takes one file and two lines, super easy:

Maybe Netlify has something similar, or you switch to Github pages - I would look into it but I'm currently on vacation without my laptop

Thanks for the suggestion :)
Jekyll is sweet! We're using Vuepress though, not jekyll, which means switching to github pages wouldn't be sufficient to use that plugin. In any case, we got a contribution, so that's solved :)

I hope you're having a good vacation!

Happy to hear that! I have never used vuepress, but the cool part about the jekyll sitemap plugin is that it also works for my site that is static HTML without jekyll! Greetings from Vietnam, really enjoying my time here :)