Announcing the Steem Developer Portal!

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Hello Steemians!

Today we are happy to announce our public release of the Developer Portal. The goal of this portal is to help make steem as easy to use, and developer friendly, as possible. It is our collective resource & hub for developers in the steem ecosystem as they embark on creating the next wave of steem-based tools, sites and applications.

The Steem Developer Portal is a community effort and developers are welcome to submit additions and updates on Github. The Portal is now live at:

Developer Guides

As a new developer to steem we want your experience to be fluid and we want to make it as easy as possible to get started. The Developer Portal includes API documentation and working code examples of functional items to implement within your project.


The tutorials walk developers through the steps of building a working blockchain application from scratch. There is both a text version with sample code, as well as a video that demonstrates the process in action. After completing the tutorials, developers should have the confidence to dive into more complex applications.

API References

The full list of JavaScript APIs are categorized and listed, so that developers can explore what commands are available to use. These will eventually be expanded to include a detailed description of what each of the API commands do, as an explanation of the input parameters.

Open Source

The source code for the Dev Portal is open source, and pull requests to update the portal are accepted and encouraged. Developers who would like to make additional improvements to the Dev Portal may submit pull requests to the GitHub repository: We would love to grow the Dev Portal into the “one-stop-shop” for all steem development, having all of the information that a steem developer could possibly need at their fingertips in one convenient place.

Growing Our Ecosystem

The innovation that has come from our community has been amazing. Every new application that the community builds to use the blockchain and token in new creative ways adds value to the steem ecosystem. We are very excited to see what you all develop next!


Team Steemit


This is really funny - I was looking through the Steem 2017 Roadmap and noticed the section on the developer portal. As a relatively new Steem developer I've been having a tough time finding good documentation and figuring out how to do what I need.

Then right after I was done reading that I come here and see this post! I've said many times that third party sites and services built on the Steem blockchain will be the future of the platform and will drive future growth of the STEEM token.

It's really great to see that SteemIt, Inc agrees and is doing so much great work to support the development of such sites and services. I have made a significant investment personally in STEEM and would like to do everything I can to help support the future of the platform.

Recently I made my first pull request to update the documentation for the SteemConnect V2 JS API, and I am working on some new apps that integrate with Steem which I hope to release in the near future.

So I want to say a bit THANK YOU for your hard work to support developers like myself, and to support the future of Steem, and please let me and all the other great Steem developers know how we can help!

Our pleasure! We agree that 3rd party devs will be critical for taking Steem to the masses. Thanks for your support!

Community Liaison, Steemit

Thank YOU, @andrarchy! Is there any way to see an update on the progress of other items on the Steem 2017 roadmap? One of particular interest is "Feature: Moderation and Community Namespaces". Any info on the progress of that or if/when it might become available?

I would like to know too, some kind of public progress bars would be awesome.

Nice suggestion

This is like candy to our eyes ... developer portal is a must have and you deliver.
Thank you and we will be using the dev portal.


Looking forward to seeing what apps you come out with.

Sounds very interesting. Hope you guys make better future here. Good Luck and Cheers !!

Thanks for the update.
Even though I have not CLUE what you are talking about...
as a common steemer it makes me feel much BETTER to be kept in the loop
unlike the terrible horrible two weeks after the DDOS attack
keep em coming.

Same here.

Excellent! I was just looking for an active list of steemd API nodes recently, and I love that this is open source so it can be maintained and updated by the community via pull requests. Great stuff!

That means a lot coming from you Luke!

I've resteemed the last two @steemitdev posts because this is exactly the kind of communication we need. I hope it represents a new normal as we continue to work together as a community to make STEEM, Steemit, and all the other related projects more successful.

Yes, "the kind of communication we need." Thank you, it seems as if maybe you did get that Idea Concept through to the people that needed it. I myself am like @everittdmickey, just a normal, non programing steemian, I feel like we are now being kept in the loop.

I like the distinction between @steemitdev and @steemitblog. One is for the devs and, to me, it's okay if much of the content doesn't make sense for most people. To me, the more technical and detailed, the better because that's what the devs need to be successful. @steemitblog, on the other hand, is a great place for talking about things in non-technical ways. That's my thinking and preference, anyway.

@lukestokes thank you for your insight.. I am new to steam and I am a blogger but not really a developer (although i know some elementary dev things) and do develop by way of outsourcing w freelancers. Looking for freelancers and developers in this world who know and understand the #Steemit platform and how to make third party apps and standalone sites on the #Steem blockchain. Are there any pages for networking and finding developers for creating new projects? Thank you in advance.. please upvote and give me a follow! My first post and some of my questions for the developers out there @Bashadow @Andrarchy Hope you are well here is link:

Yes, and the important thing is, where one group starts to communicate, then the other will also, i hope. I feel yours, and many others voices have been heard, we want to be kept informed. Even if it is above our heads. One day we may learn, but only if we know there is something to learn.

YES! This is what we really needed :)

I'll also participate into this while I'm developing SteemHunt.

@steemhunt what is that? I'm gonna check you out now.. please see my post above or link here regarding my questions about developing on Steem

Cool addition! must be nice if you are a developer

Wow that's the best thing I have read today. It's actually a very good starting point for someone who is totally noob in the Steem BlockChain.


Good work to developers!

Go go go I love Steemit and you!!

Docs? and they're all in one place? I'll take 12!

I was searching for something like this to develop a idea i have for steemit
Thanks for sharing

connect that idea and and you've got an incentive for people to build that devportal for everybody :-)

As long as the project is available in github as a public repository, everyone is welcome to contribute.

I wanted to suggest the same thing: Could we connect this portal with

Hi @ned, now that the Dev Portal is open and live, I want you to consider this thing below as the first priority to consider in adding features to

You can read the rest of the suggestions here :

thank you and may this feature be added soon

This represents a major turning point. I'm someone with essentially intermediate programming skills, but I'm still excited to go digging through the new tools and documentation.

Thank you so much for sharing! As a pretty new developer (about two years of experience) I want to say that I feel that I can not help so much developing the platform and the interface, but I am looking to learn more and this portal is offering the chance I need. I hope that in near future I will be able to help you, even though I have some things to learn before, and that I willbe contributing to this challenging project. Keep us updated!

Always a pleasure hearing from the Steemit Team, they always bring good news to their users.

This is HUGE for the development of the community. Love the progress we're seeing

It will be rocking. Thanks for the updates, I will be seeing what Can I do in coming days.

Interesting. But we need some tutorials.

Thanks for the update.Please me votes.

everything is becoming more lovely here

Thanks for all the resources in getting started. Great to see steem helping programers integrating there ideas into the ecosystem.

Wonderfull So Maybe even i Can learn to make something.. as a non coder. But certainly have a look at i

hi,i am new steemit user from China,i want to know how to start my project on SMTs ? Deploy the source code on my server ?users login with steemconnect? but i cann't found the register entry for developer....
hope for your reply....thanks

That is great news. Javacript API will really ease up the whole development process.Great work Team Steemit

This looks good. Nice to have a single location to go to for dev info.

Looking forward to hear a good news

Looking forward to see further improvements on Steemit platform! This is a major milestone in taking over the lead from Facebook and Tweeter.

Hopefully, this will lead to the creation of better interfaces and apps, or maybe even new software we can't even conceive right now.

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Very helpful

This is fantastic. I really could have used it back in July of 2016.

We wrote this using the whitepaper and steem chat. ;-)

Might be time to dabble again.

This is simply huge. Thank you for all that was made. We are one step closer to have a truly descentralized media community.

Thanks very much for this update! I think the project can help more developers to engage and collaborate with the Steem blockchain! A question ... I have searched the JavaScript documentation and I didn't find the API to create content. Does someone knows how to do that? What kind of security is in place?

This has been sorely needed. Thank God it's finally here.

I am more than happy to hear this news. I have translated this post into Korean for our community. Thanks.

That's great news! If only I had developer skills.

Its ok brother

Thanks for sharing! Links to your site and post were included in the wiki page Steem Ecosystem:S-Steemis. Thanks and good luck again!

Great post good knowledge simply it is an good work thank you for sharing with us.

This is very nice! the new platform is incredible :)

You can find Russian version of this post HERE

Русская версия тут

Two words:

  • excellent
  • finally

This was extremely needed. Thanks.

Javascript library and json are a great way to start learning how to work with Steem blockchain.

I see a great future for the dev portal.

Thanks again.

Excelente!! esto va a crecer como espuma.


Great job @ned @steemitdev. It will make steemit more interesting to developers and faster growing rapidly...:)


Good lucky

Hey I need to talk with a DEV ASAP please.

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