The new version of SteemPi is almost ready and will include: Spectacles, DTube, Blockexplorer. New LED notifications and much more!

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Version 2 of SteemPi is done for around 80% and the release is probably within two weeks, a lot of new things are included and improved.

SteemPi is a Tv-box software that can be installed on a wide variety of single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi, it presents Steemit, crypto currency, entertainment, and smarthome features on a connected TV and to your mobile devices. 

The soon to be released SteemPi version 2 will bring the following features to your TV and mobile devices

Simplified installation

Tested on Raspberry Pi 1,2 and Orange Pi PC, PC+
(Should work on many other boards as well)

New interface 

- Easy navigation
- Module buttons
- Side menu
- Setting page

General settings

With the new settings page you can customize and change the interface to your custom needs, make changes to settings and test your leds or change the Interface language.

- Enable / disable modules
- Order modules
- Test notifications LEDs
- Username
(and updates the external module URLs)
- Set your language
(English, German or Dutch)
- Set wallpaper
- Customize your Steemit feed with filters


- Steemit feed (new) - DTube (new) by @heimindanger

- Spectacles (new)
@pilcrow and @sjennon

- Block explorer (new)

- Steem Supply

- Steem Stream @roelandp

- Steemit pond @mynameisbrian

- Stats & charts

- (new)

Live streams:
- Monterrey Bay Aquarium
- International Space Station

LED notifications

Beside Led light notification for new replies, SteemPi can now also notify you with the green light on new upvotes on your Steemit posts!

If you want to test the latest version of SteemPi on your board before the official releases than you should switch and update your SteemPi installation to the currently unreleased SteemPi dev version.

If you don't have a board you could still test and play with the LED lights, by replying to this post (blue light) and / or upvoting this post (green light).

Things to receive this week:

- Orange Pi Lite, +case
- 2 x rpi aluminium case
- 1 x rpi plastic case
- 10 x SteemPi t-shirt

Things to send out this week:
- SteemPi Tv-box set to the winner of the first SteemPi giveaway


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Damn this is cool! Found a use case for my pi


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Sure when i have time this weekend. Any plans for implementing Kodi?

you are doing awesome work here, undervalued work. I haven't forgot you. just so busy right now. Resteemed this post

Thank you for the resteem, a lot of time is going into this project, thank you for noticing and supporting.

Very much appreciated

I also resteemed. Interesting to see where you'll take this project.

Thank you for your reply,

Many new things are on the planning and worked on and a resteem helps a lot with the promotional part of the project, thanks !

Brilliant stuff!

( found your project due to @paulag resteem )

Glad you found this @abh12345. @techket has been working very hard on this project. Has even done giveaways but the posts are going unnoticed.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

:) Thank you @abh12345

I can't wait to leave youtube and their tyrany for steemit!

Thanks for your reply and lighting up the LED, and i totally agree with you.

I just love seeing all these amazing projects by super talented Steemians

Thank you for your kind words, and for lighting up the leds :)

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Keep up the good work!

looks fab. can i post from it yet?

Thanks for your reply and lighting up the leds,

At this moment It is not (yet) possible to post to Steemit with the SteemPi interface.

Dude are you going to sell these? This is cool as hell!!!. I'm just seeing this.

Thanks you for your comment and interest :) , at the moment they are not for sale as a complete set but, you could order the parts online, i am looking into options to sell boards and sets but at the moment this is not a option. and the most cheap option will be to build and install it by yourself (it is not to difficult and in the SteemPi Discord server you can get support if needed)

I think I might buy a raspberry pi just to try this out. Seems awesome!!!

Thank you :)


Looks great, do you need help with QA Testing? I have R2, R0 and couple R3 that I can run it on.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for your reply, would be awesome if you could test it on a Raspberry Pi 3. please connect with me in the SteemPi Discord chat.

done and done! :)

This quiet im waiting for a demonstration video

I have been looking at the Pi, this gives me all the more reason to get one. I resteemed as well.

this is a great idea man, what else are you planing with this?

On the planning are more features related to:

  • Steemit
  • Crypto currency
  • Entertainment
  • Smarthome

(In more detail, things recently looked into: Kodi, Emulation station, streaming video, digital assistant features and more Steemit content, charts and statistics.)

Soon more :) Thank you for your reply

Yea i was wondering about the Kodi cause that would be awesome if you included that.

Love it! Following for more great content!

Upped my friend! I hope you do well with this post as you are sharing great technology!

Thank you for lighting up the leds and day with your comment :) always nice to get your reply :)

Very intriguing, I think you may be on to something big. @ironshield

You getting to verion 2 already! How cool to see! I still need to buy myself a raspberry PI. It is now on my list to do for the next months.

That is impressive! Gonna try it out with my Pi this weekend! But first I need to get some LEDs.

Thanks and would be very cool if you would give it a try, for the leds you could look for small flashlight keychain, home decoration, cheap toys or the dollar shop to salvage LED(s) from.

This sounds so cool - didn't know anything about it! Thanks for taking on this project! Looks like I've got a reason to dig my second pi out now.

And thanks for reblogging my posts and sharing them on the discord channel. What a thrill!

this is brilliant!

Thank you:)

These are amazing projects, Keep up the great work!

Thank you :)

Good stuff!

Thank you :)


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